Pictures and Rumors

So, I finally updated the trade page with pictures~ Yay :3

But now, onto rumors!

Current rumor is that if you beat NM EC within 2 hours, that is how you get the pet…and of course, rumors that it is the Wonderous Egg are still circulating. I kind of hope this isn’t true as I really am not fond of the rare pets… too many people who want them just to show off and boost their ego :/ But I guess we’ll have to see.

Moving on, I saw a nice gold tiara/circlet thingy… unfortunately, I couldn’t inspect them (every time I tried to, even though they were next to me, it kept showing my gear) and my screenshots were acting up after getting the pictures for the trade list… 🙁 Wish I could try and find it, but not much to go on.. and the person never responded to my whisper either 🙁

Pet Analyzation

While I wait for my boyfriend to get up so we can try out the Belsavis Dailies (although, we’d have to find 2 more people for one of them), I have decided to wander around near the entrance to the area and the fleet and see what pets people may have.

Essentially, this helps me figure out what pets are ingame without bugging people and/or getting trolled by jerks.

And of course, I’ll look for mounts too, but those are a bit harder to identify, sadly.

I will only be counting the ones in the Cartel Packs for now because, well, you can kind of see the ones not in the pack already so…

All of the pets from Dulfy’s Guide have been found and were carried over to live.

As for SWTOR-Spy’s list, I know some people have gotten thrones, but I don’t think it is any of those… another similarly named one is the Ubrikki Crimson Skull which I haven’t seen, but I have seen the Ubrikki Crimson Claw.

Moving on to pets, the only ones seen thus far have been the Red-Backed Gizka and the Ruddyscale Kowakian Monkey-lizard. No others from their pet list have been spotted yet or if they have, nobody has said anything.

The main thing is there are a lot of “What if’s” and I would like to not see something like the Wonderous Egg happen ever again. EVER.

which I think is why it upsets me so much they didn’t release a list. For the record, a list wouldn’t ruin the money they’d make (in fact, more often than not, you’d actually encourage more people to try a box) as usually what sells is the actual opening/surprise factor.

One of my favorite things when I was little was when my dad would come home with boxes of Pokemon cards and Beanie Baby cards and he and my mom and I would sit on the bed and open all of them and organize them because opening booster packs was ridiculously fun and there were so many. That is essentially what these work on–that surprise factor and the excitement of opening something.

Just think to Christmas morning–sure, what was actually in the gift was nice, but a big part of it was just opening it and the more you had to open, the more exciting it was. With each box, the excitement increased.

and this is why people go in debt because of stupid things like this and if you see me thinking of buying more boxes, someone SLAP me.

…and for some reason, I keep getting an error when trying to log in 😐 So I guess research will be delayed which stinks. I was looking forward to it.

…seriously, this blog is like SWTOR research central. It’s why it was made. And then for some reason all of you people started reading it 😛

Anyway, I guess I’ll just talk for a bit while I wait until they somehow fix this (speaking of which, I noticed the time is off on the website… I guess they didn’t modify for DST? But I’m not sure how to change that either).

Umm…firstly, I hope they come out with customizations for HK-51. I think he’d look nice in HK-47’s copper.

I really hope we can do Dreadtooth soon. Really want to look into that cave more and since current ideas are based off a mask and necklace that drop from him (well, necklace most likely also drops from him–just on much higher stacks), I kind of need to start doing him? Of course, the guild is currently focused on NM EC as are many guilds with firsts in mind and whatnot (but honestly, how can you appropriately evaluate a first anyway? If someone starts earlier than you and has more time doing it, it’s not really a surprise if they get it first. It seems kind of odd to judge something if you don’t have everyone start at the same time)… but I just want to solve Cave mysteries 🙁

speaking of Cave Mysteries, that was part of the fun with scanning even if it took FOREVER. It was like being an archeologist~ Considering how the story is on the Republic side, I probably will have to do HK again on my Imperial character as it’s just so much different. Part of me is looking forward to it as I did have fun, but parts of it scared me. I’M LOOKING AT YOU CREEPY SHIP. Regardless, this is making me want to finish up Corellia and Ilum for Amidaia, but I’m pretty sure my boyfriend still wants to work on his bounty hunter with Cellina 🙁 Don’t get me wrong, the agent story is quite interesting, but I hate doing things out of order and skipping around. Having several companions with various levels isn’t very fun to me.

also just realized I never received my 500 for my subscription so I guess I shall send them an e-mail @-@

MOVING ON… someone did finish EC HM but I saw no pet drop 🙁 Which makes me sad. I mean, it was confirmed a pet would drop from EC NM but I can’t help and be paranoid ._. of course, just because it doesn’t have a high drop rate doesn’t mean it doesn’t drop either…

Regardless, a lot of people in the guild have offered me some of their pets from the Cartel Shop so I am looking forward to when things become unbound. I will also be stalking the GTN like no tomorrow (despite the fact that I am poor and have no money and it will probably make me even more sad if I wasn’t sad enough by how much my luck sucks and these stupid boxes). In the meantime, I have started crossing things out.

