Up to date on Both Sides

So, got it all done on the Imperial side and thankfully, unlike the Rakghoul Event, you do not need to do them in order so if you just get online Friday, you can do them all right then and there. Because of this, however, I see the event not lasting very long. The one thing that bothers me about the event, besides the chances with the crates, are the fact that once you do everything, the only way to get more Tokens are through those crates. The smallest you can get (if you did get all the pieces in each crate and no tokens) without getting tokens from crates is 85 Tokens. …And well, maybe you get more when you officially finish, but until that is confirmed… Regardless, that’s not much at all so the prices are pretty expensive.

Looking forward to the next part later. Would love to stay up for it, but need to get some rest. Not feeling well.

On the bright side, there was another cute line on the Imperial side too :3 (Unfortunately, screenshots weren’t working so I couldn’t take one -___-) Everyone can be so nice when they want to be~ …besides that, someone was bragging about having at least 10 million credits T___T I wish I was in that position ._.

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