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Event waiting

So, it doesn’t look like the Event was tonight. Not too surprising once I realized they’d probably want it at a time that is good for all timezones. I’m guessing either tomorrow (though I hope not) or sometime this weekend…

…I’m so paranoid though.

Anyway, Heishi popped in and I spoke to him and stuff! πŸ™‚ Was super fun. And we made some friends too! Daraxas was really nice and we spoke about pets and other stuff. Always nice to meet more people….though, it seems I meet more Imperials than Republic people!

Last Day

So, today is the last day to participate in the transfers for the Gannifari! (and well, 25 Black Hole Commendations, but pfft, who cares about those)

I am excited as that means it’ll hopefully come out soon. I am hoping it may be given out tomorrow then (Due to an update), but I know it probably won’t be until August 1st-7th.

I’m also hoping maybe the next event will start soon.

of course, right now, I’m really in just a horrible fight with myself over not wanting to do EC HM due to drama, but wanting to do it so I can get out of this stupid outfit. :/ blah.

Imperial Happenings and Event Paranoia

So, our imperials hit level 45 last night. Yay~ We have been working hard on deciding what order we’d go in.

Right now, we are doing the Alderaan Bonus series after finishing Hoth. Next, we plan to do Colicoid War Games (I actually have only done this flash point once. I really should try and give myself a reminder) and then head over to Belsavis. Colicoid War Games will probably be our last flashpoint with the others not being done until we are level 50.

After Belsavis, we’ll be heading on to Voss and then maybe doing the Voss Bonus Series–if not, we’ll head right to Corellia and Ilum (including Battle of Ilum and False Emperor as that is required to finish the planet). Then we will take care of the Hoth, Voss, Belsavis, “Ilum’s” (it’s not really much of a bonus), and Corellia Bonus Series :3 And of course, Red Reaper, Directive 7, Kaon, and Lost Island. I’d like to do each operation on story mode at least once on Amidaia for story purposes, but gearing her up isn’t priority for me (And while the Sage ones are fairly awful, at least they aren’t skimpy like the Sorcerer ones).

I’m hoping everything will continue to go well, though, my boyfriend is like a whole bar ahead of me so 😐

Besides that, I’m worried the event may start this weekend and since we’ll be in a car for most of it…well, yeah. However, I personally feel it may not start until the first or second week of August…unfortunately, I have craziness then too, but at least I can pop online on my laptop I suppose?

Anyway, we shall be playing again a little while we pack for our trip :3 So hopefully it’ll continue to go well.

Dreams, Stress, and Rumors

So, I had a dream I had suddenly been given 100 million credits, had gotten 2400 Ranked Warzone Rating, 100 Valor, 999 Daily Commendations, and max ranked and normal warzone commendations. Ignoring that this obviously means I’ve been playing SWTOR a bit too much, I was having a field day completing all of my goals. Getting my gear fixed up, getting all the mounts, getting a few Warzone stuff (including the Relic I need), and being able to get various Legacy stuff along with finally having all my alts good and ready to go.

I was just ecstatic and knew that now I could save for any future stuff they came out with… and then I woke up.

I’m a very all or nothing person. Similarly, I’m also very indecisive and stress easily. This is why I group things together and it’s not one or two things, but the whole group. All the mounts. All the ship legacy stuff. It isn’t 500K for this thing then 1 million for that–it’s 7.5 million for it all.

While I have a good memory, I’m a person who likes to get things done so I don’t have to worry about it.

Unfortunately, I was stupid and decided to take a risk and start working on my gear only for me to now start freaking the heck out. Why? Because not all my gear has been changed at once. I’m essentially having a nervous break-down having just spent most of my money (which was also stupid and I already regret it) on an enhancement due to it being 200K cheaper than usual–not to mention taking things out (in case this was all a mistake) and getting an Augment Slot on a new implant.

