I don’t know why you people are here reading this. It confuses me so. (I’m not even sure how you found it?)

Regardless, this update won’t really be much of an update at all. It won’t be finding new things or being excited. Because unfortunately, as exciting as 1.2 was and as happy as I’ve been to get some mysteries solved, today has actually not been very good.

Drama sucks. Especially when the reason it happens is because the other person makes something up and nobody else has the guts to say anything.

And then when you try to fix it, you just make things worse.

So, I’m definitely trying to figure out more with the pets and all the new 1.2 stuff (We ended up not getting further than Voss because of what happened so we never even checked out the new flashpoint or anything)…but my heart isn’t into it because I just feel sad and frustrated due to the stupidity of someone else.

Considering this kind of drama is what ruined the last game I really enjoyed, I really don’t want this to happen again.

I won’t go into more detail–saying this much has made me feel sad enough so… but yes, I think I will log off for the night and hope I feel better and more energized tomorrow morning.

4 thoughts on “O-o

  1. Just wanted to say thank you for your blog. I am an Imperial player on Hyperspace Cannon. I found your blog while trying to find the Orokeet pet. Which thanks to you I did. For what it is worth, I do hope a little message from a stranger might make your day better.



    Crimnala’do – Sith Assassin – Hyperspace Cannon – 50 – Dreadbearer Legacy


    • Awww T~T You’re welcome. I’m glad you were able to get your Orokeet! And yes, this was a really nice thing to wake up to :3 I hope we find the other Orobirds soon! <3


  2. Guild drama? Because honestly who needs a drama filled guild? If you aren’t happy why stick around? Why put up with it. And if its BF drama screw him. From experience I’ve learned that BF’s cannot for the life of me deal with their women playing an MMO with or even without them when there are so many guys around.. they take that crap way too seriously. Anyway feel better and just remember 1.2 is out!!! That means more pets!


    • Mostly guild drama 🙂 My boyfriend did want to let us have a fresh period which I missed which is how I accidentally made things worse, but he didn’t mean anything about that or hurt me and I totally understand his point–we were both just upset and frustrated over what happened really. But yeah, we’re doing our best too 🙂 And definitely for pets 😀 Thanks so much! <3


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