While I was hoping to do trades, I don’t think anyone would want any of the stuff I’ve gotten. Of course, I may update with some stuff my boyfriend wants to get rid of or etc. so I guess I will mention when it gets updated… Also, it’s under the “Contact Me” section if anyone was curious.

speaking of items, I have a good contest idea…just need to get something people would actually want 😐

Oh, and I know I don’t have many pictures up… I will hopefully be taking pictures of the pets soon. At least, the ones I have. I don’t think taking a picture on the preview screen looks too great and I’d feel bad using other people’s pictures so… but I shall do my best to have them all soon x__x of course, we don’t even know how many there are yet.

but yes, I will stop talking about random stuff now and end this. WORK LOG-IN THINGY.

Free to Play Trailer!

So, on the website, a trailer was released for Free to Play!

Some highlights:



I remember it being shown in a datadump some firework items… I wonder if they will be sold or something to celebrate. May be a Cartel Market item…speaking of which…


Breaking it down:
-Ignoring that the prices are totally marked out… The Carbonite Chamber returns! For those who may be unable to read what it says under it: “Impress your friends by encasing yourself in carbonite! Encase your character in Carbonite while using this effect. This Carbonite Chamber will rapidly heal your character while out of combat.”
-I have circled pets because pets. There is no other reason needed but pets. The Monkey Lizard that was already confirmed is there, however, it seems that there is one other with it. I would guess either a Wraid, Horranth, or Blurrg but I am unsure.
-New speeder! The Longspur Sportster
-It does look like the Cartel Packs are just packs of certain items and not cruel random boxes. The Monkey Lizard is part of the “Crime Lord’s Cartel Pack”. I sure hope the items can be sold/traded or they can be bought separately as I just want the Monkey Lizard.

And while I did not take a screenshot, the Holographic Rancor was also shown so yes, both of the other Fan Favorite voting participants will be available–just not given for free.

so yay~

The Way Dreadtooth works

So, while talking to Bloodguts about the Amulet with the mask over just the mask itself (as CKN was awesome enough to try it and sadly nothing with it alone), we got into the discussion about the mask and Dreadtooth.

First of all, the mask’s buff looks like the necklace. This is a HUGE flag to me and makes the necklace even more suspicious considering the item is both “unique” and can apparently be “used”. However, nobody has actually seen the necklace yet. The mask, however, does have a 100% drop rate.

Dreadtooth has a buff that starts at 1. When he is defeated, he drops an item called “Dreadful Essence”. Using that item causes the buff to rise by 1 and him being defeated causes it to rise… it also ups when he respawns (although, I am not sure what his respawn rate is). The more he has, the harder he is. You can apparently take him down with 8 people when he has 1-2… 3-4, you need about 16 people. Any higher is much harder. Due to the fact that the ops group caps at 24, I’m not sure if that will always be enough or if you actually will need several groups (which can be an issue in itself). Regardless, eventually when he has enough stacks, he changes “forms” into either Corrupted, Nightmarish, or Frenzied and so on and so forth. I’m not sure how the buff resets, I do know there is some kind of order (although, I am unsure what…it’s normal then Form 1 then Form 2 then FOrm 3) if you chain those Dreadful essences on him.

On the otherhand, it’s possible that you need to save the ones he drops and use them before fighting him to trigger a form which could take a while. I’m sure more information will be out when he is officially out.

However, considering the forms each have a different codex, it makes me wonder if the loot is also different and thus, the Amulet will not drop except on a specific form (if it drops from Dreadtooth at all), hopefully also had a 100% drop rate.

Obviously, this is all just speculating, but it’s interesting to think about. And heck, we dont’ even know how much Dreadful Essence he needs to hit each form either. Regardless, it’s fun to think about.

