Random Day

So, today, after checking if the boxes were there or not (they are not), it was a “what should I do today” kind of day. I ended up helping some people with pets (and talking about the Wonderous Egg), getting my armorings (for just 500K! Yay!), and looking at the GTN. After that, I went and did some leveling on Roseria. She is level 12 now and on Coruscant.

I will probably do a bit of PVP with her as I need to get her 1,100 Warzone Commendations for her top and bottom.

After that, I was dragged to a HM EC by a friend which is… okayish I guess. Not going fantastic, but not horrible either. One guy seems to have issues with the circles though and one tank gets hit REALLY hard. I’m trying my best, but I just feel like a failure 🙁

Event ends next week, Rifle-bow Craziness, + Gearing

So, the event ends next Tuesday. This doesn’t surprise me as it is a relatively short event with no repeating. However, some people are kind of annoyed and I sort of get that? I mean, in total, it would cost 811 Tokens of Enrichment to get EVERYTHING. Sure, I doubt someone would want everything (and you can take off 250 if you get lucky and get a Lobelot in a crate), but that’s still a lot…especially when you only get like 10% of that. Maybe more when the event finishes but still, that is a lot of crate hunting. While the vendor will be here a week after the event ends, I’m not sure if the crates will still linger around…

Anyway, a lot of people are pissed off about the Rifle-Bow as it only benefits a select few classes and companions. I…don’t really see the big deal? I mean, it makes sense a Shady Dealer on Nar Shaddaa would have stuff like that, in my opinion. Regardless, I decided to buy a Precision Bowcaster for Risha. I think it’d fit her.

In the meantime, with 1.4 so close, I’m panicking even more about gear 🙁 I wish I just had 3 million-5 million credits so I could get this over it.

So, we had a crazy story mode EV run :/ Just several glitches and I even lagged during Soa and ran off the edge at one point in a panic so yeah. Regardless, we finished it fairly quick. Just…was really crazy. Gharj reset for one. Not too unusual, but a lot of our team reacted too slow so half died… Then on the puzzle, the Vault glitched a bit and 5/8 of us died (Myself, my boyfriend, and Sar lived)… then on the solo fights, one player ended up throwing a grenade which hit another and thus, things got messy… Was just really crazy.

In the meantime, I spent some of my Black Hole Commendations. I now have Advanced Resolve Armoring 26 in my Boots and Gloves. Also got an Advanced Mettle Mod 26 for my Top so I just need 2 more of those. I figure I’ll buy a Black Hole Force-Lord’s MK-1 Headgear next as not only will that give me the armoring for my Headgear, but it’ll give me another Mettle Mod 26. Headgear is 60 though so I’ll probably get another Black Hole Striker’s MK-1 Handwraps as that’s only 50…so just 110 Black Hole Commendations to go (Technically just 86 as I have 24 ATM).

…That’ll take a while.

Also, Elidibs told me he would give me the materials for 300K instead of the 800K I’d have to pay my guild for them which is nice of him to offer his guild’s materials. It would also mean I’d only have to pay 900K (600K for the two armorings + 300K for the stuff… not counting however much it ends up costing me Crew Skill-wise for 20 Durasteel, 12 Mandalorian Iron, and 20 Zal Alloy) over 1.4 million (800K for the materials from my guild + the 600K for the Armorings).

…regardless, considering I have only 200K to my name right now, it is going to take a while ._.

Changed back

Well, mostly.

Today, I changed back into my outfit. My boots are pretty close so I left them alone for now until I get Campaign armoring for them (or for my chest piece) as I decided to at least keep the 2-piece bonus which I’ve missed…and honestly, I really can’t afford to change them right now anyway. I’m widdled down to 200K now :/ And any repairs will need to come out of my pocket. The money given to me to change back wasn’t completely enough and I really hate how it’s 30K to take out -the exact same mods- from some Rakata+ thing while it’s just like 25K for orange stuff. Seriously. Not fair.

I’d like to hope for a KP NM run this weekend, but I think they’re mad at me.

