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What To Do

So, recently, it hit me exactly what day today is. It is Thursday which is our new EC Normal Day due to the HM run being on Tuesday (as Reaper can’t run Thursdays).

I…don’t really want to go. Of course, I still feel loyal to the guild, but I am just so frustrated. I don’t really care about having things on farm. We’re not helping anyone with this run (nobody needs anything). We’re just doing it. Why? To remember that we were kicked from the HM group? And considering last week we only managed to get 2/4 (due to several changes), I don’t want to go again. I just don’t.

One person already went Hiatus from Raiding. I can’t help but wonder if it is partially due to this.

But, to make things more difficult, as you know, I went and raided a HM 16-man EC run (And I have to say I love 16-man as it really helps me learn the positioning of a fight) and due to the glitch with Mine-guy, we could not finish…they did, however, fix the glitch and so I have been invited to finish it up and get my final two codexes–plus my Aratech Midnight.

I am inclined to go with that as:
1. I hate leaving things undone. Seriously.
2. It was a raid with a lot of people I knew from outside the guild who I happened to be friends with.
3. It was actually fun–sometime I haven’t felt since all the HM EC stuff in our guild.
4. It will finish off almost all my codexes. I’d only need Nightmare KP ones (the title included) and then the rest are just glitched.

Of course, regardless of which I’ll pick, I will feel bad. As it is, my boyfriend isn’t feeling too well regardless (and is beyond pissed off with the whole situation) so he will most likely not be raiding tonight. I actually do have to bake cookies with my sister (once again I have been volunteered to make cookies for people 😐 ) so I may not even be on for the EC Normal raid which starts at 8. I should be on by 8:50 though, when the EC HM raid starts (and this is why I can’t just do both).

I also just…don’t feel wanted? I mean, when the person who you originally thought hated you (later learned he just has a kind of dry sarcasm) seems to be the only one who cares about you being there or staying, there is something wrong. Or you know, if you mention not being on due to being in a car accident and get only responded to by that same person while after a pause, the other people just go back to talking about some concert or show they saw. Thanks for the concern, guys.

In the meantime, I’ve been getting even more focused on gear. This is because I just want to get out of this outfit so badly (unfortunately, I only have like 400K so not sure if I can afford too as while other stuff was lowered to like 25K, Campaign/26 stuff is 30K :|) and I’m so pissed off with them right now and just want to show I don’t suck. And it wasn’t my fault. No, I don’t know or care how your other two healers are doing it, but apparently you’re just scraping by and it seems to be luck as it still takes several goes. I think the only operation boss I’ve always seen take several goes are the two tanks in EC just because of how much precision is needed. One single lag spike could kill everyone.

The Campaign chest and gloves drop from Mine-guy while the Main-hand and Helm drop from Kephess. At the very least, I really hope I can get the chest. Then I’d at least have the chest and pants and it wouldn’t be so horrible. I would say after that, I’d really want the gloves because giant pads on the gloves are just awkward. Of course, I’d love all 4, but I’d feel like a jerk unless nobody needed them. And I still need the boots from Nightmare Pilgrim, but I have to do him 2 more times anyway for the Aratech Coral. Still, hopefully then I will never see him again. He’s not so bad for a Healer though–just need to heal A LOT and avoid circles. It’s really mostly the DPS who need to make sure they listen so they don’t kill themselves.

Going back to more gear specific stuff, I actually saw 3 Advanced Mettle Mod 26 yesterday T__T They were about 500K each and thus, I couldn’t afford any of them. Not to mention 1.5 million is also how much I’d need to make Zoara (which I really want to–I hate having a slot just filled up for no reason. I want to get her made the way she is supposed to be) or I could get the two Ship Dummies with 500K to spare. And yes, Ship Legacy stuff is still super priority to me! But I’m no where close to ever having 5 million for a GTN πŸ™ let alone the 1 million for the Dummies (which are probably the lowest priority). Not to mention I still need like 200K-300K for Miisha’s exp. stuff :/ (and I still need to get Amidaia to 50 already! And get all her companions up ._.)

