It’s just a game vs. Serious Business

I really hate the term Serious Business–mostly because it’s become a giant joke. In this case, I actually mean it as it says.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a very serious person. I wear my heart on my sleeve, I get emotional about everything, and I take everything personal. It’s how I am–the phrase “it’s just a game” or “it’s supposed to just be for fun” doesn’t really exist for me because of how I was raised.

Similarly, I was also taught anything you care about should be important so everything is always high priority for me which also means I get incredibly passionate with it. It is something I enjoy and I put my all in. Just because the way I put my all in is not the way you agree with doesn’t mean I do not.

Like I get a lot of crud about not doing dailies. I’m glad you can do those mundane tasks for money, but I can’t and if you’re going to imply that I’m pathetic or lazy because of that, be happy glares can’t, at the very least, seriously injure.

If I do not agree with something, I can’t pretend to care or force myself to do it because I hate it. It ruins things for me. Even in typing class, I didn’t type the proper way because I could type even faster with 2 fingers (though, now I can type both ways). I also will always try to play things with the arrow keys–WASD can go back to the toilet. And more often than not, if I do push myself to do it, I’ll end up getting really depressed or not being able to stand it. Like it could be a game I adore and if I am doing something I really hate in it, I may never play the game again. That is just how severe it effects me. There has only been one circumstance where I have ever been able to stand it–however, that is 1 out of many other examples like my Pokemon Blue and Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland game files being saved over by idiots. I was never able to play those again because I couldn’t push myself to replay everything I had accomplished.

So yes, dailies are the best way to earn money. No, I’m not going to do them because then I won’t play in the first place and then having so much money means nothing.

And no, I can “complain” all I want. Just stating things to keep track =/= complaining, for the record. It’s why this blog exists. Because I like typing out my thoughts and need to get them off my chest so I don’t stress and have an anxiety attack. But fine, I’ll just stop talking, I suppose–afterall, you only care about how much you can earn and acting like you’re better than everyone else.

I already have to deal with it so much. “God, drawing this is a pain.” “Do you want me to draw it for you?/Was that a request?/etc.” NO. I can state things without asking for something. stop it. just stop. I don’t need your pity and just let me talk without thinking I’m begging or trying to guilt you into something because I’m not.

Part of why I have been mentioning the mods so much is it’s driving me crazy having half my gear done and half not. I don’t know what to do. I can’t play around with the Enhancements too much until I change the mods since I need to know what my Crit and Surge will be at. Similarly, I need to see how they will be after I switch the Implant (considering the Relic I’m switching to just adds Power instead of so much Endurance, that’s not really an issue). As it is, even considering doing the Flash Point Dailies for Black Hole Commendations is just making me want to log off.

I’m probably going to be a mess next week since I’m being forced to put my mods and stuff into stupid Rakata/Columni/Tionese which will make me incredibly uncomfortable and I know it won’t do anything. I already know what the problem is. And we got so close last week, I’m sure we’ll do better this Tuesday. And of course, they will say it’s because of the new armor when it’s not–it’s just natural improvement and actually yelling (okay, I’ll still have trouble with this part) at the tanks to move a little closer or further back or whatever so I don’t die.

But I’m not going to blow it on purpose to show it’s worse. I’d feel horrendously guilty as I know everyone will be giving their all and so will I. Not to mention that gear-wise, it’ll be the same as what I am wearing now just with the set bonus. However, switching mods and stuff out of what I plan on keeping for something temporary truly bothers me. Especially as I’m going to have to still switch them back. It’s just stupid and frustrating and it sucks.

And you know what’s really sad? The people who more often say “it’s just a game” or “it should be fun” are the same people who will tell you off and throw you off a cliff to rot saying you’re not good enough. You don’t have what you need. You’re not talented enough to be here.

You suck.

You’re replaceable.

So despite how serious I am, apparently I am not serious enough for at least trying to play my way and enjoy the game. Yippee.

11 thoughts on “It’s just a game vs. Serious Business

  1. You know I am so glad I found your site. Not only for the pets, but I love your posts. Since 2005 and my WOW days, serious business is all i heard. I have to admit, I’m guilty of the serious business jokes. (Put your saber away) *ducking*

    Let me tell you why. I used to spend 5-6 days a week raiding and probably 4-5 hours a night. So it was serious and I still take it as such. Just not serious in the amount of time I do it. I make the SB jokes because I believe just like in every hard ….hmmm right word….job,game, etc, you need to take it easy sometimes. But, I feel your pain too.

    “But I’m not going to blow it on purpose to show it’s worse.” I cant tell you how many times letting a tank die or a dps pull off of me and let him die has crossed my mind. Yes just to prove a point…..but I can honestly say I have never let it happen. (Not in a serious environment, I let my friends die all the time =)

    I am one of the people that will say “just relax” or calm down, what have you. But, I’m sitting here smashing my keyboard and throwing my mouse. Seriously, until 2008-2009 every couple of weeks I had to buy at least one of them. But….I will never down other players even if they really arent very good or just arent getting it and I will tell other people to lay off which usually draws the attention to me. Which is fine. I can handle it. No matter how good I play…theres always someone better and some fights whoop my ass. I believe strongly in kharma…and god..and fate…..none of which i like to tempt….

