Servers are up!

And people wonder why I get up early. Sheesh.

Edit: New Cartel Pack :/ Obviously new pets… will be trying soon. There is a Life Day Bundle–seems to contain everything. Worth it for everything I want. I don’t care for the Life Day Robes, but it was cheaper than buying everything else separately. Not sure what I will do with them yet…

Got the Life Day pack. There’s Grade 7 Star Parts (1,300 for all of them) up for sale. I’m tempted, but not going to get them just yet… I’d rather buy them with credits. Also, no luck on the Czerka Crate-o-Matic with my 28 boxes πŸ™

SO PACK TIME. Using the wait 5-10 minutes method…

Endurance Cyan-Blue Color Crystal (VERY pretty. Tempted to give to a character.) – Not sure what I’m doing with it yet
Stylish Dancer’s Bottoms (Looks kind of like a yellow slave outfit :/) – For Trade

Emote: Bop – this… honestly looks like you’re trying to do the Club Dance while drunk – Used
Ball Toss – Looks like some other items are in here :/ That sucks. – For Trade

Pack 3:
Imperial Banner – *sighs* – For Trade
C2N2 Customization – Target Dummy. Mar-gon has claimed this. It kind of makes me think if you gave him a bit of HK’s colorization. Would screenshot but screenshots hate me… hmm… maybe I’ll livestream a bit later. – These are currently BoP… :/ I think it’s a bug now, but stuck with it for now.

Pack 4:
DLA-13 Blaster Rifle – For Trade
Endurance Cyan-Blue Color – Haven’t decided yet

and saw someone with a Blockade Runner title… Not surprising. But yes, need it.

Pack 5:
DLA-13 Blaster Rifle – For Trade
Emote: Intimidate – For Trade

Pack 6:
Revan’s Chest Plate – Mar-gon stole it
Revan’s Mask – Mar-gon stole it
^Mar-gon has claimed this entire box.

Pack 7:
Longspur STAP Royal – Gold version of the normal Longspur STAP. – Used
2V-48 Customization – Target Dummy – Probably looks similar to C2N2’s, but can’t look at it on this side… :/ – These are currently BoP… :/ I think it’s a bug now, but stuck with it for now…. not sure if trading or not yet if this does get fixed

Saw someone with a Mottled Blurrg…there’s one new pet. The other new pet confirmed is the one in the picture of the pack which is the Tundra Nekarr Cat.. so up to 2 now.

Pack 8:
C2N2 Customization – These are currently BoP… :/ I think it’s a bug now, but stuck with it for now…. would trade otherwise.
Emote: Bop – For trade

Pack 9 – The Final Pack:
Credit Boom (got 50K) – Used
Emote: Bop – For trade

Once again, no pets. *cries*

Edit: Saw another new pet… Micro-Patroller Droid T__T …heard someone mention one of the Starship pets but no linkage so not listing yet.

Edit 2: Another pet… Speckled Blurrg. Also, the Starship is a “Remote Control Starship” which seems to not be an actual pet, but another toy.

Edit 3: Also a Micro-Defender Droid and a Micro-Aggressor Droid πŸ™

Edit 4: Decided to buy a bit more as I wanted the Fireworks Pack anyway…

Pack 10:
Stylish Dancer’s Cap – For trade
Ubrikki Sand Devil – For Trade

Pack 11:
Ubrikki Crimson Claw – For trade
C2N2 Customization – These are currently BoP… :/ I think it’s a bug now, but stuck with it for now…. would trade otherwise.


Edit: one more pet… Lurker Blurrg.

Edit: Another: Green-Spotted Gizka

1.6 and things

So, Tuesday is 1.6. It’s also the fireworks and I’m pretty sure it’ll probably be any special Cartel Market items or Anniversary/Life Day stuff (and if not, Life Day will probably be either next week or the week after).

I’m kind of excited, but I’m mostly stressing. Still have incomplete goals (Speeders, Gear, Codexes, Dreadtooth…) and I’m going to have to add on to the codexes :/ Should probably look up and see what Ancient Hypergates has…

I’m worried they may actually remove past cartel boxes when they add in new ones which would cause more prices to raise… And with the throne finally under 2 million, I’d rather not see it shoot back up.

