Event ends next week, Rifle-bow Craziness, + Gearing

So, the event ends next Tuesday. This doesn’t surprise me as it is a relatively short event with no repeating. However, some people are kind of annoyed and I sort of get that? I mean, in total, it would cost 811 Tokens of Enrichment to get EVERYTHING. Sure, I doubt someone would want everything (and you can take off 250 if you get lucky and get a Lobelot in a crate), but that’s still a lot…especially when you only get like 10% of that. Maybe more when the event finishes but still, that is a lot of crate hunting. While the vendor will be here a week after the event ends, I’m not sure if the crates will still linger around…

Anyway, a lot of people are pissed off about the Rifle-Bow as it only benefits a select few classes and companions. I…don’t really see the big deal? I mean, it makes sense a Shady Dealer on Nar Shaddaa would have stuff like that, in my opinion. Regardless, I decided to buy a Precision Bowcaster for Risha. I think it’d fit her.

In the meantime, with 1.4 so close, I’m panicking even more about gear 🙁 I wish I just had 3 million-5 million credits so I could get this over it.

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