(also, note to people in my guild reading this blog for some reason: WHY? T~T)

Edit: He only has a 30 minute respawn timer so yay. Codex-wise:
Normal (1 and 2 stacks) -> Corrupted (3 and 4) -> Frenzied (5 and 6) -> Nightmarish (7+)
At least now I know what to look for.

The Cave Mystery Delves Deeper

I woke up this morning to an e-mail from an anonymous tipper about another item that maybe when paired with the previously mentioned mask could cause something to do with the cave.

What item, you ask? The Dreadful Amulet. Just the descriptions about instilling fear and the whole chilling presence… suspicious. And from what our Anonymous Tipper said along with the descriptions, I do think the idea of a boss spawning is more likely. I just hope, whatever the boss may drop (if it is a boss of course), that if there is another pet…100% drop rate please. or very high. please. As with most bosses though, I’m sure there will be some codex attached at the least.

Looking through Torhead’s Database, some other “Dread” and “Dreadful” Results that piqued my interest are (Minus the Dread Guard gear + and some lower level Sith stuff obviously obviously) were a title (though, since I’m sure there will be a fight against the Dread Masters in a operation already, that could possibly be later…), this purple stuff which I believe is how you get Dreadtooth into his other phases so probably not what we’re looking for unless someone wants to try and use it in the cave, and this guy who is apparently categorized as a raid boss. Obviously, again, since I’m sure we’ll fight the Dread Masters in an operation eventually, it could just be an early implemented data thing or something… but for now, it is marked highly suspicious.

To our Anonymous Tipper: Thank you for your lovely tip! I just wish you included your e-mail so I could respond to you personally T~T <3 SO, to all our friends on the test server, if you have the mask and have gotten this amulet (To be honest, I don't even know if it drops from Dreadtooth? We can hope?), please try entering the cave and using the amulet while having the mask on and see if anything happens!

I shall be updating the Cave post with my ideas shortly.

Dread Guard Mask may hold clues to the Cave

Recently on the forums, a topic was posted by a user including various bits of feedback.

When talking about the new world boss, Dreadtooth (who I will probably be stalking for a while after getting HK due to the fact that he apparently has several codexes attached to him based off his form), this was mentioned:

I have no definitive feedback, information, or strategies on Dreadtooth. All I can really say is that he drops the Dread Guard’s Corrupted Mask which is Adaptive Armor in nature and is initially given with no stats and a buff which has no tooltip (probably a bug). There is speculation that the mask itself may house a special ability or trigger for other areas. The description reads, “This ancient mask is the most striking component of the ceremonial armor worn by the Dread Guard. The helm’s frightful, etched visage is designed to strike fear into the hearts of enemies.” Here’s a picture.

This could possibly be what the real “Don’t worry about it” could be referencing due to this not being out until the next patch. Also, considering it comes out the same time as NM EC which is supposed to have the rest of the Dread Guard gear, it is fairly interesting.

I’d just like to say this is not definite–there is a chance this could just be a neat item (like Karagga’s own bell hat). But there’s nothing wrong with speculating, right?

For now, I’m more curious about how Dreadtooth will be anyway. I’m hoping he won’t be another boss like Nightmare Pilgrim (though, his forms (Corrupted, Frenzied, and Nightmarish on top of his normal self) make me think of Tatooine’s own world boss being infected during the World Event) and be more like Primeval Destroyer and Gargath, although, I’d expect him to be harder than those… Still, a group of 24 just all charging at a boss can be a bit more fun than very strict mechanic ones (as much as I do like mechanics and puzzles, I like to play with my friends and I hate feeling restricted by how much I can do so).

And in the meantime, I should probably work on getting more companion gifts to prepare for HK:
Favorite: Weapon
Likes: Trophy, Military Gear, Technology

He does have a companion story so I want him maxed ASAP.

Edit: Mask tested and nothing 🙁 There’s always the chance it could be an all 16 thing…but bleh T~T THE SEARCH CONTINUES.

If this sounds confusing…

…it is because I feel really sick so I’m going to apologize in advance.

So, I remember reading this post a while back in regards to “Gambling Boxes”. For those not familiar with them, they are boxes that can have a number of items (I have seen some places have up to 60 items in a “Gambling Box”), usually with a few rare items. And usually all the items or at the very least, the rarer ones, can only be gotten through these boxes.

What bothers me is the fact that when they mention the Cartel Packs, they do not say they are not Gambling Boxes in a topic that is about them which really worries me and makes me think they really will be Gambling Boxes over random item packs.

