Due to Hurricane Sandy, we have actually been out of power for almost 48 hours now. If that. Hard to keep track of time in a basement with constant overcast.

Hoping power will be back before the weekend. Was looking forward to going on the PTS to do more Cartel Market testing with boxes. So…if power is back before the test server is down, expect that!


Today really hasn’t gone as planned πŸ™ But the HK-51 quest looks REALLY awesome. Can’t wait for that.

However, it sounds like the World Boss will be a pain to get all the codexes of. Will have to stalk it or something I guess.

And from what I heard, Nightmare EC is (unsurprisingly) REALLY hard. Hopefully it works out okay though as due to the lack of character transfers, I don’t think many people will be able to test πŸ™


So here I am at NYCC and I hear 1.5 is out on the test server…sheesh, that was fast. Guess they really are doing that 6 weeks thing.

I am expecting 1.5 when free to play comes out. Soooo patching when I get home, plus keeping an eye out for NM EC stuff…need to see what the pet is from there.

Anyway, time to figure out what to do… sorry for typos *on cellphone*

A post from a bus

So, we are currently on the way back from the hotel. The raid started about 10 minutes ago and they said they would wait up to 20 for us but we shall see.

I ‘m still feeling pretty iffy (see last several updates) so I’m not sure how I feel yet.

On the…kind of bright side (yay for always, bleh for more competition), apparently Campaign isn’t class specific when it drops! So, if we clear it 8 times (2 months) everyone will be geared minus boots which are gotten from Nightmare Pilgrim.

…I wish I felt last sucky.

Edit: So, got here 10 minutes late…was accused of being 30 minutes late despite the fact that we were told we’d have 20 minutes leeway, not really sure what the heck is going on (We’re apparently short healers for some reason?), one of the tanks in the other group still hates me (so yes, I have at least two, if not 3, people in the guild who have issues with me) so our second in command’s plan (which I said wouldn’t work) of me healing the other group obviously failed.

anyway, it looks like one healer couldn’t make it so a healer in the other group went on their sage while the healer who hates me in our group will be healing their group while a healer they could’ve brought in (the one who replaced me that I mentioned) is in ours since the other group had issues with her. *confused for life*

what really bothers me is how annoyed it seemed they were at me when I said there’d be an issue, I e-mailed several times, and they weren’t even ready to go besides just us.

Various things

With officially finishing The 30 Days of SWTOR meme, I figured I’d make sure to write about some other things.

We did Explosive Conflict today. Got to the final boss, but that was it. However, having beaten the final guy before, I just needed to defeat Mine-guy for the Aratech Fire and codex so yay. Still need to get Minesweeper though. Speaking of Minesweeper, I actually found a glitch with it so hopefully that gets all fixed soon. @-@

We’ll hopefully be doing KP tomorrow and maybe I shall get lucky. Of course, I never seem to get lucky with pet drops :/ Also finally finished my PVP Weekly and Daily so maybe I’ll never have to see them again.

Besides that, we finished Chapter 1 of our Imperial side. We’ll be doing the Nar Shaddaa Bonus Series and then Taris tomorrow (then probably Alderaan’s bonus series). “I’ll have more light than you ever have, and I love.” <-- my favorite imperial quote forever. Unfortunately, the screenshot bugged πŸ™

To Rakghoul or not to Rakghoul: That is the question

At this point, we have gotten everything we’ve wanted (Well, my boyfriend is thinking of collecting the other companion skins for the heck of it) and finished the containment officer outfit, so we’re wondering if we should even still continue? Main reason we’re even debating it is there may be something special at the end, but I really hope they don’t do that. We were hoping to maybe grind up our Imperial alts until we found out that the dailies are essentially…literally dailies. You have to do them each day for the new quests to pop up and with the event ending Tuesday (And I actually have to leave on a trip next week so I will be packing Sunday and Monday), there’s not enough time to do it which is kind of depressing as I know he really wanted the Imperial Containment Suit too (and it’s unfortunately bind on pick-up).

