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So, due to the craziness mentioned below, we ended up doing SM while the other group did HM. I don’t really want to talk much about it. I feel like crud (physically) and just don’t want to think too much about stuff since I’m honestly still pretty upset. They did, however, apparently get the first two bosses down |Edit: they lied and apparently only got the first boss down| so I’m waiting for our other healer to shove it in my face or something because everything is my fault for being full of suck.

In the meantime, I helped my boyfriend set up his Mr. Robot page, though the wish list has barely been started/set up just yet. Shall try and look things up and hopefully we can get him more gear because feeling like it’s still both of our faults sucks. :/

Besides that, I did my first 7K heal today which was nice.

…unfortunately, the cheering up didn’t last long .-.

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  1. Your boyfriend has waayyy too much crit rating for a sentinel :P.

    Needs to get 3% more accuracy, then stack power. >_>


    • I know! As does he 😛 At least for the lessening Crit and needing some more power. Unfortunately, finding Overkill Augments is a nightmare :/ And Adept Enhancements are always pretty pricey T__T

      Accuracy has confused him a bit though–he’s not sure if she should be focusing on the Melee Accuracy or the Force Accuracy (He would normally hear the former, but lately he’s been told/hinted to the latter so we’re not sure which one he needs it in. Heard it should be 110%, but he has 117% in Force and obviously, is low in Melee @-@


      • As a combat Sent, he should stick with the Might augments; Strength > Power point for point. How high your crit percentage is doesn’t change this.

        Let’s get into the rest:

        1) Drop some Accuracy. You need 100% base accuracy, which is 110% special/force accuracy, negating the 10% defense on ops bosses.

        2) As always, those lettered mods have got to go. They’re a net DPS loss in all situations. Lose those Expertise enhancements on the sabers too 😛

        3) Already mentioned, but swap some Crit for Power.

        4) That leaves the obvious upgrades; Black Hole Pummeler’s earpiece and implants, and the relics. The War Hero Boundless Ages power relics are BiS, but if he doesn’t PVP then swap the clickie relic for a Campaign internal damage proc one (which is basically DPS equivalent with those PVP relics).


        • Forgot to mention, but dropping Accuracy means taking more Surge by definition. His Crit Multiplier is painfully low, so this will help a lot.


          • And since he commented now (Mr. Z :P), replying to his comment would help lots so you guys can discuss it XD


        • If some have expertise…that is probably an accident on my part XD We were doing it late so…

          Gonna take a look through and check some things (if I screwed that up). But yeah, I did suggest helping him with PVP to help with the relics @-@


  2. I agree with the surge being low, but dropping the expertise enhancements is both silly and useless. Also, a Deft 25a > Potent 25. I don’t see how strength is better point by point, but sure, we can go with that. (Power = .23 bonus damage > Strength = .20 bonus damage) Sure, strength gives a bit of crit, but lolcrit. As most of his attacks are purely melee, base melee accuracy should be 110% for a combat sentinel, he has very few force based attacks, the one I can remember off the top of my head is blade storm.

    Overall, I disagree with you.


    • I’m sorry to be blunt, but you’re wrong on all counts.

      1. It’s irrelevant whether Deft 25A > Potent 25. That might be the case where you’ve pushed too far into diminishing returns, but then Deft 25 > Deft 25A. Ergo, never use lettered mods. You sacrifice your secondary at a roughly 2:1 ratio for your primary, which is a net DPS loss.

      2. All PVP mods sacrifice part of your stat budget for Expertise, which is uselss in PVE. You might as well use a 22 enhancement instead of a 25/26. The net effect is similar.

      3. This “lolcrit” myth needs to die. First, bonus damage is 0.2415 for Power, and 0.22 for Strength when buffs are taken into account (for Sents, with no mainstat talent). Watchman Sentinels value crit slightly less on account of Juyo and their frequent, low-damage DoTs, but Combat has about as much use for it as anyone else.

      See this post for an explanation of why the added crit chance from Strength outweighs Power’s higher bonus damage.

      4. He has one non-Special melee attack: Strike. Every other ability is either Special or Force in nature. Stacking to 110% base accuracy to ensure Strike hits all the time would be an enormous DPS loss.


      • It shows you dont know what youre talking about, because expertise on a mod/enhancement DOES NOT, IN ANYWAY effect the stats on it. This is not true for armoring, but only armoring. Effectively, you can strip battlemaster mods and use them to better itemize your rakata as they’re generally easier to aquire. Lolcrit is hardly a myth when most dps Andrea heal specs have enough auto crits to make it a waste of stat budget.


        • If you want to embarrass yourself, be my guest.

          Advanced Deft Mod 26:
          +53 Strength
          +32 Endurance
          +41 Power

          War Hero’s Deft Mod 26:
          +51 Strength
          +32 Endurance
          +30 Expertise Rating
          +39 Power

          Sure, it’s only a small difference, but BH gear is much more easily available than War Hero gear anyway, which inverts your argument (lol Rakata/Battlemaster level; let’s be serious here).

          I posted a link that clearly explains the math. Combat Sents get an auto crit for Blade Rush… that’s it. If you think this seriously devalues crit chance, well… what does one say? I’d assume you have no crit rating on your gear at all, right? Cause, you know, lolcrit.

