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1.3 Beginning Progress

Unfortunately, my mood hasn’t changed much since my last entry. In fact, I probably feel worse after a few more mails and some messages that I’d rather not go into.

In the meantime, I’ve been doing my best to PVP so I can get Lobelisk. I did get Lawgriffarl already though (afterall, I saved ahead. Stupid normal warzone commendation limit):

I’ve also been working on Augment Kits. Unfortunately, I’m out of supplies right now so I can’t make more stuff to Reverse Engineer at the moment πŸ™ need more Damind Crystals especially. As expected though, criting on a Kit gives you 2 which is nice. Also bought all 3 ranks of the Field Repair/Vendor Droid and Field Mailbox, so I just need the Respec one which I’ll want just for the heck of it so while a priority, it’s much lower. (I would say current highest legacy priority is the GTN on ship still. Followed by Dummies.)

At the moment, I have Augmented (and will update this as I go):
PVE Chest Piece
PVE Bottom
PVE Gloves
PVE Boots
Matrix Cube
PVE Offhand
Ear Piece
Other Implant
PVP Bottoms

I still have to:
All done!

And then eventually:
PVP Gloves (still need to buy)
PVP Boots (Still need to buy)
PVP Off-hand

I will probably use Group Finder for Lost Island for the rest of the day after…but right now I just feel sad. And tired. :/ Didn’t sleep well at all.

Edit: Got Lobelisk!:

Also, so happy this works again:

And received my 2 Test Server titles πŸ™‚

1.3 this Tuesday (the 26th)

So, I am having a heart attack. And of course, now I don’t even have enough money for the Augment Kits because I went and spent some on the top and bottom of the Consular’s Exalted outfit (and pulling mods out) for my PVP set. I still need the rest, but since the top and bottom are most noticeable, those were my focus.

On top of that, my belt still isn’t ready. I still need the armoring and mod so hopefully not everyone will need anything (As I don’t want to take Rakata gear away from someone who needs it just to take the mod out). Not to mention I really pray the Advanced Resolve Armoring 25 drops as I can’t get it otherwise :/ (Yes, you can pull it from mods, but Armoring is bound to the type of equip and I don’t believe you can remove from the belt even if it drops)

We will be trying 16 man tonight–KP HM and normal! I really hope it goes well. This will be my second time doing 16-man (first time was with Vanquished in Denova, though, we didn’t do much).

Anyway, I’m just…beyond stressed. I still have 4 pets to go! I mean, I don’t expect to get the Wondrous Egg with no confirmation yet, but Taunling, M0-GUL Thrall Droid, and Midnight Rakling? And I will only be able to get 2 tries for M0-GUL Thrall Droid before Tuesday πŸ™ I’ve been camping Gargath like crazy–heck, we defeated him twice today with no luck, and we will be trying him again tonight after the raid. Lost Island I guess I’ll have to try to do inbetween those 4 hours, but I’m just SO STRESSED. I do not have anywhere close to the money I wanted to have (about 2-2.5 million to go into 1.3 with), still need ship legacy stuff (6 million), have barely done any PVP (at least I have the commendations I needed ready to go)… darn it. T___T I’m so not looking forward to this. And I really wanted to get my PVP outfit done πŸ™ or at least all the parts (as I’d wait to remove the mods until after 1.3) but that’s still 300K :/

Though, as long as I can at least get about 300K-400K more (a total of 700K-800K) (however, I’d prefer to get to 2.5 million. Or maybe at least 1.5-2 million), I should be okay with Augment Kits and have some money for supplies/crafting and repairs (which I will also need to pay during this raid and thus, thus my credit amount will become even smaller and I am so stressed T__T) which will hopefully help…. for now, I better go back to slicing :/ I’m going to need those stupid rare things to make that last Augment I need. >< Even if I won't be able to get any of the new Legacy stuff really πŸ™ also, if someone asks a question, people shouldn't assume the details and give a snappy/obnoxious response back. I don't know, maybe I just like answering questions, but it always bothers me when people respond so annoyed. :/ I mean, seriously. (and maybe now I feel pretty down/depressed so thanks for the mood killer)

Making myself poor as I continue to stress myself out

So, due to a conversation with another guildmate of mine, I have been thinking a lot about gear. There are no orange ear pieces or implants, but there are orange belts and bracers. And when it comes down to it, I’d like to add augment kits to items I will permanently have–especially as the last thing I am is made of money.

Thus, I began my search for an orange belt and bracers before realizing that the new Legacy vendors sold some. Which I then bought before I remembered how overpriced the prices were.