With those out of the way and with Taunlet now gotten, however, that brings us back to just needing groups for the other pets which is a pain to get together and then a lot of them will probably want the pet too and fsl;afkafl;asf;lafs X__x I don’t mind helping people get their pets. I have no issue going back after getting mine and helping them out, but with my horrible drop luck and OCPD, I just like getting them out of the way ASAP. It helps me relax a lot more and then I’m not panicking every 20 10 5 seconds always. At the moment, I’m just sitting by Karagga’s as I haven’t been there in a while and when it comes down to it, I really like doing things in order so if I chose how to get pets, it’d be:

1. Karagga’s Palace – Due to being pre-1.2
2. Taunling – Gargath – World Boss = before Hard Modes
3. Midnight Rakling & Mysterious Egg – HM Lost Island (newest Flashpoint)
4. Wondrous Egg – Still unconfirmed, but supposedly from Explosive Conflict (New operation)

So yeah, I like to take care of them in foremost and then if they came out at the same time…by difficulty since that’s essentially the order I would get them in while leveling up.

In the meantime, my computer is having a mental break down πŸ˜€ And I really need a new computer (and a new laptop as well because apparently the overheating issue is actually a manufacturer error and it could explode :3) which doesn’t help things either.

Besides continuing on my Pet Quest (and keeping the Tauntaun and Rakling/Other unmmentioned 1.2 pets threads updated on the official forums), I’m also continuing to save for Legacy Ship stuff–as for how it’s going, I have about 560K because I really really really suck at this πŸ˜€

Plans are still as follows:
1. Repair Droid – 1 million
2. Neutral GTN – 5 million
3. Mailbox – 500K
4. Both Dummies – 1 million

After that, I’ll probably either go for the Rocket Boots (2 million) or the Twi’lek race (1.5 million) so I get the other colors and can finally remake my Smuggler. I know my boyfriend also wants me to get the Zabrak Race I want to get for my Trooper (1.5 million as well), but if I do my Twi’lek first (most likely–I expect Trooper/Commando will be last for me out of all my characters), I’ll probably go for the rocket boots next. As for character playing, I expect it to be:
1. Sage (My main)
2. Sorcerer (Main Imperial)
3. Smuggler (Scoundrel) or Imperial Agent (Operative)
4. Whichever I don’t do above first
5. Bounty Hunter (Mercenary)
6. Trooper (Commando)

Also, since I’ve been asked why my blogs rarely ever have pictures… I usually type these on my laptop while I’m playing the game on my computer. If I had two screens on my computer, there’d probably be more pictures but since whenever I take a screenshot, it is on my computer and I can’t really minimize the game, it’s just a huge hassle. I’d love to have pictures, but just can’t ATM πŸ™

Oh, and I’m probably going to edit the categories a bit today and make things a bit more orderly. (OCPD, away~)


I don’t know why you people are here reading this. It confuses me so. (I’m not even sure how you found it?)

Regardless, this update won’t really be much of an update at all. It won’t be finding new things or being excited. Because unfortunately, as exciting as 1.2 was and as happy as I’ve been to get some mysteries solved, today has actually not been very good.

Drama sucks. Especially when the reason it happens is because the other person makes something up and nobody else has the guts to say anything.

And then when you try to fix it, you just make things worse.

So, I’m definitely trying to figure out more with the pets and all the new 1.2 stuff (We ended up not getting further than Voss because of what happened so we never even checked out the new flashpoint or anything)…but my heart isn’t into it because I just feel sad and frustrated due to the stupidity of someone else.

Considering this kind of drama is what ruined the last game I really enjoyed, I really don’t want this to happen again.

I won’t go into more detail–saying this much has made me feel sad enough so… but yes, I think I will log off for the night and hope I feel better and more energized tomorrow morning.

Ship Droids can now get affection!

