A post from a bus

So, we are currently on the way back from the hotel. The raid started about 10 minutes ago and they said they would wait up to 20 for us but we shall see.

I ‘m still feeling pretty iffy (see last several updates) so I’m not sure how I feel yet.

On the…kind of bright side (yay for always, bleh for more competition), apparently Campaign isn’t class specific when it drops! So, if we clear it 8 times (2 months) everyone will be geared minus boots which are gotten from Nightmare Pilgrim.

…I wish I felt last sucky.

Edit: So, got here 10 minutes late…was accused of being 30 minutes late despite the fact that we were told we’d have 20 minutes leeway, not really sure what the heck is going on (We’re apparently short healers for some reason?), one of the tanks in the other group still hates me (so yes, I have at least two, if not 3, people in the guild who have issues with me) so our second in command’s plan (which I said wouldn’t work) of me healing the other group obviously failed.

anyway, it looks like one healer couldn’t make it so a healer in the other group went on their sage while the healer who hates me in our group will be healing their group while a healer they could’ve brought in (the one who replaced me that I mentioned) is in ours since the other group had issues with her. *confused for life*

what really bothers me is how annoyed it seemed they were at me when I said there’d be an issue, I e-mailed several times, and they weren’t even ready to go besides just us.

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