Things are getting done :)

While I definitely won’t be getting the repair droid like I hoped (I only have 140K right now 🙁 ), I’m in a fairly good mood right now out of getting to wear my Elegant Dress again (where my money went. Costs about 100K per item to get the modifications out which really sucks. :/ Was going to do my PVP set too, but I don’t have the roughly 500K for that, unfortunately) even if only PVE-wise (though, it’s my main focus anyway).

I hope the Mastercraft Magenta schematic drops while we are on Corellia. Would make my day. My boyfriend asked if we could check out the new PVP area first so I told him we’ll do that before heading to Corellia and Voss respectively 🙂

Besides that, everything else (other than affording the Legacy stuff like the things for your ship T~T) is done and ready to go! I have Fawn and Taunta plus the Unusual Egg 🙂 So just need to find those other new pets (it’s too bad we couldn’t before) and get ready to go! Will have to stalk the forum to see if anyone makes a topic…or figure out which forum to post the topic in to begin with.

Just going to log into each character briefly (or well, the ones I’m not remaking…so one) to play with the family tree a little bit now. I hope interfaces cross characters. (Edit: they do :D)

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