This is one of those things where I essentially would be okay if I had a mass amount of credits and just told someone to take care of it for me because I completely freak out. I do not like change. In fact, my boyfriend had to do the diplomacy missions to dark side because going to dark side to get the pet and speeder made me ridiculously uncomfortable. So changing parts of my gear is just really getting to me. And I’m not sure what to do.

From the wonderfully confusing topic I made, so far it seems I should do this:
1. Get War Hero Relic
2. Get Magenta +41 Power Crystal (About 350K right now on the market)
3. Get 4 Advanced Aptitude Mods (25 or 26.) – 400K-750K each
4. Get 4 Advanced Mettle Mods (25 or 26) – 400K-500K each
5. Get an Advanced Adept Enhancement 24 (About 250K)
6. Get another Black Hole Implant

Depending on how that goes, I’ll either be:
Switching around enhancements more (Will probably need several Quick Savant (500K))
and/or switching around Augments.

And I just…can’t afford that. In total, that is at least 4,300,000. And I just… I don’t know what to do. I’d probably need closer to 5 million due to pulling things out and having to add new Augment slots to some stuff. At the same time, I already started the process and I can’t exactly reverse it. So now I’m stuck and freaking out and just…upset and stressed and I really wish I knew what to do. (this is also part of why I want the races for alts already–it bothers me knowing two characters are not ready to go yet)

Moving on to rumors as I continue stressing completely, if the event is this week, the chances are it’ll be today–possibly within amount the next 10 minutes or the next 70 minutes. I guess we’ll see. Part of me wants it to, but on the otherhand, I haven’t done Karagga (Story or Hard mode) yet so if it does, I don’t think I’ll be getting a group this week…

…so stressed. .__. if you have some piles of credits sitting around and happen to be on Corellian Run, please think of donating to the Save Marilea from a Panic attack fund. She’ll pay you back eventually.

And then what? + Event Rumors

I get asked this a lot. “So, when you collect all the pets, then what? Just wait for more?” It’s actually a very silly question as I’m a pretty goal oriented person and usually mention that I do have quite a few–just that Pets are my number 1 priority right now.

And what exactly would be all the pets? I believe I’ve stated there’s technically 20 pets confirmed and 24 pets in the game (of course, Beta pets are not counted in this as they are not out yet whatsoever–though, for those curious, it’d be 29 with Beta included).

To be honest, once I get the M0-GUL Thrall Droid, I’d essentially be satisfied as right now, there is no information on how to get the Wonderous/Wondrous Egg. That doesn’t mean I won’t stop trying to figure it out–of course I will! I will constantly keep trying, but I won’t feel frustrated or impatient that I haven’t gotten it yet as nobody has it yet. Nobody knows how to get it. It’s a mystery.

Getting Orochick as well as the M0-GUL Thrall Droid would essentially be the full goal as while I will still keep an eye out of the other 4 pets, they have not been confirmed and thus, I’d rather not drive myself crazy for something that may not even be enabled yet.

But then what would I do, you ask? Well, that’s simple. I’d save up for most of my other goals. For example, I still need 5 million credits for the Ship GTN. Not to mention 1 million more for Both Dummies (as they’re 500K each). After that, I’ll probably either put 2 million towards Rocket Boots, 200K towards the Field Respec, and the 3 million for the Twi’lek and Zabrak races. Though, if I do level up Roseria, I may just need 1.5 million then. Main issue is I do not know how I’ll do leveling up a sage again. However, if my boyfriend and I can get some of our friends to join, I may just try and deal.

After that, it’s a bit of a tie. Besides working on other characters, I’d like to get each (Minus Amidaia and Marilea for obvious reasons) the full Class Experience Boost Perks (275K) and full Exploration Experience Boost Perks (150K) which would be 425K per character (5 other characters = 2,125,000). …I’d also probably have to get it for the being rushed through Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior characters I will be making (that will just be deleted after I get the Companion and Chapter stuff) as they need to at least hit the requirement for Quesh so they can get the shot as to not die instantly πŸ˜› But I’d also like to work on my Mount collection.