“How are random item packs different?” You don’t really ask but I’m continuing this format anyway.

An example of a random item pack just means an item pack filled with a random collection of items–for example an armor set, a pet, and a mount. Those items are pretty different and have randomly been decided to put in a pack together, however, every time someone buys that pack, it is always the same armor set, pet, and mount. That is Cartel Pack #1 and it will never change.

Another example, however, is a mixture of a Random Item Pack and a Gambling Pack where there’s fewer options, but you are paying for more due to it coming with more. So, you’d buy the set and you will get an armor set, pet, and mount but which of each is random. So let’s just make an example:

Armor sets:

Pet sets:

Mantyke Thranta (sorry, I told you I am sick >_>)
Pod Racer

You then buy a pack and you get: Blue Armor Set, Orobird Pet, and Pod Racer Mount. You then buy another and maybe you get Rainbow Set, Lobel Pet, and Tauntaun Mount and then maybe you get one more and you get horribly unlucky and get another Blue Armor Set, another Lobel Pet, and another Pod Racer Mount. Just completely random which you get, but you will get one of each type.

…if you couldn’t guess though, I prefer option 2. It’s just…a random collection of items. And maybe if I buy Cartel Pack #1, I can find someone who bought #2 and we can trade–like if I hate the armor set, maybe I can trade it for their pet.

The first season of Cartel packs will draw heavily on preexisting armor appearances that haven’t been used for player-wearable equipment thus far. They’ll include some new models, but we did not draw on endgame content appearances for them.

Unsurprisingly, the Cartel Packs will be limited. I just hope it’ll be a reasonable time–like a month or so. I’ve seen too many sites where they just do like a week.

Regardless, I really hope they will make the items tradeable. Gambling packs suck enough to begin with, but even more so when you’re stuck with the crud you got. I have awful luck. There is another site I go to where they, unfortunately, make their donation items random. They released about 10 items last month. There were only 2 I didn’t like. 7/10 chests I bought were one of those items. 1/10 was the other of those items. Leaving me with 2/10 that I actually wanted.

I was, thankfully, able to trade for some, but others I actually had to donate more to get and that stinks. In fact, there is another site I quit when I realized the average amount to get everything was about $300. The sad truth of these things are, they are brilliant ways to make money even if it makes more people miserable.

I’ve seen more people boycott features like that than those who buy them. The issue comes in that the people who do buy them are more than willing to spend thousands to get everything and in the end, they pay more money than the people who do not buy those items at all. And I hate gambling in real life–gambling for virtual things is just kind of infuriating to me (and having money issues right now doesn’t help).

But yes, considering the response to the topic, I am really really really worried. 🙁 I hope, if they unfortunately do go that route, that they will at least be tradeable… but I really hope they’re not and they just didn’t think to say something.


So, we have a few follow-ups to things…

1. The Cave – It totally slipped my mind to make a post besides just updating the cave post. I will continue to just put theories there, but for those who have missed it, a new clue was released:

Martin_smith: I wouldn’t worry about it right now
Martin_smith: read the words

This obviously brings up a few issues. Exactly what is being referred to with the second sentence–the red text itself (“You feel a strange and chilling presence.”) or the first thing he said?

Secondly, the first part alone… This could mean:
A. It’s something not in game right now
B. Just something that can’t be done right away

I’m going to quote one of my comments real quick in reference to B:

Another idea is just that it requires multiple people to have something so you wouldn’t be able to do it right away. Kind of furthers my wondering over the first high drop rate pet as you’d only be able to get 1 a week so it would be 16 weeks (4 months) of completing HM TfB before everyone would have one.

…that’d be so cruel though.

As Telanis pointed out, technically 16 people could just go in after and then, if 16 people finished, and it was a locked out instance, yes, any 16 can go. On the otherhand, if it wasn’t, you’d need to have a group together for that first boss and the mobs on the way to the second boss.

Going on to the next follow-ups… The Wonderous Egg and Lobelode from a Dev:

To the Lobelode and the Wonderous Egg, the answer is that these two pets are not yet distributed in-game. I think this may have been a case of the community getting mis-informed by data mining.

I responded back with my concerns on the Wonderous Egg and why I had asked (The Lobelode doesn’t surprise me much, but it is nice to have that confirmed) and he asked for some links where I had been told about the Wonderous Egg and seen the information. Hoping for a response back as that is something he will definitely try and get more information on as it’s a very…odd situation.