Getting back to my original subject… unfortunately, when I checked this afternoon (though, still can’t afford it), all 3 were gone πŸ™ I really should’ve seen if someone could loan me credits considering how rare it seems to be that a Mettle Mod 26 shows up in the first place (I’ve seen plenty of 25’s and many 26B’s and some 26A’s but just 26 is a foreign concept).

Overall though, I still need quite a bit–even though I have been prioritizing the mods. So, list time:
Hat: Campaign Headgear Armoring
Top: Campaign Vestments Armoring, Advanced Mettle Mod 26, Advanced Quick Savant Enhancement 26 (375K-500K. I could afford one right now, but it’d be all my money πŸ™ )
Gloves: Campaign Gloves Armoring
Bracers: Advanced Resolve Armoring 26 (None for sale right now, but usually 2 million v-v)
Belt: Advanced Resolve Armoring 26 (see above)
Skirt/Pants: Advanced Mettle Mod 26
Boots: Campaign Boots Armoring, Advanced Mettle Mod 26
Main Hand: Advanced Resolve Hilt 26 (Campaign Main Hand), Advanced Quick Savant Enhancement 26 (See Top.)

So, I need 2 Advanced Resolve Armoring 26, 5 Campaign Drops for Armorings, 3 Advanced Mettle Mod 26, and 2 Advanced Quick Savant Enhancement 26 for a grand total of lots of emotional pain from EC HM and roughly 6.5 million credits. Lovely.

can I just have a pile of credits? please? ._. then I’d be able to finish all this junk and help my boyfriend get geared too and work on our alts so he can have more to go raid and just earning credits sucks. And while some people in our guild are starting to get these high mods, the whole making people pay for materials that everyone in the guild worked together to get really rubs me the wrong way :/ it may be cheaper (in some cases–though, I don’t believe they can make any of the ones I need ATM anyhow), but the principal of it bothers me too much.

Eeeee! :D

I was brought on an emergency run with Stoic’s main 16-man HM Group when one of their healers had to suddenly leave. Unfortunately, the mine boss is glitched right now due to the next patch, but we got the first two done and I got Campaign pants and I’m just so excited! New codexes and one item changed (and I even got the enhancement I needed for it!) Was like 200K to change stuff around though πŸ™ This makes me more impatient to get 3 Advanced Mettle Mod 26 however.

Now we’re waiting for Nightmare Pilgrim πŸ˜€ if he loads up before like 12:15AM, we shall do him and that would make things even more epic T~T

Edit: We did it! We beat Nightmare Pilgrim! OMGYES.

Edit 2: And it looks like the patch is going in tonight for Thursday as expected :3 And apparently Elidibs has a spot again so maybe I can finish EC AND THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME OMGYAY.

Risha = Miisha’s BFF

So, just finished Coruscant and got my ship! Yay! The ship is pretty neat–though very orange. Wish I could’ve had the guy make it pink πŸ˜›

Risha is pretty cool. I really like her outfit and hope she keeps it. I didn’t know she was a brunette–I’ve only really seen her with blonde hair. I guess that’s a customization.

Also, I love the Gonk Droid and Male Shanjaru Beast on the ship T~T I hope they don’t have to go and that they make a Vanity Pet of the Shanjaru Beast. (and maybe the Gonk Droid too)

The guy in the carbonite is kind of creepy though.


Last Day

So, today is the last day to participate in the transfers for the Gannifari! (and well, 25 Black Hole Commendations, but pfft, who cares about those)

I am excited as that means it’ll hopefully come out soon. I am hoping it may be given out tomorrow then (Due to an update), but I know it probably won’t be until August 1st-7th.

I’m also hoping maybe the next event will start soon.

of course, right now, I’m really in just a horrible fight with myself over not wanting to do EC HM due to drama, but wanting to do it so I can get out of this stupid outfit. :/ blah.


Why couldn’t he go back to his family? His mother is a jerk. this has made me so depressed.