From there, many wrong mods and things were pulled out by accident.

And with that, any little bit of money I still had left was gone. πŸ™ I suck at this so badly. I think I’ll go sulk in a corner now. I really wish I kept a few extra Advanced Resolve Armoring 25 and Advanced Mettle Mod 25A at the moment πŸ™

1.3 & Imperial Story continues

If you checked out the official podcast, you will have heard a bit about 1.3. I’m definitely looking forward to finally being able to add augment slots to my Princess dress.

Moving on, we have continued on our Imperial characters and just finished the first part of Tatooine. Once again, I was not thrilled with the choices when it came to the Jawa Shaman quest :/ I would’ve preferred to do the deal, yet the only options were to kill or still take them in. Made me feel quite bad like the slave quest. It doesn’t feel very light side when you’re still letting people die or making things suffer. ._.

“The “Exit Area” button in Flashpoints and Operations is now disabled during combat.”

While I essentially saw the “EGGS CAN BE SOLD ON THE MARKET NOW” (Speaking of which, other than the Unusual Egg, I’ve seen 2 Ice Scrabbler Jerky and a Pale Rakling go up on our server), some of the other patch notes recently hit me.

Most importantly, the one in the subject above: “The “Exit Area” button in Flashpoints and Operations is now disabled during combat.”

I suppose this was done so people can’t get our of repair bills during a wipe in an operation or flash point.

The issue is, a lot of the time (since most people can’t even exit before that happens) it is because of a glitch. For example, Soa suddenly not coming down or resetting–you will sometimes still be in combat. Then what? Do I just kill myself when I technically shouldn’t have died?

Recently, a guildmate and I were stuck in a Mind Trap after Soa went away. We were forced to “/stuck” which killed us which was kind of unfair.

We’ve had instances where platforms don’t spawn or an enemy spawns multiple times and now we’re forced to pay repair bills for something that may not even be our fault.

And credits aren’t exactly that easy to come around πŸ™ At least repair costs are cheaper, but I can barely afford them lately.

From the Patch Notes

“Mysterious, Unusual, and Wondrous Eggs can now be sold on the Galactic Trade Network”

1. THANK GOD. Now I can stalk for Mysterious and Wondrous Eggs. …you know, with all that non-existent money I have .__.
2. This does officially confirm that the Wondrous Egg (and Orochick) is in the game. Now if we can just get some proof as to where.

Patch up early T__T

So, while looking for a specific time I could stalk the website for, I found out the patch was actually released about 90 minutes ago at about 7:10EST. Needless to say, I am having a nervous breakdown. I had woken up early enough if I just thought to check the developer tracker, but obviously I was an idiot and didn’t. Just need to hope the Orobird is still there or I will cry. So much. I wonder if someone already took down the Voss World Boss? oh my god. I’m panicking. so much.

okay, I need to breathe (it’s not working), and for now, while it’s installing the patch (finished downloading) and only at 13% at this time, I will write my To-do List to try and focus (14% now!):

1. GET THAT OROBIRD EGG. If it’s not there..umm.. cry. I don’t know if I’ll wait there the entire time or what. I mean, there is a chance (though small), it won’t actually spawn for the first time until 8 hours after the patch went up. But for all I know, it was taken and anytime between whenever I get on and when the patch went up over 90 minutes ago (15% now.) (EDIT AT 9:33AM: GOTTEN. Will respawn at 5:33PM EST for other Corellian Run people)
2. Head to the vendor in the mountains on Alderaan to get 5 (max per stack) of those NCSSCV whatever things. Also take care of the Legacy stuff you can. (DONE!)
3. Use Fleet Pass and go buy Taunta. Also pick up new Vehicle quests. (DONE!)
4. Head over to either Corellia or Voss for the new quests. Probably Corellia first, but may do a pitstop in Voss to see what’s going on. (Gonna do soon)

On the bright side, it’s a good thing I did not get the other vehicle mounts I need yet. Apparently there is a glitch and if you “learn” more than 30, they just disappear. Hopefully this is fixed soon.

Okay, 18% now. Still panicking. PLEASE GO FASTER PATCH. T~T

Party Bombs

So, after failing miserably on saving, my boyfriend decided to cheer me up by giving me 500K–400K to get the final bank slot and 100K or the Galactic Party Bomb. I had wanted the Galactic Party Bomb for a while, but didn’t have it high on my priority list. I just constantly saw the people in the PVP with their giant board with the flashing lights and thought it’d be cool to have. Only to find out that apparently the Galactic Party Bomb is a completely different item.

