In which Math stresses me more

So, I haven’t done too much today. I checked Gargath twice–down both times :/ Just…not in the mood ATM. We did Lost Island…no pet drop. I got the mod I need so I just need the Advanced Resolve Armoring 25.

Anyway, since my boyfriend is in charge of getting me Power Crystals and things, I decided to figure out just how much stuff I need to make all the Augment Kits. It takes 10 of an item to get the 10 Augment Kit parts I need for each Augment Kit I need and I need to do them at level 47 at the lowest I can for the Level 6 Augment Kit parts.

I need about 20 Augment Kits (14 of them being priority–the other 6 = for PVP). That is, at 30K per Augment Kit attaching, 600K. (420K for 14)

Of course, pricing doesn’t stop there. The following is what is needed to make those 200 items I will have to make for those kits.

Each item I can make will take:
2 Zeyd-cloth (which cost 250 each)
4 Alien Artifact Fragments (Grade 5 Artifact Fragment)
6 Damind Crystal (Grade 5 Power Crystal)

So, for 200, that’s 400 Zeyd-cloth, 800 Alien Artifact Fragments, and 1,200 Damind Crystal. To get those 400 Zeyd-clothing, that is 100K. And my boyfriend has the painful experience to try to get that many of the other 2 things (of course, I could try to buy them…but we’re already at 700K and I don’t even have 600K). Of course, if we just do 14, that’s only 140 items which lessens it to 560 Alien Artifact Fragments, 840 Damind Crystal, and 280 Zeyd-cloth (which would cost 70K…so the cost would be 510K total just for priority).

Then, of course, there’s the price for actually constructing the Augment Kits as the 30K is just for attaching them.
10 x Augmentation Slot Component MK-6
2 x Subelectronic Data Module
2 x Primeval Artifact Fragment (Level 6 Artifact Fragment)
2 x Upari Crystal (Level 6 Power Crystal)
2 x Cortosis Substrate
^What you need (unless changed…but let’s hope not. Rather not re-do it all)

So, that’s a total of:
140-200 Augmentation Slot Component MK-6
280-400 Subelectronic Data Modules
280-400 Primeval Artifact Fragment
280-400 Upari Crystal
280-400 Cortosis Substrate (which costs 400 each so that’s a total of 112,000-160,000)

…yeah. I’ll have to work on more Slicing missions to get the Subelectronic Data Modules, though, I at least have enough for the priority amount (I have 300 total right now). …but I’m nowhere close on anything else.

So, in total, that’s 622K-860K for 14-20 Augment Kits. And that doesn’t even put into effect the cost for Artifact Fragments and Power Crystals.

…which I guess points out how I can’t even do that right .___. This also means my 2.5 million goal may be a bit too small and I may actually have to go for 3 million or so 🙁

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