IT DROPPED AND I SQUEED AND OMG. And someone rolled against me 😐 only one person (not anyone in our guild, one of the people we brought) but they rolled a 4 AND I ROLLED A 73! And thank god because if I lost, I would’ve curled into a ball and cried and been depressed forever.


Unfortunately, screenshots in instances = still buggy, but here is my lovely little Thrall Droid:

for the record, besides making my whole guild (and the pick-up people) deaf when it dropped (and dancing around like crazy), I also sang a song about asking Karagga to drop the pet for me please and begging him through actions. I don’t care how silly it sounds or is, I’m convinced it worked.

Now if we could just figure out the Wonderous/Wondrous Egg aka Orochick :/

And for those who are curious of the words:
Oh Karagga won’t you pretty pretty please
drop the little gold droid just for me
I’ve been here way too many times so can’t you see?
It would really mean just so much if it dropped for me.

Soooo, pretty pretty pretty please drop the pet for me
It would really mean so very much to me
I really want to stop this game, oh can’t you see?
So pretty pretty pretty please, drop the pet for me?

I really hate killing you and I just want to stop
But all I can do is come and beg until it drops
So please if you can just do this one favor for me?
Just pretty pretty pretty please drop the pet for me.

Oh pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease
Just pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease
the pet
for meeeeeeeeeeeeeee

4 thoughts on “EEEEEEEEEEE :D

    • Thanks! Good luck. The Midnight Rakling also took me a while, though I finally got lucky, but the M0GUL definitely took me the longest. At least you can do Lost Island repeatedly while KP can only be done twice a week X-x

      As for the PVP Pets, they’re not really too hard to get–just take lots of time…and if you aren’t a fan of PVP, that makes it worse 🙁 I’m just lucky I had gotten past 70 from getting the Sorveign for myself and some friends so since I saw the pets on the test server, I was able to save up for one completely ahead of time (As it capped out at 2K normal Warzone commendations and I’d have needed 4K for both)–but I did get all the Ranked I need so it meant I only had to do a few hours more after 1.3 hit.


    • It was supposed to be :/ The Korrealis speeders were supposed to be tradeable with requirements removed but the PVP one didn’t follow either which sucks as I have 3 stuck in my bank now (and a friend holding the Prince he got for me T__T)

      But yeah, I also hate PVP with a passion. Regardless, I try and deal for pets and codexes 🙁 but god, it makes me so upset and frustrated.


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