          I’m not going to argue with you anymore. I’ve clearly done far more work with math and sims than you have (that’s why some of my threads are stickied on the SWTOR forums… who are you, exactly?). Strength, point for point, increases the DPS of all your important abilities more than Power does. At least you’ve given up arguing on Accuracy and lettered mods.


          • Advanced Potent Mod:
            48 Strength
            29 Endurance
            37 Crit Rating

            Advanced Potent Mod:
            48 Strength
            29 Endurance
            25 Expertise Rating
            37 Crit Rating

            As I was saying, it makes no difference, you can itemize your rakata perfectly with battlemaster.

            and yes, I have 0 crit rating on my gear. I will take a guaranteed dps gain over a chance anyday. I pull 1750 average dps on a sustained 5 minute test in game (oh, but tell me more about terrible theorycrafting sims you probably picked up on sithwarrior) as a Watchman sentinel in itemized 61. I understand you’re an elitest and you will stick by your bad theorycrafters until the end, but seriously, man, you act like Marilea’s boy friend can shit out the BiS mods and enhancements to replace “those terrible lettered mods”.


          • Thanks for the laugh. 1750dps is low for a 61-geared Sentinel. As Combat you should parse 1800 at a bare minimum on the Ops dummy. I’ve got a few friends doing 1820+ with Combat, and 1850+ with Watchman, so it’s hardly theorycrafting.

            It kind of blows my mind that you really think you’re being smart not running Crit Rating on your gear because you want “guaranteed” damage. Give me a break. You’ll make hundreds upon hundreds of attacks in any meaningful fight (i.e. ops bosses), and critting is a major part of your DPS. Obviously you know better than Bioware themselves, though: they included crit rating as a core stat just to trick you, amirite?

            People like you (and make no mistake, there’s plenty of players whose self-estimation vastly exceeds their intelligence) make my job as a raid leader that much harder. But ultimately, I guess, if you want to voluntarily nerf your DPS for no reason, knock yourself out.

            I refuse to discuss Rakata gear when BH comms are easier to come by. It’s a pure waste of time.


          • Of course, to be clear the choice between Strength/Power augments and your Power/Crit balance is probably only worth 1-2% DPS as a practical matter.

            Replacing sub-par gearing like lettered mods, on the other hand, is quite important.


          • LMAO, yeah, keep trying to stroke that ego, buddy. They also included Alacrity as a stat, lemme guess, you stack that as a sentinel too, right? It’s players like you who think you’re actually good because you spend all day on Sithwarrior running formulas (just to have Bioware say lolnoitswrong), amirite?


          • Typical red herring fallacy. Crit Rating and Power are core secondaries for all classes. Alacrity is a tertiary stat, and doesn’t apply to the GCD for instants, so it has no benefits for Sentinels. Of course, the lack of a mathematical benefit doesn’t seem to bother you, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see it on your gear.

            I love how you keep trying to take the high ground when you originally asserted that Sentinels needed 110% base accuracy. You’ve had the sense to keep quiet and hope that one would just drop, but the fact remains that you had no understanding of attack types and their relationship to Accuracy, yet you still feel you have the authority to lecture on gearing choices.

            I also find your derogatory attitude towards theorycrafters rather amusing. It’s like holding a toddler back with one arm while he flails away unable to reach you. The game is nothing but pure programmatic maths. It is nothing but formulas.

            Enjoy your subpar DPS :/


  3. Oh, wait, I do agree on the relics. It only takes maybe one day of straight pvp to get 2 battlemaster power relics, though.


    • And since he commented now (Mr. Z :P), replying to his comment would help lots so you guys can discuss it XD

      And there is a reply thingy for every comment which is always helpful and stuff too :3


  4. I have heard, from Combat Sentinels, that Accuracy should be about 100:110 (melee:force), as that’s all that is needed to overcome raid bosses. I’ve also heard that Crit Chance is only marginally useful, and does not need to be more than about 30%. As for Power vs Strength, what I’ve heard is that Power is overall better, as it is a straight increase to damage, whereas Strength mostly damage with some Crit Chance (which as I said isn’t important). And that Surge (Crit Multiplier) should be around the point of diminishing returns, if not approaching the cap.


    • I’ve covered most of the points in my reply to Vriff above, but I just wanted to clarify one extra point: your total crit chance is irrelevant to the benefit of Strength’s added crit.

      The crit chance contribution from Strength is entirely separate from that of Critical Rating. You could stack 1,000 Critical Rating, and the DPS increase from another point of Strength would be the same. They’re on separate curves, and while Strength only contributes a small amount of critical, the rate of diminishing returns is very low.

      More crit chance is always better, and it does not lose value at any percentage (except 100, of course); critting more means more damage done in any sustained fight. The question is what you sacrifice to gain that crit chance. At a certain point, Critical Rating no longer adds enough chance to outweigh the DPS gain from stacking Power. The advice to stack until a certain total crit chance is a gross oversimplification and misleading.

      However, Strength is definitively better than Power (on a 1:1 basis) for Combat Sentinels (and indeed, mainstat>Power holds for virtually every class/AC/spec in the game).


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