Right now, I still need:
Kurtob Alliance – Need to refer a friend who buys one month.
Aratech Coral – Need to still defeat Nightmare Pilgrim x3 😐
Aratech Nightscythe – Need to do HM EC
Aratech Scythe – 225K at Fleet Vendor or Speeder Vendor on Voss
Aratech Lancer – 175K from Speeder Vendor on Voss
Aratech Dagger – 55K from Quesh Speeder Vendor
Czerka Invader – 25K from Quesh Speeder Vendor
Czerka Cruiser – 8K from Alderaan/Tatooine Speeder Vendor
Desler Turbo – Drops from Karagga in KP Hard/Nightmare
Exchange Bandit – Security Vendor for 1.5 million
Gurian Shadow – From Blearg at Outlaw’s Den for 150K
Gurian Cyclone – From Jo’dath at Outlaw’s Den for 175K
Gurian Scoprion – From Imperial Fleet or Alderaan for 25K (must buy on Amidaia)
Korrealis Prince – From Imperial PVP Vendor on Fleet. Technically, a friend got me one πŸ™ stupid bound-ness.
Lhosan Thunderbolt – 200 Daily Commendations or dropped off last boss in LI HM
Lhosan Torch – Purchased from Speeder Vendor on Voss for 150K
Lhosan Stinger – 150K from Speeder Vendor on Voss
Lhosan Duster – 25K from Fleet Speeder Vendor
Lhosan Racer – Quesh Vehicle Vendor for 25K
Longspur Blaze – 200 Daily Commendations
Orlean Flurry – 25K from Hoth Social Vendor
Orlean Rebel – 8K from Alderaan/Tatooine
Paraxon Bloodline – Dropped from HM EC
Paraxon Aero – From Light Sider Vendor on Fleet for 300K
Rendili Outrider – 25K from Quesh Speeder vendor
Rendili Protector – 8K from Alderaan/Tatooine
Tirsa Elite – Either last boss of Kaon HM, EV Normal, or KP Normal
Ubrikkian Raider – 150K on Voss
Ubrikkian Hunter – 25K on Fleet
Ubrikkian Striker – 8K on Tatooine/Alderaan
Ubrikkian War-rider – 1,000 Ranked Warzone Commendations and Rank 2200 in Ranked Warzones
Hotrigged Speeder Bike – Made by Cybertech

So, that’s a grand total of 2,953,000 Credits, 1,000 Ranked Warzone Commendations, and 400 Daily Commendations. Plus get Amidaia’s Cybertech up πŸ˜›

But of course, then what? Still easy. I’d like to just unlock everything Legacy-wise for Mari–including stuff she doesn’t need. Would also be tempted to get all the Companion Affection stuff on all my other characters (including Amidaia).

And after that? There’s nothing wrong with saving up credits and commendations for the future now, is there?


Besides that, there are rumors of the Event starting today. It doesn’t look like it is though, but maybe this weekend?

(for the record, it’d be about 16,300,000 to get Marilea all the speeders, all the 1.3 Legacy stuff, the Twi’lek and Zabrak races, Rocket Boots, and the Ship Legacy Unlocks. An extra 6 million would need to be added if I ever tried to unlock all the species, an extra 3,950,000 for the rest of the 1.2 stuff (Dark Side Ability, Rocket Boots/Quick Travel/Fleet Pass Cooldowns), an extra 2,970,000 to get every future character I make all 5 Ranks of Class and Exploration Experience Boosts, Level 1 of Improved Speeder Piloting, and all the Companion Affection Boosts… well, I can probably minus 180K (making it 2,790,000) as I don’t really need the companion stuff on Roseria. For a grand total of 23,040,000… this is why I’m trying to get like 25 million. …too bad it probably won’t happen.

