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Risha = Miisha’s BFF

So, just finished Coruscant and got my ship! Yay! The ship is pretty neat–though very orange. Wish I could’ve had the guy make it pink 😛

Risha is pretty cool. I really like her outfit and hope she keeps it. I didn’t know she was a brunette–I’ve only really seen her with blonde hair. I guess that’s a customization.

Also, I love the Gonk Droid and Male Shanjaru Beast on the ship T~T I hope they don’t have to go and that they make a Vanity Pet of the Shanjaru Beast. (and maybe the Gonk Droid too)

The guy in the carbonite is kind of creepy though.


Leveling and Pet sites

So, currently level 5 on Miisha and leveling with my boyfriend’s trooper. I’ve really been enjoying playing her. Though, I realized she kind of looks like a Pink Vette.

In the meantime, I recently stumbled across this WoW Pet site and it’s so beautiful.

For those wondering, I do not play WoW. I got to about level 20-something and got incredibly bored. I just think that is an amazing Pet Database. I kind of wish one for SWTOR existed, but considering there’s only 20-21 confirmed pets (21 if you count the Gannifari–will be given out next week or so) right now + 3 unconfirmed pets, I can understand why that’d probably be a bit silly.

…regardless, I just find that really awesome.



So, normally I don’t use names, but I do sometimes and this will be one of those times! Thus, Floria, a friend of mine, sadly just…doesn’t really play anymore 🙁 I caught him in general chat and teased about his Rocket boots as per usual and to my surprise, HE GAVE ME 2,580,000 AND TOLD ME TO GO BUY ROCKET BOOTS.


why must you be so awesome, Floria. You and your riches.

so, as I party with my Rocket Boots (and now having 1.6 million, my boyfriend may give me some credits (so I won’t be completely poor) so I can go get the Twi’lek Race and properly make Miisha), I just want to say THANK YOU FLORIA AND I WILL STILL MISS YOU SO YOU BETTER E-MAIL ME (not that you’ll ever see this but you still better sir!).

Alt Funds + Still sad

At the moment, I really don’t want to see my Sage or Sorcerer right now. I don’t want to run into anyone. This is stupid. I’m expected to give my choice today and to be honest, I shouldn’t be the one making this choice. In fact, the person who forced them to ask me is the one who needs to be spoken to.

As to lessen confusion, Person A is the one who made the “request”, Person B and C are the people who are allowing the “request”, and Person C said he would be one of the people who would quit if Person A did. What surprised me is Person C also said 3 others would quit with him and Person A, so I asked one of the 3 he mentioned and Person D responded he actually wouldn’t quit if Person A quit–though, he’d probably follow Person C and he only found out about an hour before I messaged him and really didn’t want to get involved. I just..this whole situation is a mess.

and now I’m making myself upset again, so let me get to the point of this… This is essentially how much I’d need to save before I can play each character. This is listed essentially in the order I want to play them.

1. Miisha – 1,500,000 for Twi’lek race so she can be pink and 465K for Max Class Experience, Max Exploration Experience, and Speeder Training Level 1 for a total of 1,965,000. Would like to get her this top at the very least, but not sure if I’d have her be in pants or a skirt.

2. Cellina – 465K for Max Class Experience, Max Exploration Experience, and Speeder Training Level 1. I like this skirt, but not sure about the top and also not sure if I want her in a skirt or pants yet. Also interested in the following tops: Synthmesh Battle, Black Talon Operative, and Terenthium Barrage. Not sure which I’d want though. I really like the design of the last one, but I have never been a big fan of the color yellow. seriously, why couldn’t you choose what to unify something to. …Honestly though, she’ll probably be in the same top as Miisha–just the Imperial version. I just…really like that top.

Note: I do not mind reversing the order of #3 and #4.

3. Zoara – 1,500,000 for Zabrak race so she can be pink and 465K for Max Class Experience, Max Exploration Experience, and Speeder Training Level 1 for a total of 1,965,000. Would wear this. Currently stuck on what to give her hairstyle-wise, however between these 3:

(special thanks to this video for me to screencap from)

Please only focus on the hair styles–not anything else.

4. Aurorra – 465K for Max Class Experience, Max Exploration Experience, and Speeder Training Level 1. I actually think she may be put in this or some combination of that and this.

5. Roseria * – 465K for Max Class Experience, Max Exploration Experience, and Speeder Training Level 1. I want her in The Force Evangelist Outfit. I believe it can gotten from the PVP Vendor so I may need to PVP with her for a bit which kind of stinks 🙁

And I may want to get Amidaia this top.

*She will mostly be played when playing with others so depending on how it goes (like if we actually get some of our friends to play), none of the experience boosts may be needed.

So, not counting outfit costs, that’s a total of 4,860,000 for just the first 4 characters. Counting Roseria, that’s an extra 465K so 5,325,000.