In the meantime, I’ve messaged someone selling the Advanced Resolve Armoring 26 to see if they’d be willing to sell it cheaper if I supplied the materials. I don’t know how I’ll afford to buy the materials from my guild yet, but I figured it was worth a shot to ask the person regardless?

There’s another Advanced Mettle Mod 26 up and a Advanced Quick Savant 26 up…still both out of my price range, but it makes me happy to see them there as then maybe when I can finally afford them, it won’t be too hard to get them. Especially as I need 3 of those mods and 2 of those Enhancements x___x and then, I can just focus on Armoring…

What To Do

So, recently, it hit me exactly what day today is. It is Thursday which is our new EC Normal Day due to the HM run being on Tuesday (as Reaper can’t run Thursdays).

I…don’t really want to go. Of course, I still feel loyal to the guild, but I am just so frustrated. I don’t really care about having things on farm. We’re not helping anyone with this run (nobody needs anything). We’re just doing it. Why? To remember that we were kicked from the HM group? And considering last week we only managed to get 2/4 (due to several changes), I don’t want to go again. I just don’t.

One person already went Hiatus from Raiding. I can’t help but wonder if it is partially due to this.

But, to make things more difficult, as you know, I went and raided a HM 16-man EC run (And I have to say I love 16-man as it really helps me learn the positioning of a fight) and due to the glitch with Mine-guy, we could not finish…they did, however, fix the glitch and so I have been invited to finish it up and get my final two codexes–plus my Aratech Midnight.

I am inclined to go with that as:
1. I hate leaving things undone. Seriously.
2. It was a raid with a lot of people I knew from outside the guild who I happened to be friends with.
3. It was actually fun–sometime I haven’t felt since all the HM EC stuff in our guild.
4. It will finish off almost all my codexes. I’d only need Nightmare KP ones (the title included) and then the rest are just glitched.

Of course, regardless of which I’ll pick, I will feel bad. As it is, my boyfriend isn’t feeling too well regardless (and is beyond pissed off with the whole situation) so he will most likely not be raiding tonight. I actually do have to bake cookies with my sister (once again I have been volunteered to make cookies for people 😐 ) so I may not even be on for the EC Normal raid which starts at 8. I should be on by 8:50 though, when the EC HM raid starts (and this is why I can’t just do both).

I also just…don’t feel wanted? I mean, when the person who you originally thought hated you (later learned he just has a kind of dry sarcasm) seems to be the only one who cares about you being there or staying, there is something wrong. Or you know, if you mention not being on due to being in a car accident and get only responded to by that same person while after a pause, the other people just go back to talking about some concert or show they saw. Thanks for the concern, guys.

In the meantime, I’ve been getting even more focused on gear. This is because I just want to get out of this outfit so badly (unfortunately, I only have like 400K so not sure if I can afford too as while other stuff was lowered to like 25K, Campaign/26 stuff is 30K :|) and I’m so pissed off with them right now and just want to show I don’t suck. And it wasn’t my fault. No, I don’t know or care how your other two healers are doing it, but apparently you’re just scraping by and it seems to be luck as it still takes several goes. I think the only operation boss I’ve always seen take several goes are the two tanks in EC just because of how much precision is needed. One single lag spike could kill everyone.

The Campaign chest and gloves drop from Mine-guy while the Main-hand and Helm drop from Kephess. At the very least, I really hope I can get the chest. Then I’d at least have the chest and pants and it wouldn’t be so horrible. I would say after that, I’d really want the gloves because giant pads on the gloves are just awkward. Of course, I’d love all 4, but I’d feel like a jerk unless nobody needed them. And I still need the boots from Nightmare Pilgrim, but I have to do him 2 more times anyway for the Aratech Coral. Still, hopefully then I will never see him again. He’s not so bad for a Healer though–just need to heal A LOT and avoid circles. It’s really mostly the DPS who need to make sure they listen so they don’t kill themselves.

