Due to reasons and sensitivity, this will be going under a read more immediately. Will block out names as usual.

So, we stopped in hotel and I popped on to see how their raid went tonight and saw I had 3 letters in my mailbox. A bit confused, but excited as getting mail always excites me, I eagerly hopped over to my mailbox to receive the biggest slap in the face of my life.

Subject: Gear and Raids

Last week was a horrible run in EC HM. Some of the people in the group have done EC HM before ****, *****, ******. Having you complain about your gear during the raid does not help moral, 2-3 of the people in the raid team were thinking about not coming back this week as you were not taking it seriously so why should they.
So please can you do the following:
(1) Not complain about your ugly gear during raid time
(2) Do not complain set bonuses are useless when many 4/4 HM use them
(3) If you want to complain about your gear you can do it to me and me only not in the presence of others and not over mumble when others are in the channel.

The guild has over 25 active players and to be honest we should be 3/4 in HM by now. You are not the only reason why we are not, but you have to remember there is 6 other people in the raid with you and they did not log into a raid to hear you complain about gear and what not.

Talk to me when you can about this when you are on please.

Because if you can not do what has been asked we will need to seriously look at the raid team!!!


Immediately upon reading this, my eyes started to water and the more I read, the more upset I became. It’s just…frustrating and cruel and screwed up and just ugh.

1. I barely complained, if at all, during the actual raiding/fighting. I did point out that the set bonus made no difference, but that’s because it’s true.
2. “many 4/4 HM use them” – Firstly, many =/= all. Secondly, 90% of people who use the Set Bonus are people who have never not used the Set Bonus. simple. as. that. They have no experience otherwise and thus, wouldn’t know.
3. then can I not wear the outfit in public?

And yet, I seemed to be the only one to receive a letter and it sucks. So if I don’t comply, I can’t be there.

It isn’t fair. It’s not even a helpful bonus.

and yet, because I am apparently not feeling sucky enough, if I do not do so, one of our members will quit…along with all 4 of his friends–one being a healer for the other group and one being one of the guild’s best DPS.

Would I quit? I do not know. But the fact that I have to get that put on me. Along with everything else.

So, let’s see, things I learned:
1. Unless you have the healing set bonus, you suck.
2. Even if there is no difference.
3. And that means you may subconsciously be doing that.
4. We lose either 2 people or 5 people if I don’t just deal.
5. Life is unfair so it’s okay if I’m the only one who gets the short end of the stick here.

We’re supposed to talk about it more tomorrow. And apparently, it’s mostly a single person’s fault (the other healer of our group) who has threatened to quit (thus his friends will go with him) if I do not keep the set bonus. Apparently he wanted me kicked immediately and the GM and second of command told him that they’d try just doing tweaks and see so he wouldn’t leave.

but yeah. I just…I can’t even process how much this bothers me. So much for a happy trip.

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