Speaking of that event…

Considering all these weird boxes that recently appeared, I think it might not be too far off. I’m placing my bets on Sunday, since that’s when the Rakghoul Event started. …I also really hope that as I’m going to be busy Saturday πŸ™ So I’d prefer it start a day where I will be free for a while (As for why I didn’t say Thursday or Friday, I’m expecting it to be another “can’t miss a day” thing).

Besides that, depending on what rank you get, the Repair-Vendor Droid looks different. I’ve seen Rank 1 and I have Rank 3 so I wonder what Rank 2 is like. I also wonder if the Mail Droid looks different too.

Upcoming Events and talking about Pets (Speculation)

Now, most people don’t realize I have no issues with spoilers. And when they do, they are very confused. I tend to view finding out about something equal to reading a brochure about a place you’re going to go. You can prepare for it, but actually experiencing it is something completely different and no matter how much you learn or hear, it won’t change that.

However, with spoilers also comes rumors and things that are subject to change. While looking to see if anyone has found any news on the other Akk Dogs and Lobels, I found something interesting.

Discussion about what may possibly be the next event (For those who have forgotten, the last event was the Rakghoul Pandemic). And what has been found? The Grand Acquisitions Race.

What it sounds like it is a Scavenger Hunt that requires you to do various tasks on various planets to get all the items. And it seems as you reward, an item similar to the DNA Samples. And at the very least, not only have the Devs said they are planning another event (though, the when was never stated), the Event section of the codex has now been bumped up to 10.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the pets were gotten through it (I’d love if all 4 were, but I know it probably won’t happen) considering the some of the Raklings were. Not to mention a mount and weapons too.

However, the question is where would this event start? Part of me thinks the guy will just appear on the fleet, but who knows. I kind of hope a hint is given beforehand as I just…don’t care for surprises and waiting in Tatooine was fun too (and less murderous for my computer).

Now, what if the pets weren’t from the Event? It is completely possible they’re not (and if they are, probably only one of each or just the other 2 of one of the species) afterall.

So, I decided to think about where they could be. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done.

Well, the only place I can think of them are Quesh. There is a world boss on Quesh and it’s not like a pet hasn’t dropped from a World Boss before. Now, would a robot actually have a Lobel? Who knows. But it’s about the only thing I can think of right now. (though, because of this, I feel Lobel may be more likely to be the Event Pet over the Akk Dog).

Akk Dogs:
Now, the M0-GUL Thrall Droid drops from Karagga. Kephess is rumored to drop the Wonderous/Wondrous Egg (really wish we could have some confirmation already). Each Operation has speeders that are dropped, but Eternity Vault has no pets speculated…there are, however, a lot of Akk Dogs in there, so I think the idea that Soa (or Gharj) could drop it is interesting. Of course, that only helps one (Unless both Soa and Gharj could have different ones, but I don’t think they’d do that…on the otherhand, they did it with a Flash Point (Lost Island)). It could also be a first for a different pet received depending on difficulty (which I…really hope not). It’s just…something to think about.

As for the other (if only one was in the operation), I honestly have no idea. There are Akk Dogs on Tatooine (So Tatooine World Boss is possible)–not to mention there is always the possibility still of it being one of each for the upcoming Event too.

Also, on the subject of patterns:
Crimson Rakling
Orokeet/Unusual Egg

Midnight Rakling
Orosquab/Mysterious Egg

Pale Rakling
??? *

*Only one pet hasn’t been found yet from 1.2–The Orochick that hatches from the Wonderous/Wondrous Egg. Could it be that it needs to be purchased, but where? I’d like to think someone would’ve stumbled across it by now if so, but there are people who still didn’t know you could purchase Taunta an an example. And it’s possible a new/secret vendor was put in as well.

So, if we went by that subject, both of the new pets found would be under Purchased–leaving one of each for dropped and one of each for Exploration… it’s just something to think about, isn’t it?

…I wish I knew more people who cared about pets. Maybe we could test some things out πŸ™

Credits and things

For those people who are for some reason reading this, the downtime was due to my domain hosting server whatever the terms really are doing a hardware upgrade to the server my site happens to be on. There’s…really not much else to say about it.