I actually almost forgot about that πŸ™‚ Thankfully, I saved a few items to give him.

So far, C2-N2 (Republic Ship Droid) seems to like:
Republic Memorabilia – Liked the least (not counting stuff that gave 0)
Cultural Artifacts – Likes the most out of everything I tried
Technology – Liked the second most
Luxury – Tied with Republic Memorabilia

He does not like:
Underworld Goods
Imperial Memorabilia
Military Gear

Shall update as I test them out πŸ™‚ All checked <3 I would guess the Imperial side would be similar, but with Imperial Memorabilia instead of Republic.

Party Bombs

So, after failing miserably on saving, my boyfriend decided to cheer me up by giving me 500K–400K to get the final bank slot and 100K or the Galactic Party Bomb. I had wanted the Galactic Party Bomb for a while, but didn’t have it high on my priority list. I just constantly saw the people in the PVP with their giant board with the flashing lights and thought it’d be cool to have. Only to find out that apparently the Galactic Party Bomb is a completely different item.

A completely different way more awesome item.

The Galactic Party Bomb can be positioned kind of like Force Quake (Consular AOE) and Salvation (Sage AOE Heal) or like throwing the Hutt Ball. Then, a UFO-like little robot comes out with a disco ball and flashes lights, plays some music, and has pretty lights shining around.

That is pure awesome.

I did find out that the item I thought the Galactic Party Bomb was happens to be called the Party Instigator. It is only 10K and requires Social Level 5, so I stopped by Balmorra (You can buy it on Taris on the Imperial side) and picked it up too.

…Still definitely prefer the Galactic Party Bomb.

Anyway, I have decided that the first Legacy item I will buy is the repair droid for 1 million. Obviously, I will still need to save up as I’ll be about 400K short to buy it right away along with Taunta and the emergency 100K for various things.

After that, I will probably save up for the Neutral Market then go for the Mailbox. Then of course, both dummies. After that? Probably the Rocket Boost. Then various cooldowns and last, but not least, the two races I’d like to get. So still lots of preparing to do.

It’s too bad I couldn’t get the speeders before their prices raised though. At least I got the ones retiring, however.

THANK YOU! + Codex Needed list done!

So, first, I’d like to say a big Thank you to a lot of people. Just for encouraging me in my crazy journeys and even offering to help out means so much to me. I’m not great at PVP–in fact, I’m probably a bit of a hindrance if anything, but I do try my best. And I think gaining about 50 valor in like 2 weeks says something. So, when I got a bunch of good lucks and encouragement about being close (I’m 56 now–a little more than half way to 57!) and even was told by someone else if I didn’t get it, they had one for me and that’s just so awesome. It really made me feel special. And it’s funny too, as a lot of people thought I was crazy to be doing PVP for a speeder and that there was “no way” I’d get enough in time. They just don’t know how determined I can be! I just hope the thing with Heishi works out too and he manages to get a few extra Prince’s a well, because as hard as I try, I don’t think I’d be able to get my Sorcerer to 65 valor for PVP on the Imperial side (let alone get her to 50 so she’d actually be somewhat useful :P)

And even earlier that day, Cylk let me know that if I do hit 65, he will lend me the rest of the money I need for the Baron if I help his alt do the dailies T~T He knew I’d help regardless, but he wanted me to stress less and alsfk;lsfkasf;lasfl;fa everyone is so nice. <3 So, I'm doing my best! Even if I have people to help, that doesn't mean I still shouldn't try my hardest too πŸ™‚ And yes, the codex needed list is done! Most of what I need is glitched (as far as I know anyway), but hopefully I can at least get everything left on it that isn't. I'd have loved to before 1.2, but I don't see that happening πŸ˜› At the very least, maybe I can get all the non-operation and non-flashpoint stuff (though, I'd love to get the Flash point stuff done too). And of course, space missions πŸ™ But yes, I plan to at least do the Hoth Bonus series this week, regardless.