I like helping but…

…if I don’t know you, asking me constantly to help you with your story quests after I just helped show you how to get a pet is kind of rude? And sort of creepy?

just…don’t do that. I don’t mind helping someone with the occasional quest but being begged/constantly messaged to help someone with their Heroics because doing them with a Level 50 is easier is just really awkward and iffy.

10 thoughts on “I like helping but…

  1. Hey, Why are you spending so much money on the mods/enhancements when you can just farm black hole commendations and get them for free?


    • Most of the mods/enhancements (and armorings) from the Black Hole stuff are actually not very good or not what I need. Not to mention right now, the commendations are going towards other things.


      • Have you checked the off specs, and the shadow gear? There should be every type of 61 mod/enhancement in at least one of them. And now that you can do a daily HMFP + EV/KP story with the Group finder that’s an extra 45 BH comms a week.


        • Yeah :/ The thing is, right now I’d rather use the commendations for stuff I know I’ll use rather than a chance at something that might be useful.

          Regardless, doing the group finder dailies bothers me the same way normal dailies too. Slightly less irritating, but if I do them too much, I’ll be burnt out and won’t be able to help others.


  2. Yeah, but you gotta understand how much money that would save you. 😛

    I’m a MAJOR collector also, and if you were on my server I would love to work together with you. And, with a group of friends that can get through any FP in less than 45 minutes, the grind is not nearly as bad as you’d think!


    • But it doesn’t matter how much money it saves me if it makes me not want to play at all 😛

      Yeah–it’s too bad a lot of the people I seem to meet who are also collector’s aren’t on the same server 🙁 But yeah, our GM is pretty quick. His newest record is 12 minutes on Teral V. I just…can’t stand repetition regardless of how quick it is unless I entered, got the completion pop up, and left 😛


  3. But, its probably a different flashpoint each day lol, not TOO much repetition haha.

    May I ask why you’re wanting 2 completely different sets of mods/enhancements?


    • For me, doing anything more than once is repetition XD

      Well, I have 8 items that use mods–I just happen to have half and half. Enhancements are also mixed up a bit.


  4. Oh, your collecting list says 8 of each. I run a huge guild, so its fairly easy running this stuff all the time and forcing people to run to get pets with me, but I’ve had 0 luck with the rakling and mogul, makes me so sad :\


    • That’s mostly a “most I’d ever need” kind of thing to keep track of just so I know which are which XD Not the exact number I need.

      But yeah, that’s always neat 🙂 And yeah, it definitely takes a lot :/ Both are pretty rare–though, the Rakling can drop from any of the main bosses at east over just the one for the M0GUL Thrall Droid so there’s at least more shots for it x-x But yeah, I didn’t see the Rakling for ages–I only saw it twice (the second time being when I won) and then this was the first time I saw the M0-GUL Thrall Droid.

      I hope they pop up for you soon!


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