Going back to more gear specific stuff, I actually saw 3 Advanced Mettle Mod 26 yesterday T__T They were about 500K each and thus, I couldn’t afford any of them. Not to mention 1.5 million is also how much I’d need to make Zoara (which I really want to–I hate having a slot just filled up for no reason. I want to get her made the way she is supposed to be) or I could get the two Ship Dummies with 500K to spare. And yes, Ship Legacy stuff is still super priority to me! But I’m no where close to ever having 5 million for a GTN 🙁 let alone the 1 million for the Dummies (which are probably the lowest priority). Not to mention I still need like 200K-300K for Miisha’s exp. stuff :/ (and I still need to get Amidaia to 50 already! And get all her companions up ._.)

Getting back to my original subject… unfortunately, when I checked this afternoon (though, still can’t afford it), all 3 were gone 🙁 I really should’ve seen if someone could loan me credits considering how rare it seems to be that a Mettle Mod 26 shows up in the first place (I’ve seen plenty of 25’s and many 26B’s and some 26A’s but just 26 is a foreign concept).

Overall though, I still need quite a bit–even though I have been prioritizing the mods. So, list time:
Hat: Campaign Headgear Armoring
Top: Campaign Vestments Armoring, Advanced Mettle Mod 26, Advanced Quick Savant Enhancement 26 (375K-500K. I could afford one right now, but it’d be all my money 🙁 )
Gloves: Campaign Gloves Armoring
Bracers: Advanced Resolve Armoring 26 (None for sale right now, but usually 2 million v-v)
Belt: Advanced Resolve Armoring 26 (see above)
Skirt/Pants: Advanced Mettle Mod 26
Boots: Campaign Boots Armoring, Advanced Mettle Mod 26
Main Hand: Advanced Resolve Hilt 26 (Campaign Main Hand), Advanced Quick Savant Enhancement 26 (See Top.)

So, I need 2 Advanced Resolve Armoring 26, 5 Campaign Drops for Armorings, 3 Advanced Mettle Mod 26, and 2 Advanced Quick Savant Enhancement 26 for a grand total of lots of emotional pain from EC HM and roughly 6.5 million credits. Lovely.

can I just have a pile of credits? please? ._. then I’d be able to finish all this junk and help my boyfriend get geared too and work on our alts so he can have more to go raid and just earning credits sucks. And while some people in our guild are starting to get these high mods, the whole making people pay for materials that everyone in the guild worked together to get really rubs me the wrong way :/ it may be cheaper (in some cases–though, I don’t believe they can make any of the ones I need ATM anyhow), but the principal of it bothers me too much.



So, normally I don’t use names, but I do sometimes and this will be one of those times! Thus, Floria, a friend of mine, sadly just…doesn’t really play anymore 🙁 I caught him in general chat and teased about his Rocket boots as per usual and to my surprise, HE GAVE ME 2,580,000 AND TOLD ME TO GO BUY ROCKET BOOTS.


why must you be so awesome, Floria. You and your riches.

so, as I party with my Rocket Boots (and now having 1.6 million, my boyfriend may give me some credits (so I won’t be completely poor) so I can go get the Twi’lek Race and properly make Miisha), I just want to say THANK YOU FLORIA AND I WILL STILL MISS YOU SO YOU BETTER E-MAIL ME (not that you’ll ever see this but you still better sir!).


Well, I never thought I’d have to say this (on the otherhand, I never expected anyone to read this, let alone comment!), but do remember to try and be nice to one another :3 Arguing doesn’t help anyone and you can always say your points (and even disagree and explain why you do) without insulting someone! So umm…be nice and healthy debates are better than name-calling :3

I appreciate everyone trying to help however with my boyfriend’s stats :3 I know he really wants to get those all up and set.

Anyway, I haven’t done much SWTOR-y today due to not really sleeping well and then a long day at the parks. Regardless, I did make sure to log in and check my mail. I try to do that every day…even though nobody really sends me mail but you never know.

Regardless, in the midst of event worries (I really wish I knew when it’d start) and continuing to wonder about the Wonderous Egg (It has been confirmed at least someone has gotten one by Customer Service, but any time someone comes forth with any rumors or saying they know someone who has one, they just disappear. This is more than a little infuriating), I just…still keep wishing there were better ways to earn credits 🙁

Alt Funds + Still sad

At the moment, I really don’t want to see my Sage or Sorcerer right now. I don’t want to run into anyone. This is stupid. I’m expected to give my choice today and to be honest, I shouldn’t be the one making this choice. In fact, the person who forced them to ask me is the one who needs to be spoken to.

