The thing that sucks most about not having many credits…

…is when you see something you have been watching for FOREVER and can’t afford it. 🙁 it’s so depressing.

Currently, there is something on the market that I’d like to get, but it costs 1,000,000 credits. T__T

Between Amidaia and Marilea, I have about 700K, but even if I could afford the million, I couldn’t really blow all my money on that as I still need money for Skill training for Amidaia and repairs for both and other things. Not to mention getting stims for raids and stuff as that is sort of required @-@ (and some crafting too!)

Not to mention, most of the extras are still going through things from the Legacy system–like all the ship stuff. I already decided I essentially want to go in this order:
1. Repair Droid – 1 million
2. GTN – 5 million*
3. Mailbox – 500K*
4. Both Dummies – 1 million (If I get one first, PVE)

*They can be switched–I’d probably prefer to get them at the same time.

After ship stuff…probably either the two races I want (1.5 million each–one for Miisha and one for Zoara, so 3 million total) or Rocket Boots (2 million). Part of me, while I don’t expect to use the alts right away, is leaning towards the races first as I’m sick of having holder spots for the names until I can afford to make them. And I don’t see myself using/doing well with the Rocket Boots anyway.

After races and rocket boots, probably cool downs…and then I will be saving as best as I can for when 1.3 comes.

But pets are my priority, so I kind of feel tempted (even though it’s overpriced)? Ugh, I just wish I wasn’t so bad at earning credits. Knowing there’s people on our server with 20-60 million credits just leaves me completely floored. I seem to be the only one who has this problem though.

I know the main way people earn credits are either:
1. Crafting (I’m just not very good at it. I’m not really used to crafting things to be honest–I make what I like…and then I have stuff…and yeah. I’m just not great at grinding up to better stuff or things like that. Especially as it’s rare I can make anything I’d want anyway…and don’t get me started on how bad I am at pricing)
2. Playing the Market. I suck at this so much though. I’m not good at pricing to begin with so I really can’t tell what would be good and what wouldn’t. I’d also feel bad so.
3. Dailies. I don’t think people understand how much I hate dailies–often people think I’m just being lazy, but dailies actually ruin the game for me. Like the more I do them, the less I even want to play. I just can’t stand dailies at all. Credits aren’t really enough incentive for me to stand them and since speeders and gear aren’t too priority either… Like it would need a pet or something limited (why I was able to grind the Rakghoul event) to not completely ruin the game for me. This is also why I have such a hard time with alts–while the Imperial storyline is different enough that I don’t feel like I’m doing the same thing, there are plenty of times when it gets close that it’s a struggle to pay attention/stay interested–especially after finishing the story stuff for the area.

so I’m essentially screwed.

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