*adds to list of story lines she hates*

For those who are losing track, it’s:
1. Killing slaves regardless
2. Killing Nekghouls + Master regardless
3. Killing or Bringing Jawa Shaman in and not making a deal
*NEW* 4. Not being able to reunite Paul and his family T____T

and I mean, my character would’ve given the money if he asked again… I didn’t know why that option for reuniting with his family was Dark Side. I DON’T UNDERSTAND *cries*

Edit: Ord Mantell is a mess πŸ™

Imperial Happenings and Event Paranoia

So, our imperials hit level 45 last night. Yay~ We have been working hard on deciding what order we’d go in.

Right now, we are doing the Alderaan Bonus series after finishing Hoth. Next, we plan to do Colicoid War Games (I actually have only done this flash point once. I really should try and give myself a reminder) and then head over to Belsavis. Colicoid War Games will probably be our last flashpoint with the others not being done until we are level 50.

After Belsavis, we’ll be heading on to Voss and then maybe doing the Voss Bonus Series–if not, we’ll head right to Corellia and Ilum (including Battle of Ilum and False Emperor as that is required to finish the planet). Then we will take care of the Hoth, Voss, Belsavis, “Ilum’s” (it’s not really much of a bonus), and Corellia Bonus Series :3 And of course, Red Reaper, Directive 7, Kaon, and Lost Island. I’d like to do each operation on story mode at least once on Amidaia for story purposes, but gearing her up isn’t priority for me (And while the Sage ones are fairly awful, at least they aren’t skimpy like the Sorcerer ones).

I’m hoping everything will continue to go well, though, my boyfriend is like a whole bar ahead of me so 😐

Besides that, I’m worried the event may start this weekend and since we’ll be in a car for most of it…well, yeah. However, I personally feel it may not start until the first or second week of August…unfortunately, I have craziness then too, but at least I can pop online on my laptop I suppose?

Anyway, we shall be playing again a little while we pack for our trip :3 So hopefully it’ll continue to go well.

It’s just a game vs. Serious Business

I really hate the term Serious Business–mostly because it’s become a giant joke. In this case, I actually mean it as it says.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a very serious person. I wear my heart on my sleeve, I get emotional about everything, and I take everything personal. It’s how I am–the phrase “it’s just a game” or “it’s supposed to just be for fun” doesn’t really exist for me because of how I was raised.

Similarly, I was also taught anything you care about should be important so everything is always high priority for me which also means I get incredibly passionate with it. It is something I enjoy and I put my all in. Just because the way I put my all in is not the way you agree with doesn’t mean I do not.

Like I get a lot of crud about not doing dailies. I’m glad you can do those mundane tasks for money, but I can’t and if you’re going to imply that I’m pathetic or lazy because of that, be happy glares can’t, at the very least, seriously injure.

If I do not agree with something, I can’t pretend to care or force myself to do it because I hate it. It ruins things for me. Even in typing class, I didn’t type the proper way because I could type even faster with 2 fingers (though, now I can type both ways). I also will always try to play things with the arrow keys–WASD can go back to the toilet. And more often than not, if I do push myself to do it, I’ll end up getting really depressed or not being able to stand it. Like it could be a game I adore and if I am doing something I really hate in it, I may never play the game again. That is just how severe it effects me. There has only been one circumstance where I have ever been able to stand it–however, that is 1 out of many other examples like my Pokemon Blue and Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland game files being saved over by idiots. I was never able to play those again because I couldn’t push myself to replay everything I had accomplished.

So yes, dailies are the best way to earn money. No, I’m not going to do them because then I won’t play in the first place and then having so much money means nothing.

And no, I can “complain” all I want. Just stating things to keep track =/= complaining, for the record. It’s why this blog exists. Because I like typing out my thoughts and need to get them off my chest so I don’t stress and have an anxiety attack. But fine, I’ll just stop talking, I suppose–afterall, you only care about how much you can earn and acting like you’re better than everyone else.