Shall try and stay positive @-@ but mostly just paranoid πŸ™ As it is, I have to work that day so I may not be able to see it right away. There’s a chance it may even be up early even though delays seem more common.

Anyway, Ancient Hypergate codexes:
Ancient Hypergate: Captured a Pylon
Ancient Hypergate: Took Cover from Explosion
Ancient Hypergate: Won a Match

Unfortunately, I still don’t understand Ancient Hypergates as well, but I know the warzone is going to suck as a healer :/

and now I am dragged off to EC HM T~T I guess I can hope for the mount at least…

…I wish they’d remove the ranked requirement on that one stupid speeder ._.

EDIT: EEEE πŸ˜€ I GOT THE HM EC MOUNT YAY! <3 Edit 2: ack, forgot about the new space missions... will probably pick them all up and cry

Hoth is done~ + Boxes

So, I finished Hoth on Cellina last night. Looking forward to completing Chapter 2 today. I just want to get her story done and see the end @-@ I just wish I didn’t have to do so much other stuff besides the story quests to get there :/

In a different note, this article pretty much gets why I hate Cartel Packs so much and I recommend reading it! I do agree with the solution… I’ve said it many times myself I wouldn’t mind paying extra afterall. And for another idea, even making it so you can also get it ingame somehow (after a challenging quest of course) would be nice…but if they have to keep it pay to cash, just give people the option to buy the item, even if it’s a bit higher priced.

…but nope. :/

There’s just… no good reason for those kinds of things, to be honest. You can’t even honestly say to give people who like surprises something to have fun with as there’s no reason you can’t just do the “items are sold for this much but you can try your luck with this cheaper box if you’d like” if that was true.

And that makes me so sad. v-v At least they aren’t permanently bound though… why I’m still here.

Pets and Packs

So, with another Data Dump comes a bit of info.

Besides the mention of the Life Day Pack which I expect to be the next Cartel Pack, there is a new pet mention:

The Crested Orokeet is most likely an Orokeet with a special ornament of some kind and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s in the box.

It’d be the first alternate version of a pet though so that will be interesting.

Unfortunately, the Cartel Market is down on the test server πŸ™ so no trying it out… BUT THAT MAKES IT ALL THE MORE SUSPICIOUS…


πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

And with that, all pets gotten again <3 Just 2 mounts + the Rifle to go Cartel-wise but the important part is done! ...unless there's more pets that nobody has gotten yet or someone hasn't mentioned and that thought stresses me πŸ™

Cartel Packness~

So, my boyfriend let me get a few more Cartel Packs. They all failed miserably as per usual, but rare items for those curious:

1. Satele Shan Holo Statue
2. Trailblazer’s Helmet
3. Slate Mouse Horranth
4. Mountain Lizardbat
5-6. 2x Ball Toss
7. Low Atmosphere Miniprobe
8. Rendili Nightshade
9-11. 3x Pink-Purple Crystals (Endurance, Expertise/PVP, and Crit)
12. Spy-Master’s Upper Body Armor (Top and Gloves)
13. The Cartel Collector Title
14. Ubrikki Sand Devil


At this rate, I may need that 4th storage πŸ™ not that I can afford it (and I feel the Cartel Coin price is overpriced) though, if I had a million, I’d probably rather put it towards other stuff…and then I’ll run out of inventory and bleh X__x

Adventures in Customer Service :P

So, after trying for 2 days, I finally got in touch with Customer Service today! Of course, they had to forward me to someone else and then I was on hold again for like an hour…but then another person helped me and just a few clicks and done! The cartel coins I was supposed to get this month for my subscription renewing were there :3 So I bought a Crime Lord box and a Black Market box (couldn’t afford any others) and got the following rare items:
1. Slate Mouse Horranth
2. Max-Tac Precision Rifle
3. Tythonian Force-Master’s Lightsaber – My boyfriend claimed this immediately. πŸ˜›

Of course, I ran into ANOTHER glitch upon logging in… my account was suddenly free to play 😐 Upon logging out and back in, my account was back to “normal”, but I had to re-slot everything :/ Also, all items that were given through mail were gone like my Taun Fawn and Minimech CE and Tauntaun Ram and PTS titles and etc. which was very odd considering you’re not supposed to lose anything when going Preferred or Free to Play. Thankfully, all of the things you would receive in mail were re-sent to me…which I then took everything out and re-did it, but very very odd. I sent a bug report so hopefully that gets fixed as I had a heart attack twice over it >_> I’m still worried I may be missing something :/

