Resolved for Now

So, for now, we will stay in guild and see what happens. We can’t be told about specifics of things (Like the conversation between Person A, B, and C) which doesn’t help considering it involves us.

Some things that were said were also kind of hurtful and confusing so I’m a bit lost? Regardless, while I do like most of the people in the guild, things will be uncomfortable for a while (if not permanently).

The compromise was I have to stay in this god-awful outfit, but as I earn Campaign (you better lose single person I’m rolling again *HOPES FOR ALL CONSULAR GEAR* there’s only a 25% chance though 🙁 ), I can fade it out. Also, I’m not allowed to complain whatsoever except to Ivan and my boyfriend and only in private whispers and not at all during raid. I really didn’t full on complain though–just offhand stuff. :/ And a bit brought up about me getting upset when I was replaced because I was late a few minutes and people knew I had to run to the store… and I got back before the person I was replaced with even arrived. It’s not like I openly yelled about it–I was a bit passive-aggressive at times, but I still answered any questions and was silent for the most part. And I suppose being a girl made being replaced by another female sage fairly awkward. (and of course, not being able to defend myself despite it being brought up isn’t fair either)

Overall, I guess I still feel singled out and bothered. Not to mention hated by at least one member of our raid team.

Gonna try and help my boyfriend with his gear though for now and just try and cheer up. but just…bleh.

On the bright side, it’s better than the last “resolution” with our first guild…or at least seemed that way.

To try and end this on a happy note, an updated WIP by the awesome Sakonma:

6 thoughts on “Resolved for Now

  1. Uhhh, don’t want to burst your bubble, but I’m pretty sure the campaign tokens aren’t class bound, so you actually have a 1/8 chance 😛


    • Seriously? On the bright side, this means 100% drop rate yay! On the downside, as you said, 1/8 chance to get it. Darn it XD

      I don’t know how to feeeel @-@ and I already updated the post with some other stuff so I shall look into this and possibly make a new post or update again later since I really need to get to bed >>


      • Sorry I couldn’t do much to help you in the end. At any rate, Vriff is correct: Campaign drops are not class-specific.


        • Pfft, you helped lots! If anything, to prove I wasn’t crazy and to show just how hard I have been working on my stats. :3

          And I am going to apologize in advance for any typos as I am typing from my cellphone on a moving bus and the text is invisible.


          • “I’m on a moving bus typing on a cellphone with invisible text so I’m going to apologise for the typos I didn’t make.”

            Show-off 😉


          • Woo 😛 *succeeding in cellphoneness then* Though, I won’t update too much from one as I get carsick XD


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