I already have to deal with it so much. “God, drawing this is a pain.” “Do you want me to draw it for you?/Was that a request?/etc.” NO. I can state things without asking for something. stop it. just stop. I don’t need your pity and just let me talk without thinking I’m begging or trying to guilt you into something because I’m not.

Part of why I have been mentioning the mods so much is it’s driving me crazy having half my gear done and half not. I don’t know what to do. I can’t play around with the Enhancements too much until I change the mods since I need to know what my Crit and Surge will be at. Similarly, I need to see how they will be after I switch the Implant (considering the Relic I’m switching to just adds Power instead of so much Endurance, that’s not really an issue). As it is, even considering doing the Flash Point Dailies for Black Hole Commendations is just making me want to log off.

I’m probably going to be a mess next week since I’m being forced to put my mods and stuff into stupid Rakata/Columni/Tionese which will make me incredibly uncomfortable and I know it won’t do anything. I already know what the problem is. And we got so close last week, I’m sure we’ll do better this Tuesday. And of course, they will say it’s because of the new armor when it’s not–it’s just natural improvement and actually yelling (okay, I’ll still have trouble with this part) at the tanks to move a little closer or further back or whatever so I don’t die.

But I’m not going to blow it on purpose to show it’s worse. I’d feel horrendously guilty as I know everyone will be giving their all and so will I. Not to mention that gear-wise, it’ll be the same as what I am wearing now just with the set bonus. However, switching mods and stuff out of what I plan on keeping for something temporary truly bothers me. Especially as I’m going to have to still switch them back. It’s just stupid and frustrating and it sucks.

And you know what’s really sad? The people who more often say “it’s just a game” or “it should be fun” are the same people who will tell you off and throw you off a cliff to rot saying you’re not good enough. You don’t have what you need. You’re not talented enough to be here.

You suck.

You’re replaceable.

So despite how serious I am, apparently I am not serious enough for at least trying to play my way and enjoy the game. Yippee.


Yes. That is what you think it is. I finally got a Midnight Rakling! The tank we were with was kind of iffy (lost aggro a lot, barely listened to questions and seemed confused despite supposedly having done this before–also didn’t bring the final boss in his final phase to the door and now I know why it’s so important to) and despite my really wanting the pet, let me know that he wanted it because a bunch of his guildmates had it 😐

again, seriously, just… if you don’t truly, really, want something and there’s someone there who does, just…don’t roll on it unless they say it’s okay. For example, I’m not a huge mount person so unless I’m told to roll, I usually won’t unless the people who REALLY want it already have theirs. I’d like to collect all the mounts on day because I like collecting but that’s it…with the exception of like…animal mounts. Those are on pet level of want.

Thankfully (and obviously), I did manage to win by over 50 points!:

But yes, finally, a Midnight Rakling is mine:

Which means I only have the M0-GUL Thrall Droid left for pets I KNOW how to get. Obviously, there is still the Wonderous/Wondrous Egg aka Orochick, but it has yet to be proven to come from Explosive Conflict so there really is no confirmation on how to get it–just that it’s in the game. Obviously, that doesn’t mean I’ll give up though…but it’s not like I can do EC anymore than we already are (though, if we start Hard Mode next week, maybe we can do it twice a week for both). Regardless, since the M0-GUL Thrall Droid is the pet I have been missing the longest (2 big patches now!), it really is my priority so if I had to pick a raid… I’d pick Karagga’s Palace/Hutt Hospitality. Not to mention, at least it’s confirmed from that while for all we know, Orochick may not come from Explosive Conflict at all and it may just be a red herring. And of course, while it’s likely the other 4 1.3 pets (2 more Akk Dogs and 2 more Lobels) are in, there still is no proof yet so… but I definitely would like to look into those too.

Anyway, I’m just super excited. So close to being done! And I never have to do Lost Island again! …except, you know, if someone really needs my help.

1.3 Beginning Progress

Unfortunately, my mood hasn’t changed much since my last entry. In fact, I probably feel worse after a few more mails and some messages that I’d rather not go into.

