Nightmare Denova confirmed to have new pet

Bolded important parts 🙂

12:38 Mizunosakura: I was actually hoping that during the Acquisition’s Race, we’d be able to go to the starter planet of the other faction
» if only for more datacrons
» Well, will more bosses be dropping pets in the future?
12:39 Martin_smith: yep
12:39 Mod Bloodguts: i want a gree larva pet! :3
12:39 Martin_smith: omg
» nightmare denova
» pet

12:39 Mod Bloodguts: YES
12:39 Mizunosakura: A new pet? T~T
12:39 Scorpiux: Schweet.
12:39 Mod Bloodguts: a tank pet
12:39 Martin_smith: take your guess what would drop from nightmare denova
12:39 Mod Bloodguts: FIREBRAND PET
12:39 Mizunosakura: hmm
12:40 Scorpiux: Yeahhh a droid tankw ould be awesome.
12:40 Mizunosakura: Bomb droid pet? XD
12:40 Scorpiux: Orrr a drouk
12:40 Mizunosakura: Or a battle droid? Since Kephess summons a few of them
12:40 Mod Bloodguts: miniature Droug?
12:40 Mizunosakura: Mini Drouk would be interesting
» Are you going to tell us if we guess right? XD
12:40 Martin_smith: nope

12:41 Mizunosakura: darn it!

Hmm… + Cave Speculation + Tatooine

Well, after a very awkward PVP match last night (though, we won and it finished the daily), I hit valor rank 78. Yay.

Besides that, with 1.4 possibly looming overhead (still no announcement though–my guess is they are hoping to get it out tonight, but there may be some issues and they aren’t sure if they will be able to so no patch yet tonight. It is possible it could be later this week then if this week), I’m feeling a bit down that once again my goals are nowhere near complete. Sure, I managed to finish the gear-related ones…but while important to even do the new content, it is not as important to me 🙁

I technically still need gloves, but it isn’t a big thing. Only non-gear related stuff I finished were some of the quests I still had to go 🙁

I mean, I guess I’m making progress… but I still wish some of the first goals in my list could be done (Ship Legacy stuff–still need 6 million for that… and Orochick T__T).

Moving on, cave stuff! So, currently, from CKN’s livestream:

10:30 Particulate: you want to know what’s in the cave?
10:30 Particulate: only what you bring with you.
10:31 Martin_smith: oh damn, troll and true at the same time

If that sounds familiar, well… this will be why.

It really makes me feel it is most likely something you can bring in that can change. I stated some stuff there, but it really makes me think of a color crystal with that kind of thing. Maybe an Adegan Crystal or a rough shard or the pristine version?

Besides that, went to Tatooine and pulled people up on the sandcrawlers again. That was fun. Someone even gave me 10K! So nice.

And may play alts again today~

Edit: According to my boyfriend, the KOTOR games also hint to this cave from the movie and thus, this could also be a hint to those. Must look up KOTOR stuff too. And of course, all of this coincides with the “old school” hint.

For the whole scene with the cave in Episode 5, see below:
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Playing on Cellïna for a bit with my boyfriend’s bounty hunter while waiting to start HM EC tonight. Lets hope the tanks go well.

A part I’m pretty excited for is coming up and since my screenshots love to break while in instances, I figured a recording is a good way to remember the moment 😛

Shall edit when recording has stopped~

Edit: My robot suit was invisible T_________T Regardless, looks like we need to switch now so shall end recording~

….robot suit

More TfB @-@

So, I’m helping out with healing a little in HM tonight. If only my gear didn’t suck so much on the test server… Anyway, a friend is streaming if you’d like to watch ;3 They are on the puzzle boss (aka best one).

Shall edit when it is over (or when I am done helping as I’m locked out of story mode and they plan to do that tonight at some point).

Edit: All over! 😀 Thank you to those who watched <3


So, I am home and now reading over the Q&A (Yay for transcripts. I shall definitely watch after). To be honest, I’m super sad that I didn’t get to watch live 🙁 Regardless, yay for new information! If only it was longer.

BUT YES, ONTO THOUGHTS. I won’t comment on everything and mostly just highlight what I am excited about…but yeah XD

-Confirmed that Free to Play is coming in November.
-Some early gear sets. Also some experience boosts separate from legacy.
-New daily questing area coming soon~ (And we already knew about the Hypergates and stuff)
-Paid transfers are coming.
-” In a future update when we release Mekab there will be continuation of where the story left off.” yeeeeeeeeees.
-“you will see that a couple weeks before we launch the FTP option players can go into the PTS and our intent is for anybody that logs into PTS to get some Cartel Coins that they can play with only on PTS – those don’t xfer to the live game! We will have items for sale on PTS that people can go in, make purchase and give us feedback.” more yeeeeeeees. As for why this would excite me, it’d be nice to see stuff I’m going to want in the main game along with learning prices of things like…oh…I don’t know… PETS.
-Looks like the 350 BH Commendation Implants may be a mistake and not actually coming out immediately: “The side effect of PTS is that occasionally items that are not intended for live made it up there and unfortunately that specific item was the case of that. So that item in particular is going to be removed, reviewed, and hopefully a better version will come out in a future update.”
-While HK-51 will be out by the end of the year, Cathar may take somewhat longer: “Cathar and HK-51 are both in the works. HK-51 I am confident that you will see before the end of the year. Cathar have no definite timeframe at this point but we intend to introduce them as the first species in SWTOR.”
-Mounts and Pets for the Cartel Shop! Also some gear sets, but will have no impact on endgame. Sounds interesting: “The gear you will find will be interesting to everyone because it is not going to be restricted by class or by faction and all moddable”
-“We also have a really cool thing called Cartel packs. Cartel packs you buy give you a random assortment of really cool items and a chance to get some of the cooler items that maybe in the game (not powerful, but very cool – they going to make you look AMAZING!)” I just hope it’s just a pack of various items over some kind of random item box.
-Nightmare EC and Nightmare TfB will have various differences besides just being harder.
-Whether the XP Boosts and Rocket Boots will be overlaps of the legacy system or just alternate ways to purchase currently unknown as they couldn’t say.
-Cathar can be purchased with Cartel Coins (as well as credits I think? Wording is kind of odd). More may be available to as well over using credits.
-Hood toggle option still coming.
-More content for smaller groups of players coming.

