So, normally I don’t use names, but I do sometimes and this will be one of those times! Thus, Floria, a friend of mine, sadly just…doesn’t really play anymore 🙁 I caught him in general chat and teased about his Rocket boots as per usual and to my surprise, HE GAVE ME 2,580,000 AND TOLD ME TO GO BUY ROCKET BOOTS.


why must you be so awesome, Floria. You and your riches.

so, as I party with my Rocket Boots (and now having 1.6 million, my boyfriend may give me some credits (so I won’t be completely poor) so I can go get the Twi’lek Race and properly make Miisha), I just want to say THANK YOU FLORIA AND I WILL STILL MISS YOU SO YOU BETTER E-MAIL ME (not that you’ll ever see this but you still better sir!).

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