Imperial Happenings and Event Paranoia

So, our imperials hit level 45 last night. Yay~ We have been working hard on deciding what order we’d go in.

Right now, we are doing the Alderaan Bonus series after finishing Hoth. Next, we plan to do Colicoid War Games (I actually have only done this flash point once. I really should try and give myself a reminder) and then head over to Belsavis. Colicoid War Games will probably be our last flashpoint with the others not being done until we are level 50.

After Belsavis, we’ll be heading on to Voss and then maybe doing the Voss Bonus Series–if not, we’ll head right to Corellia and Ilum (including Battle of Ilum and False Emperor as that is required to finish the planet). Then we will take care of the Hoth, Voss, Belsavis, “Ilum’s” (it’s not really much of a bonus), and Corellia Bonus Series :3 And of course, Red Reaper, Directive 7, Kaon, and Lost Island. I’d like to do each operation on story mode at least once on Amidaia for story purposes, but gearing her up isn’t priority for me (And while the Sage ones are fairly awful, at least they aren’t skimpy like the Sorcerer ones).

I’m hoping everything will continue to go well, though, my boyfriend is like a whole bar ahead of me so 😐

Besides that, I’m worried the event may start this weekend and since we’ll be in a car for most of it…well, yeah. However, I personally feel it may not start until the first or second week of August…unfortunately, I have craziness then too, but at least I can pop online on my laptop I suppose?

Anyway, we shall be playing again a little while we pack for our trip :3 So hopefully it’ll continue to go well.

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