Anyway, I recently hit 1 million credits. It has been a long time since I’ve had that amount and I probably still wouldn’t if it wasn’t for the fact that I was told I could buy the Tionese Sentinel off-hand (Mercy) for all those ridiculous piles of Tionese Crystals and Tionese Commendations I happened to have. Each one sells for about 13K and I had a ridiculous amount of them so yeah πŸ˜›

I’m not really sure what to do with the money yet. I don’t want to just spend it (I feel saving would be better right now), but it’d be nice to get some stuff out of the way too. If I had to pick what I’d like to do, it’d probably be getting, at the very least, the Legacy Top and Bottom I want and putting the PVP mods in them so I can stop feeling like I look like a hobo. Of course, even just the top and bottom are 400K and removing mods would be about 200K more. Not to mention mods will be much cheaper to remove in 1.3 so it seems better to wait for now.

Besides that, anything else I’d really like to buy is much more expensive or not available until 1.3 (Like the almost 500K 600K (They increased the price to 30K per highest Augment kit) I’d need for Augment Kits…not to mention to do slicing missions). Only other thing I may be close to affording is the Twi’lek Race for my Smuggler. I would prefer to play the Smuggler over the Agent when I finish my Sorcerer–not because I prefer one over the other, but I think it’d be better for me to go back and forth than to continously play the same faction. As it is, after Marilea and Amidaia, any further characters will be a lot harder to play due to repetition aka why I can’t do dailies. *continues to try and slice for money*

I’ve calculated the total for everything I’d want (and some credits to feel “safe” money-wise) would be about 16 million total. That sucks. I mean, I know people who have that much (or several million at the least), but it’s still a lot. On the bright side, I can finally make purple augments of Advanced Might 22 and Advanced Resolve 22! Yay! Now if I could just get lucky with the Advanced Neural Augmentor items I need (4 per augment). I also still need to make 2 more for myself to have enough.

Moving on, it turns out I need to try and get my surge back up a bit. Unfortunately, it looks like I don’t have the enhancements I thought I did πŸ™ I do have plenty of Columni Commendations, but I’d rather not remove mods right now because they are so pricey x-x Hopefully I won’t have to replace too many of my Crit and Alacrity ones though. Should just try and get to like 72% or so Surge-wise however. Speaking of Enhancements, I still need a Advanced Resolve Mod 25. Have not seen one drop recently (of course), but did find one on the GTN for 750K. Obviously, I didn’t buy it as that was ridiculous. However, when I looked later, it was gone :/ I don’t know if someone bought it or if they removed it, but bleh. I also still need an Advanced Mettle Mod 25A, but that can only be gotten from removing from Rakata Gear and I have not been very lucky to get some at the moment (not that I’d want to take away from someone who needs it of course!).

But yes, overall, I’m stressing, need to save up credits and essentially want to do the following:
1. Stalk and defeat Gargath repeatedly until I have Taunling.
2. Do Lost Island repeatedly until Midnight Rakling drops (Possibly just resetting after robot guy as it seems to drop off Robot or the final boss the most…even if I hate the Robot)
3. Do Karagga twice a week as I can’t do it more than that πŸ™
4. While waiting for above, PVP constantly to hit Valor 100.

Yes, that last one is rather strange, isn’t it? Well, since the PVP pets are valor level 70, I can’t help but feel paranoid and just want to hit 100 ASAP.

…however, I’d really like to manage to get out of the hobo robes before I do so.

In a different note, and to end this off, I think this sounds awesome and I’d like the guild I am in to participate, but I’m not really sure how to bring it up. While I don’t care much for Open World PVP (which seems to be the first event), I think the idea of Server Events could be a lot of fun and I hope maybe it’ll be looked into.

…and despite all the people, finding a group for Gargath is really hard. Even bribing gets no responses ._.