In the meantime, I’ve been doing my best to PVP so I can get Lobelisk. I did get Lawgriffarl already though (afterall, I saved ahead. Stupid normal warzone commendation limit):

I’ve also been working on Augment Kits. Unfortunately, I’m out of supplies right now so I can’t make more stuff to Reverse Engineer at the moment πŸ™ need more Damind Crystals especially. As expected though, criting on a Kit gives you 2 which is nice. Also bought all 3 ranks of the Field Repair/Vendor Droid and Field Mailbox, so I just need the Respec one which I’ll want just for the heck of it so while a priority, it’s much lower. (I would say current highest legacy priority is the GTN on ship still. Followed by Dummies.)

At the moment, I have Augmented (and will update this as I go):
PVE Chest Piece
PVE Bottom
PVE Gloves
PVE Boots
Matrix Cube
PVE Offhand
Ear Piece
Other Implant
PVP Bottoms

I still have to:
All done!

And then eventually:
PVP Gloves (still need to buy)
PVP Boots (Still need to buy)
PVP Off-hand

I will probably use Group Finder for Lost Island for the rest of the day after…but right now I just feel sad. And tired. :/ Didn’t sleep well at all.

Edit: Got Lobelisk!:

Also, so happy this works again:

And received my 2 Test Server titles πŸ™‚

In which Math stresses me more

So, I haven’t done too much today. I checked Gargath twice–down both times :/ Just…not in the mood ATM. We did Lost Island…no pet drop. I got the mod I need so I just need the Advanced Resolve Armoring 25.

Anyway, since my boyfriend is in charge of getting me Power Crystals and things, I decided to figure out just how much stuff I need to make all the Augment Kits. It takes 10 of an item to get the 10 Augment Kit parts I need for each Augment Kit I need and I need to do them at level 47 at the lowest I can for the Level 6 Augment Kit parts.

I need about 20 Augment Kits (14 of them being priority–the other 6 = for PVP). That is, at 30K per Augment Kit attaching, 600K. (420K for 14)

Of course, pricing doesn’t stop there. The following is what is needed to make those 200 items I will have to make for those kits.

Each item I can make will take:
2 Zeyd-cloth (which cost 250 each)
4 Alien Artifact Fragments (Grade 5 Artifact Fragment)
6 Damind Crystal (Grade 5 Power Crystal)

So, for 200, that’s 400 Zeyd-cloth, 800 Alien Artifact Fragments, and 1,200 Damind Crystal. To get those 400 Zeyd-clothing, that is 100K. And my boyfriend has the painful experience to try to get that many of the other 2 things (of course, I could try to buy them…but we’re already at 700K and I don’t even have 600K). Of course, if we just do 14, that’s only 140 items which lessens it to 560 Alien Artifact Fragments, 840 Damind Crystal, and 280 Zeyd-cloth (which would cost 70K…so the cost would be 510K total just for priority).

Then, of course, there’s the price for actually constructing the Augment Kits as the 30K is just for attaching them.
10 x Augmentation Slot Component MK-6
2 x Subelectronic Data Module
2 x Primeval Artifact Fragment (Level 6 Artifact Fragment)
2 x Upari Crystal (Level 6 Power Crystal)
2 x Cortosis Substrate
^What you need (unless changed…but let’s hope not. Rather not re-do it all)

So, that’s a total of:
140-200 Augmentation Slot Component MK-6
280-400 Subelectronic Data Modules
280-400 Primeval Artifact Fragment
280-400 Upari Crystal
280-400 Cortosis Substrate (which costs 400 each so that’s a total of 112,000-160,000)

…yeah. I’ll have to work on more Slicing missions to get the Subelectronic Data Modules, though, I at least have enough for the priority amount (I have 300 total right now). …but I’m nowhere close on anything else.

So, in total, that’s 622K-860K for 14-20 Augment Kits. And that doesn’t even put into effect the cost for Artifact Fragments and Power Crystals.

…which I guess points out how I can’t even do that right .___. This also means my 2.5 million goal may be a bit too small and I may actually have to go for 3 million or so πŸ™