On the bright side, I did finally get my Heroes’ Banner because of this:

Translation: Galactic Hero

Also, Thank you Telanis for the statue T~T I sent your rifle! <3 (oh, and I made this suggestion thread…timing how long until someone tells me off for it :/ )

Edit: oh and I played with some of the voiced emotes. As a quick note, they apparently have a far range on where they can be heard (I accidentally annoyed the fleet T__T) and some obviously still need to be voiced (And thus, in whatever section(s) you have emotes to be listed, it’ll say [Wordless *EMOTE* – Actor to improvise])

More box buying

this will probably be it for the year.

BOX 1:
The Cartel Collector
Elegant Loungewear Bottoms

BOX 2:
Imperial Banner
Ubrikki Crimson Claw

BOX 3:
Credit Boom (I got 35,544)
Imperial Banner

BOX 4:
Ubrikki Sand Devil
Ball Toss

BOX 5:
Ubrikki Sand Devil
Emote: Menace

BOX 6:
Elegant Loungewear Cap
Covert Torso Energy Armor

BOX 7:
Low Atmosphere Miniprobe
Slate Mouse Horranth

BOX 8:
Elegant Loungewear Top
Rendili Nightshade

BOX 9:
Republic Banner
Max-Tac Precision Sniper Rifle

BOX 10:
Elegant Loungewear Top
Imperial Banner

BOX 11:
Elegant Loungewear Top
Imperial Banner

BOX 12:
Advanced Pink-Purple Indestructible Crystal
Credit Boom (39K)

BOX 13:
Title: The Cartel Collector
Republic Banner

BOX 14:
Covert Torso Energy Armor
Rendili Nightshade

BOX 15:
Credit Boom (60K)
Ubrikki Crimson Claw

so yeah, my luck sucks, I hate these stupid boxes, and I want to go cry~

at least I have more to trade I guess

Yay for servers being up~

Shall be streaming shortly πŸ˜€

Unfortunately, after buying speeder and pet plus 2 tops, I have only about 1.5K to spend on boxes πŸ™ *sadness* And it seems purchasing Cartel Coins is not up yet… :/ *got 4 boxes*


BOX 1:
Energy Blade Bayonet
Black Nebula Heavy Blaster
Covert Torso Energy Armor
Smart Cells
Major Experience Boost

BOX 2:
Rendili Nightshade
Elegant Loungewear Top
Minor Experience Boost
Subelectronic Data Module
Gourmet Ration Pack

tired or writing non-Cartel items so ignoring boosts and junk now:
BOX 3:
Longspur Elite
Elegant Loungewear Top

and bought 10 dollars worth of Cartel Coins for a few more boxes… but they’re not showing up yet so…

Golden Lizardbat
Advanced Pink-Purple Eviscerating Crystal

Yay for 4. And shall end until my cartel coins update and I get more boxes.

Regardless, I feel super unlucky now πŸ™ Time to update things.

EDIT: COINS HERE. Time for 3 more boxes:
Box 5:
Slate Mouse Horranth
Glowing Eyes – Gold

Box 6:
Glowing Eyes – Gold
Elegant Loungewear Bottoms

Box 7:
Elegant Loungewear Top
Darth Malgus Holostatue

1.5 to take 12 hours @-@

So, they recently updated with maintenance info and well:


All game servers,, and the launcher will be offline during this period. This maintenance is expected to take no more than twelve hours.

Well, I’m hoping since they gave themselves such a large amount of time, it won’t be delayed. While I understand sometimes there just are…I only have a few set hours to get things done and if it gets pushed back too far, I shall be sad T~T

Regardless, I will get up early and stalk the launcher anyway. Not only to patch ASAP, but just incase. *DETERMINED*

Also, thank you to everyone who has offered to give me pets T~T I really appreciate it…especially considering how many are in the box just as rare and how many are in as super rare .__. but yes, I shall be sure to update the lists ASAP and hopefully we’ll manage to get them all T~T