Regardless, hopefully this means the fully confirmed answers aren’t far off and we’ll know soon. I will be moving the Lobelode off the Pet List for now.

and to end this, I wish I had 900K-1.2 million to get some Adept Enhancement 27’s 🙁

Data Dump Revisited

So, a while back, I posted about a data dump. Well, TOR Head recently updated with their 1.4 stuff. I immediately went to the Vanity Pets Category and well… there’s just…so many.

Once again, triplets seem a big theme (Only one that doesn’t have 3 is Nekarr Cat with 4) and while we still have no idea what’s going on with the Wonderous Egg/Orochick and have no clue if the Lobelode can be gotten (would be the first pet not to be available in the patch it was put in)… it’s still quite a bit. I won’t be adding these to the Pet List until more are found, but for now, it’s something to think about.

Anyway, onto the list:
Manka Lynx: (#10 in Data Dump)

Womp Weasel: (#14 in Data Dump)

Lylek: (#1 in Data Dump)

Gizka (#8 in Data Dump)

Wriggler (#9 in Data Dump)
Deep – Which, as we know, is from Terror from Beyond and most likely a 100% drop from the final boss.

Nekarr Cat

Flutterplume (#7 in Data Dump)

Vrblet (#13 in Data Dump)

Kowakian Monkey-lizard (#11 in Data Dump)


Mouse Horranth (#5 in Data Dump)

Miniprobe (#12 in Data Dump)
Low Atmosphere
Toxic Environment

Blurrg (#3 in Data Dump)

Droid (#2 in Data Dump)

The only ones not mentioned from the Data Dump were the Akk Dog and Wraid/Lobel. Similarly, Lizard Bat and Nekarr Cat were not mentioned either so there is a chance the Lizard Bat and Nekarr Cat just share similar models with the former.

There are also some interesting mounts too, but I find those to be a bit more confusing (after all, many we haven’t seen since the game came out are listed still) so I won’t look into them too much just yet.

Regardless, I do think most of these aren’t out yet (if any) and several will be for Free to Play as many of the items included in the dump seemed like things for the Cartel Shop and future quests and things. And since it has been confirmed a pet will drop from NM EC, do you think any one of these pets could be it?

Edit: Added an Upcoming Pets Page. Can be found under the Pet List menu 🙂

Cave Info Compilation


Figured I’d try making a more condensed information drop XD If I missed something on the Tried or Not Tried List, let me know and feel free to continue to submit ideas. I’ll also add any I think of.

If you do not know about the Cave yet, well… It is a cave in Terror from Beyond, the new operation in 1.4. The cave is under a bridge on your way to the second boss and on 16-man HM (yes, this is 16-man HM only), gives the following message: “You feel a strange and chilling presence.”

For those of you who do not do 16-man HM, due to not having enough members or just preferring to run 8-man groups, it’s okay! 16-man is on the same lockout as 8-man so you can just switch the difficulty. However…if there really is some kind of boss, I’d recommend teaming up with another 8-man group.

Here is a video of said cave. The quickest way to get there is taking the speeder after having beaten the second boss in the operation. It’ll drop you off at the platform right before you’d jump down and you just need to turn around, go over to the bridge/on the bridge and jump down. If you only have the first boss down, once 2 hours have hit, all the mobs between the 1st and second boss will respawn and you will land from the speeder in a mob. If you have 3 or more down, the speeder will take you too far and you will be unable to get back there and thus, will need to walk to the area instead of taking the speeder.


Hints that have been given:
1. Oldschool
2. 10:30 Particulate: you want to know what’s in the cave?
10:30 Particulate: only what you bring with you.
10:31 Martin_smith: oh damn, troll and true at the same time

—–Script Excerpt of Scene
3. Martin_smith: I wouldn’t worry about it right now
Martin_smith: read the words

    Things that have been tried: (Note: These have ONLY been tried with less than 16 people unless otherwise noted. Please do try these with all 16 people as well)