A completely different way more awesome item.

The Galactic Party Bomb can be positioned kind of like Force Quake (Consular AOE) and Salvation (Sage AOE Heal) or like throwing the Hutt Ball. Then, a UFO-like little robot comes out with a disco ball and flashes lights, plays some music, and has pretty lights shining around.

That is pure awesome.

I did find out that the item I thought the Galactic Party Bomb was happens to be called the Party Instigator. It is only 10K and requires Social Level 5, so I stopped by Balmorra (You can buy it on Taris on the Imperial side) and picked it up too.

…Still definitely prefer the Galactic Party Bomb.

Anyway, I have decided that the first Legacy item I will buy is the repair droid for 1 million. Obviously, I will still need to save up as I’ll be about 400K short to buy it right away along with Taunta and the emergency 100K for various things.

After that, I will probably save up for the Neutral Market then go for the Mailbox. Then of course, both dummies. After that? Probably the Rocket Boost. Then various cooldowns and last, but not least, the two races I’d like to get. So still lots of preparing to do.

It’s too bad I couldn’t get the speeders before their prices raised though. At least I got the ones retiring, however.

Patch 1.2, tomorrow or next week? + Plans

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t stressed or worried. While there has been mixed things about tomorrow (Said in the video then said that wasn’t true on the forum then apparently told it was true at PAX East?), it’s also been said that if it’s not tomorrow, we should expect 1.2 next week. (Edit: Apparently we may even expect it Wednesday, Thursday, or even Friday…or well, any day this week)

While I’m sure most people are excited, I’m just worried because I still have so much to do and despite all those numbers and things, that is actually the short version and already prioritized.

For example, some things I’d like to do are get all the codexes from bosses and flash points and hard modes. I’d like to get Battle of Ilum done (on both difficulties) along with Esseles and Directive 7’s hard modes plus False Emperor on Normal. Not to mention the vehicles that drop from certain bosses and the daily commendation ones (unfortunately, I do not have enough time to get 400 daily commendations for them :/)

I’d also have loved to get full Rakata gear. While gear isn’t my focus at all, I do like getting everything done before something big is to happen. Think of it as an expansion in a game–I’d like to get all goals and things out of the way so I can focus on the new content, rather than constantly feel like I’m backtracking.

As it is, other than money earning and codexes you can get from the planets, the only real goal I’ve had that fits into those kinds of things is trying to get the M0GUL-Thrall Droid, which is the gold Minimech that drops from Karagga. Considering you can only do it twice a week (and I’m lucky if I ever get to go at all. Another big thank you to Bad Motivator Units for letting me go with you guys T~T), it’s definitely not likely…but I really do want it. However, I’m sure Karagga’s will be canceled completely as our guild will probably just focus on the new Operation coming.

But I suppose I’ve spoken a lot about what I want to do before 1.2…what about after though? Beyond all the Legacy stuff I want to buy, of course πŸ˜›

Well, I do plan on essentially putting myself in Alderaan to grab that Orobird egg. Then, I’ll go and buy the NVSCCS from that one vendor in the mountains and head to the fleet and buy Taunta. After that, I’ll probably either:
A. Head to Corellia for the new quests and to Voss for the open world Voss Heroic. Plus pick up the special Vehicle quests.
B. Check out the new flash point–I’m so tired of having the quest for it and not being able to do anything since it’s not our yet πŸ˜›
C. Try and fight some mobs on Hoth to find out more about the Tauntaun mystery and/or find the jerky that people are guessing may have something to do with it. Not to mention the incubator for the Orobird egg.
D. Work on Synthweaving and getting new gear and pulling out mods to put in my Elegant outfit.
E. Stalk the Market for things like the Cybertech Speeders and some other stuff…maybe find someone who wouldn’t mind if I stalked their neutral ship GTN thing.

Most likely I’ll be doing a mix of these things. Regardless, I expect the Corellia and Voss quests to be first after pet stuff (IE: If the incubator and/or other egg locations are found before then, I’ll probably be doing those things first). I’ll probably also keep my eye out for the other Orobird eggs that supposedly exist too. While the special vehicle quests are high up there, considering their requirements, it’ll probably be a while before I earn them, unfortunately.

But yes, I’m definitely excited and have a lot I want to do. And out of stuff I listed, if I did want to go all the way with getting things done before 1.2, getting all the Rakata stuff would be last, of course.

I just hope I can get most of it done and save up a good amount of money. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if any will be πŸ™