There wasn’t really anything else in particular. Wish they answered some of the stuff I was really wondering about 🙁

So umm…

It seems I have randomly been invited to an ops group for TfB…and at the final boss no less! Thus, I shall do some random streaming until I run out of credits from repairs.

Will update when it is over :3

Edit: For some reason, the stream started glitching out really badly so I’ve ended it for now until I can figure out the problem.

Edit 2: In the meantime, some things learned:
1. The final boss spawns adds which also look like the first boss. I’m guessing the Pet he drops is based off these similar to how Karagga’s pets is based off the minimech mines he spawns.

2. The second phase is amazing and I love how much the healing range increases.

3. The cave is meant to be 16-man HM only.

Edit 3: Going to start streaming again to show the ending 🙂 And then will turn it off again. Recording will appear on the page though!

HM EC Progress and Bunnies

So, the HM EC run tonight went well 🙂 We got to the tanks and got them to 52% and 59% on our second go, but then one person had to head to bed so we stopped there. Hoping to try again this weekend. I’m happy it went well–they were all so excited. And considering our tank was a random pick-up person with no experience… :3 He was really good.

Besides that, a friend has essentially noted me as Bunnies due to an answer he gave about their healer tonight. 😛

Also still watching some streams for more ideas on the Cave Mystery, but nothing yet 🙁

As for the Orochick Mystery, the bug report ticket was sent to developers/wherever bugs go, but whether it really is a bug and/or is being worked on is yet to be known and I’m hoping I’ll get an answer back on that soon.

New Pet drops from The Terror from Beyond

According to here, anyway. Right now, this is only confirmed for Hard Mode (ugh).

Asked for name and a screenshot–shall update with information.

Edit: Will hopefully have some information in about an hour.

Edit 2: As promised, here is the “Deep Wiggler”:

(Photo thanks to Pocpocimperator)

Will be updating all guides shortly 🙂 The pet is essentially a mini version of the first boss in Terror from Beyond, The Writhing Horror. High chance this is the “Gree Larvae” from the data dump.

Meant to post this yesterday but…

So, the raid happened last night. Unfortunately, we didn’t have 2 of our DPS regulars (one of them being our highest DPSer, the other being the one who has missed each one) and that kind of pulled us down a bit for a bit. When things did finally get together…DPS was just too short. We got Toth down though so improvement! …but yeah. It also didn’t help that I was exhausted from Apple Picking and the Renaissance Fair. I felt like a huge failure 🙁 (and certain things happening in guild chat didn’t make me feel better) Of course, this is also why I didn’t post this last night–was exhausted and still had to take a bath so I did that and then passed out in bed.

My boyfriend hit the minimum this time too which was nice–he’s been getting better…but still low for a Sentinel which we both know. We just really need to get his gear in order. Even if the mods aren’t 26’s, we need to at least get the right ones fixed. Unfortunately, that power crystal is going to suck to get. I may try seeing if I can just switch a mod around to make up for it as that is much more manageable.

Speaking of mods, the Black Hole offhand is not going to be moddable which means I need to find another Advanced Resolve Armoring 26 and Advanced Adept Enhancement 26. I, thankfully, ended up already having an extra Advanced Aptitude Mod 26. I believe this will give me the same stats (or better) than the Black Hole which is Power + Surge related. I can hope anyway. Regardless, that has put me in quite a bind as, unsurprisingly, I can’t afford it. I could technically get an Adept from Black Hole stuff for 50 Black Hole Commendations, but I really want to save those for those overpriced new implants coming out in 1.4. Still hoping that price is a typo or something :/ otherwise if a nice Biochem may want to make me one >> 😛

And I was sucessfully able to just change one of my boyfriend’s mods so now he can keep his crit cyan. That makes things a bit easier 😛

Anyway, right now, I’ve just been debating on what to do. I really should work on getting more BH Commendations…too bad I hate every single way you can get them. I also just really want to look more into the Cave and Wonderous Egg. While the Cave is still a big mystery in itself (MYSTERY TWINS AWAY! …please ignore that I don’t have a twin), the Wonderous Egg may FINALLY be close to being solved and I am more than a bit antsy waiting for a response back.

Speaking of mysteries, however, I’m still not sure how people are finding this site in the first place~ Unless they know me ingame and cheat. *LOOKS AT PEOPLE IN STOIC AND ARJAC* XP But umm…thank you for putting up with my rambling? XD

I do wish I was better prepared for 1.4 though 🙁 the constant failureness of preparing is really getting me down and I don’t think people realize just how much. I’ll just queue for everything for now and hope it doesn’t go horribly wrong as I really can’t afford repairs :/