    So, yes, I have been critized by my guild for not raiding more. They are young and Im old, so when they sigh or smartoff or complain when I dont come…or when I do and dont know a fight, I just smile and move on. I just dont have the drive to raid more than 1 maybe two days a week which leaves me on the sidelines…but im ok with that. Dailies? pfft…I burned out on dailies before SWTOR was even released. Usually when I do them….is when i do something stupid like…hmmm lets see…oh spend all my money on my Sage’s xp boosts not realizing that it wasnt a every character legacy xp boost. I’m still kicking myself for that.

    So in closing, I feel your pain and agree with alot of what you said. Its like watching those “honest” movie trailers. Parody site that tells what the movie really is not the sugarcoated trailer. So keep the true feelings coming. Dont hold back, it makes life boring. Oh, and I blame myself for every death too, whether I heal, tank, or dps. Hell even if I’m just listening in vent……..


    • Aww T~T <3 I'm glad you enjoy it...I seem to always have a lot to type out. *shall try and keep her lovely pink lightsaber off* 😛

      Yeah, this is the first game I raided in. We usually go twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday), though, we sometimes have a fun raid (not all of us goes--it's mostly to help gear other players) on Friday. Current plans are to do EC HM on Tuesday and EC Normal on Friday (and maybe KP or EV Story Mode after that for commendations).

      But yeah, I also feel bad every time someone dies (unless I really can't stand the person, but even then I still feel a little bad) so I hate when I'm criticized :/ Especially as it's not usually my fault. I do die a bit when learning new mechanics too so... but bleh. v-v

      And don't worry, you're not the only one who did the experience thing--I believe one or two members in our guild did so as well along with one of my friends in the game.

      I just wish I could grow a credit tree. v-v; And that set bonuses could be removed from earlier gear because as useless as it is, nobody believes me.


  2. Well I didn’t want to say this last night, but the columns make me smile and laugh sometimes too. I’m not sure when the rants are meant to be funny or not, but you said you are usually serious minded so I aired (err’d) on the side of caution and didn’t say that til i was sure you were calm. =0

    I was out of the game for a few weeks and I’m still reading up on what changed. I have been letting my 50’s sit while I play my trooper. Seems like in a few weeks after the transfers our population started to drop again so I’m letting it sort out. I just cant seem to find the energy to do dailies, the group finder or even pvp. Weird for me. So my research into what changed in 1.3 is behind. I didn’t even know about that speeder til I saw your post on it.

    My guild went away from the gearing other players part so I have kind of stuck to my own thing. Hell half the people that sign on I don’t even know anymore. F2P here we come…..


    • Well, I’m glad you like them 😛 They are all serious thoughts, but I understand how some can be funny. Essentially I write exactly how I’m thinking so everything that comes out is 100% what I’m feeling at that moment and what’s going through my mind–my fingers are just typing it XD So I don’t really rehearse what I want to say.

      Aww 🙁 That stinks. Our server has still been very nicely populated since the transfers and in general, most of the people are nice. I’m kind of in a similar unmotivated point though as anything I still need is either:
      1. Expensive (and I have no good way to earn credits)
      2. Boring by yourself (Like I’d like to go exploring on Taris for other Unusual Egg nests….but I hate Taris and that’ll be super boring alone)
      3. Cruel (Like the Ranked PVP speeder or some of the other PVP stuff)
      4. Evil (HM Denova, Nightmare KP, getting 100 Valor for codexes)

      The Referral Speeder was given out right away in the 1.3 Test Server–but was actually only given out last Tuesday when they did the “free with no end date for any character up to level 15”. Of course, most people won’t refer people now since they can just try it out whenever and it seems a lot of people don’t care to help others out (which is something I’ve learned from experience when I’ve asked people and there were obvious referral prizes 🙁 ).

      That stinks X___x My first guild never bothered to really gear others either, so it’s nice that this guild does it. I don’t think the game will be Free to Play anytime soon though. I think how they’re doing it is a nice trial phase, if anything, but I’ve been having a lot of fun with it.


  3. Haha. I was kidding about the F2P cause everyone says it in just about every post i see now. I know it will eventually, but I don’t think it will anytime soon either.

    The one nice thing is that I actually played another game while i was involved in an mmo. In the past I never cheat on my games =0. Been trying alot of Beta’s and F2P’s just to see what they are like. I still love my SW though.


    • As a side-effect of my seriousness, I can never tell when someone is joking 😛 And due to one of my boyfriend’s friends with that… yeah, I just tend to take things literally.

      I usually multitask with games so. When Phantasy Star Online 2 comes out, my boyfriend really wants me to play that with him along with SWTOR. I also play a lot of browser games and on a lot of sites.


  4. Yea alot of my friends hate when I joke around because they say they can never tell when I’m serious or not. They say my humor is dry like a Brit….
    So, that just tells me my friends think I am James Bond. A burden I will have to carry…..

    I haven’t read much about PS2. I tried TERA which actually wasn’t bad and I’m thinking about trying out The Secret World. The only down side is that they say the character customization needs work and well that’s my favorite part….But it looks intriguing so I will try it anyway.


    • My boyfriend has a similar dry humor. I’m sure you can guess how that ends up with how I am 😛

      It was fun (we got into the Japanese beta) to be honest. Very cute too. I tried TERA a little bit, but couldn’t get too into it. The Secret World is pretty neat, but if the customization hasn’t improved much since the Beta…then yes, they really don’t have much to choose from.

      …main issue is both TERA and TSW start with zombies and I hate zombies 😛


  5. O…and I dont know why, cause I thought I was done with fantasy for a while, but a Korean game Bless is supposed to be out by end of 2012-2013. I will probably sink my money there too.


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