The “Simplicity” of Hello

I actually started this last night, but due to some frustration, just headed to bed. Anyway, between traffic and a lightning storm, getting home is taking forever and I figured why not work on writing even though I have motionsickness. Moving onto the entry…

Despite my shyness (and thus, would have much trouble doing such .a thing in real life), I always try and say some kind of greeting whenever someone logs in. Mostly guild, though, sometimes I will say a greeting to General chat wherever I happen to be. Or to the Global and Pets channels (ignoring that nobody is really in the latter). While I don’t expect a response usually from most places, it seems I more often get a response from a stranger than a friend or guildmate…which is kind of depressing, don’t you think?

Of course, people can be busy. Or miss messages–that happens. I am a bit odd in the fact that I have several channels set up above my chat box:
1. General – Anything not in Other. Though, also features server announcements and item rolls.
2. Party – Group, Ops Chat, Item Rolls, anything relating.
3. Guild – Anything guild related minus ops.
4. Whispers – Just whispers
5. Global – Just Global
6. Pets – Just Pets
7. Other – Anything that isn’t actual players talking.

Essentially, the only thing I don’t have something for is “Say” which is because it is rare anytime I end up using it that the chat would be too busy to keep up.

Like I said, I’m sure most people do not do this. I am just incredibly organized. But it’d be nice if it wasn’t a rare surprise to be greeted or responded to.

Kind of like when you ask someone a question and they just disappear. That is just frustrating. And things happen, sure, but you are going to tell me they will never get back to you? Sometimes I have to disappear and someone asks me something and when I get back, they are offline. I always try and send a message with an apology and the answer.

But maybe I am a bit overly touchy after everything that happened laat week. Or the fact that I received over 10x the birthday wishes AND gifts from a site I had only been a member of for a week and a half than people I have known for much longer. I don’t even care about gifts, but is it truly so hard to wish someone a Happy Birthday?

I just wish people would stop joking so much and remember what common courtesy is.

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