Now, these are characters that I just plan to rush through story-wise and get their Companions maxed out ASAP. They will then be deleted (Not to mention I can only have one at a time to begin with).

6. Jedi Knight – 465K for Max Class Experience, Max Exploration Experience, and Speeder Training Level 1 and 180K for Companion chatting + gifting boosts for a total of 645K.

7. Sith Warrior – 465K for Max Class Experience, Max Exploration Experience, and Speeder Training Level 1 and 180K for Companion chatting + gifting boosts for a total of 645K.

So the total for these 2 is 1,290,000. Including these two with the initial costs above, that’s 6,150,000-6,615,000.


Pink tops

If you haven’t guessed, my favorite color is pink. Just…making a quick list of tops that make your outfit pink through the Unify Color system. A ! means I have it, A * means there’s a note for it, and A ~ means it’s a non-orange version of the item (So if someone knows the Orange version, let me know!)

Social Gear:
Republic Dancer’s Top* !

Light Armor:
Traditional Brocart Vestments
Prototype TholCorp Norris Shirt ~ !
Enshrouding Force Robe !
Energized Stalker’s Robe !

Needs to be Tested:
Ulgo Noble
Hutt Cartel
Gunslinger Elite <-- I really want this for my Smuggler Laminoid Battle *Depending on the item, can make them look more red than pink.

The thing that sucks most about not having many credits…

…is when you see something you have been watching for FOREVER and can’t afford it. 🙁 it’s so depressing.

Currently, there is something on the market that I’d like to get, but it costs 1,000,000 credits. T__T

Between Amidaia and Marilea, I have about 700K, but even if I could afford the million, I couldn’t really blow all my money on that as I still need money for Skill training for Amidaia and repairs for both and other things. Not to mention getting stims for raids and stuff as that is sort of required @-@ (and some crafting too!)

Not to mention, most of the extras are still going through things from the Legacy system–like all the ship stuff. I already decided I essentially want to go in this order:
1. Repair Droid – 1 million
2. GTN – 5 million*
3. Mailbox – 500K*
4. Both Dummies – 1 million (If I get one first, PVE)

*They can be switched–I’d probably prefer to get them at the same time.

After ship stuff…probably either the two races I want (1.5 million each–one for Miisha and one for Zoara, so 3 million total) or Rocket Boots (2 million). Part of me, while I don’t expect to use the alts right away, is leaning towards the races first as I’m sick of having holder spots for the names until I can afford to make them. And I don’t see myself using/doing well with the Rocket Boots anyway.

After races and rocket boots, probably cool downs…and then I will be saving as best as I can for when 1.3 comes.

But pets are my priority, so I kind of feel tempted (even though it’s overpriced)? Ugh, I just wish I wasn’t so bad at earning credits. Knowing there’s people on our server with 20-60 million credits just leaves me completely floored. I seem to be the only one who has this problem though.

I know the main way people earn credits are either:
1. Crafting (I’m just not very good at it. I’m not really used to crafting things to be honest–I make what I like…and then I have stuff…and yeah. I’m just not great at grinding up to better stuff or things like that. Especially as it’s rare I can make anything I’d want anyway…and don’t get me started on how bad I am at pricing)
2. Playing the Market. I suck at this so much though. I’m not good at pricing to begin with so I really can’t tell what would be good and what wouldn’t. I’d also feel bad so.
3. Dailies. I don’t think people understand how much I hate dailies–often people think I’m just being lazy, but dailies actually ruin the game for me. Like the more I do them, the less I even want to play. I just can’t stand dailies at all. Credits aren’t really enough incentive for me to stand them and since speeders and gear aren’t too priority either… Like it would need a pet or something limited (why I was able to grind the Rakghoul event) to not completely ruin the game for me. This is also why I have such a hard time with alts–while the Imperial storyline is different enough that I don’t feel like I’m doing the same thing, there are plenty of times when it gets close that it’s a struggle to pay attention/stay interested–especially after finishing the story stuff for the area.

so I’m essentially screwed.

Wardrobe Thoughts

I’ve been thinking very hard about what I’d want each of my characters to wear. While Marilea is all set in her Elegant Dress set and her Elder Seeker’s Headgear (though, I may want to find a hat that is more circlet-y/tiara-ish) along with her Righteous Harbinger’s Lightsaber, I’m still having an awful time finding Amidaia a nice shirt. She is pretty much fine with everything else though (however, I should probably try and learn to make the skirt so I can get an augment slot for it…at least those kits will be out in 1.3).

I have been checking on the awesomely helpful TOR Fashion site to try and get an idea for what I’d want to do for Miisha, my future smuggler, but it doesn’t seem there is too much up yet for Medium Armor. I did, however, find what I will probably want my future Trooper, who I finally have decided to name Zoara, to wear. I haven’t seen exactly what I want for my Imperial Agent (Cellina) or Bounty Hunter (Aurorra) yet, but I shall have to just keep checking back.