A New Lead: Droid Racing

This is a fun and simple little quest…which isn’t exactly cheating considering each Droid teamed up against the other one anyway. On the otherhand, if there were no traps, the Gonk Droid would lose to begin with due to being much slower and on the outer edge. I adore Gonk droids though so…

MOVING ON… I was surprised to see a line even this early! Afterall, when I went and did yesterday’s quest, nobody was there. Finally, it hit me. This is the first quest limited to one group at a time where both factions will be doing it, thus, lines. I’m afraid of the one later when I show my boyfriend how to do it.

Regardless, it’s simpler than I expected (actually thought you’d get sent to a race track and need to hit the other racers or keep things off the Gonk Droid or something) and still kind of fun. Looking forward to tomorrow’s quest and will do this again later with Amidaia too~

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