  • Entering with everything unequipped and no items in inventory.
  • Entering with certain Vanity Pets: All tried except Orochick (for obvious reasons)
  • Going in with Shockfrozen Water
  • Going in with the Normal Water Buff
  • Going in with an Orobird Egg (I think this has been tried anyway? Feel free to correct me if not)
  • Going in with both the Egg and the Water Buff (I think this has been tried anyway? Feel free to correct me if not)
  • Going in with a Magenta Adegan Crystal
  • Going in with a Magenta Crystal
  • Going in with a Rough Magenta Shard
  • Going in with the Ice Scrabbler Jerky
  • Going in with the Ice Scrabbler Jerky Buff
  • Having everyone in there at much and having a Dance Party (okay, maybe not that last part)
  • Dragging monster’s into the cave and killing them.
  • Going in with the Nightmare Pilgrim Debuff only
  • Using the Galactic Party Bomb
  • Going in with the buffs from Outlaw’s Den
  • Going back after finishing the instance on HM 16-man for the first time. (EMPTY/Locked-out INSTANCE)
  • Entering with a Deep Wriggler Vanity pet.
  • Go in with the Red rhombus title
  • Typing “You feel a strange and chilling presence.” while in the cave
  • Checking it after completing the story quest.
  • Go in with your UI disabled – Ctrl U once
  • See if anything in on ceiling
  • Use /stuck in cave
  • Revive someone in cave.
  • Using the Rhythm Augmentation Droid
  • Try using an AoE all over the cave.
  • See if you can use a heroic moment in the cave (due to the “supposedly can be used in some situations as an exception with no companion)
  • Going in with a Pristine Adegan Crystal
  • Dueling in the cave.
  • Trying to go in with a specific mood.
  • Going in with a Rubat Crystal
  • Going in with a Bondar Crystal
  • Going in with both a Rubat Crystal and a Bondar Crystal.
  • Going in with a Rubat Crystal plus a Color Crystal
  • Going in with a Rubat Crystal plus an Adegan Crystal
  • Going in with a Bondar Crystal plus a Color Crystal
  • Going in with a Bondar Crystal plus an Adegan Crystal
  • Going in with a Rubat Crystal, a Bondar Crystal, and a Color Crystal
  • Going in with a Rubat Crystal, a Bondar Crystal, and a Adegan Crystal
  • Entering with both Mainhand and offhand unequipped.
  • Going in with Hydro Ice Thinner
  • Using the Party Instigator (Social 5)
  • Checking it after completing it on both story and hardmode.
  • Use some sort of Stealth Detection item/skill in cave.
  • Going in with Zero Buffs. I.E. Right Click everything on your bar to remove them.
  • Entering with only mainhand equipped.
  • Entering with starter gear
  • Using a specific action while in cave (I’d recommend going through all of them)
  • Dragging the Mini Boss into the cave.
  • Go into cave with Dread Guard Mask on
    Things that still need to be tried:

  • Going in with Womp Rat Fever
  • Going in with the Nightmare Pilgrim Buff
  • Checking it out the next time you do it (NOT locked-out/Empty instance) after finishing the instance on HM 16-man for the first time
  • Everyone (all 16 people) entering with a Deep Wriggler Vanity pet.
  • Entering with ONLY Mainhand unequipped.
  • Entering with ONLY Mainhand unequipped and a specific mood.
  • Entering with ONLY offhand unequipped.
  • Going in with Red Detonite
  • Using certain food item buffs (Specific items tried so far: N/A)
  • Going in with only a relic that requires Light V or Dark V equipped.
  • Using both the Party Instigator and Galactic Party Bomb in cave (Requires 2 people as they share a cooldown)
  • 16 people in Meditative Mood all using their Health Regen
  • From Yul, one of our commenters:

    ALSO, the RED and BLUE features and plants in the cave seem WAY too coinincidental to be in there set COMPLETELY away from each other. (Red obviously symbolizing the Empire and Blue for the Republic). Maybe either Empire Raid groups need to stand on the Red side and draw their weapons facing Blue or stand on Blue and draw their weapons. Visa versa for Republic raids.

  • Using HK-51 Part Scanner in cave.
  • Using a Dreadful Amulet in cave.
  • Using a Dreadful Amulet in the cave with the Dead Guard Mask in your inventory.
  • Using a Dreadful Amulet in the cave with the Dead Guard Mask on.
  • Just having the Dreadful Amulet in your inventory with the Dead Guard Mask on.
  • Just having the Dreadful Amulet and Dead Guard Mask in your inventory.
  • Use Amulet on the mobs outside the cave to see if it chases them inside it.
  • Use the Dreadful Orb and Dreadful Amulet together.
  • Dreadful Orb, Dreadful Amulet, and Dread Guard Mask together.

My main ideas are that whatever you do, it either:
A. Summons a boss (My main instinct is a Force Ghost) that drops something special.
B. Gives a Pet
C. Gives a Color Crystal (Main instinct is black-cyan due to this)
D. Summons a Chest that has something special