As to lessen confusion, Person A is the one who made the “request”, Person B and C are the people who are allowing the “request”, and Person C said he would be one of the people who would quit if Person A did. What surprised me is Person C also said 3 others would quit with him and Person A, so I asked one of the 3 he mentioned and Person D responded he actually wouldn’t quit if Person A quit–though, he’d probably follow Person C and he only found out about an hour before I messaged him and really didn’t want to get involved. I just..this whole situation is a mess.

and now I’m making myself upset again, so let me get to the point of this… This is essentially how much I’d need to save before I can play each character. This is listed essentially in the order I want to play them.

1. Miisha – 1,500,000 for Twi’lek race so she can be pink and 465K for Max Class Experience, Max Exploration Experience, and Speeder Training Level 1 for a total of 1,965,000. Would like to get her this top at the very least, but not sure if I’d have her be in pants or a skirt.

2. Cellina – 465K for Max Class Experience, Max Exploration Experience, and Speeder Training Level 1. I like this skirt, but not sure about the top and also not sure if I want her in a skirt or pants yet. Also interested in the following tops: Synthmesh Battle, Black Talon Operative, and Terenthium Barrage. Not sure which I’d want though. I really like the design of the last one, but I have never been a big fan of the color yellow. seriously, why couldn’t you choose what to unify something to. …Honestly though, she’ll probably be in the same top as Miisha–just the Imperial version. I just…really like that top.

Note: I do not mind reversing the order of #3 and #4.

3. Zoara – 1,500,000 for Zabrak race so she can be pink and 465K for Max Class Experience, Max Exploration Experience, and Speeder Training Level 1 for a total of 1,965,000. Would wear this. Currently stuck on what to give her hairstyle-wise, however between these 3:

(special thanks to this video for me to screencap from)

Please only focus on the hair styles–not anything else.

4. Aurorra – 465K for Max Class Experience, Max Exploration Experience, and Speeder Training Level 1. I actually think she may be put in this or some combination of that and this.

5. Roseria * – 465K for Max Class Experience, Max Exploration Experience, and Speeder Training Level 1. I want her in The Force Evangelist Outfit. I believe it can gotten from the PVP Vendor so I may need to PVP with her for a bit which kind of stinks 🙁

And I may want to get Amidaia this top.

*She will mostly be played when playing with others so depending on how it goes (like if we actually get some of our friends to play), none of the experience boosts may be needed.

So, not counting outfit costs, that’s a total of 4,860,000 for just the first 4 characters. Counting Roseria, that’s an extra 465K so 5,325,000.


Now, these are characters that I just plan to rush through story-wise and get their Companions maxed out ASAP. They will then be deleted (Not to mention I can only have one at a time to begin with).

6. Jedi Knight – 465K for Max Class Experience, Max Exploration Experience, and Speeder Training Level 1 and 180K for Companion chatting + gifting boosts for a total of 645K.

7. Sith Warrior – 465K for Max Class Experience, Max Exploration Experience, and Speeder Training Level 1 and 180K for Companion chatting + gifting boosts for a total of 645K.

So the total for these 2 is 1,290,000. Including these two with the initial costs above, that’s 6,150,000-6,615,000.



So, new thing has been stated in the guild where if you need the level 8 crafting materials for personal use, it’ll be 50K for Blue Mods and 100K for Purple Mods.

Maybe I’m just bothered because I’m probably the only one in the guild who can’t afford them, but it just seems silly to do considering a bunch of people in the guild work together to get them in the first place.

Of course, maybe the rule was put in place due to some people taking them and then selling them? That’s…super screwed up though.

Or maybe it just makes me further annoyed that it seems one of the people in the guild who could make certain things people need just keeps selling them for ridiculous prices when they know someone needs them.

I just wish I had the credits to get this over with–the more I hit the stupid wall, the more it makes it hard to play. As it is, I may need to change my mods over to the stupid set bonus gear and the thought of that alone makes me want to cry.