Wardrobe Thoughts

I’ve been thinking very hard about what I’d want each of my characters to wear. While Marilea is all set in her Elegant Dress set and her Elder Seeker’s Headgear (though, I may want to find a hat that is more circlet-y/tiara-ish) along with her Righteous Harbinger’s Lightsaber, I’m still having an awful time finding Amidaia a nice shirt. She is pretty much fine with everything else though (however, I should probably try and learn to make the skirt so I can get an augment slot for it…at least those kits will be out in 1.3).

I have been checking on the awesomely helpful TOR Fashion site to try and get an idea for what I’d want to do for Miisha, my future smuggler, but it doesn’t seem there is too much up yet for Medium Armor. I did, however, find what I will probably want my future Trooper, who I finally have decided to name Zoara, to wear. I haven’t seen exactly what I want for my Imperial Agent (Cellina) or Bounty Hunter (Aurorra) yet, but I shall have to just keep checking back.

Feeling Wanted + Updates

It’s been a lot of fun with our new guild. Mar-gon got to completely do Explosive Conflict this week and I got to help with the final boss last night. I got my Rakata hat and he received his Rakata mainhand.

I also have been brought along on a few Hard Modes to try and get my vehicle achievements done. Coming from where it had always been the same group or very self-focused, it’s nice to see this and be offered slots in PVP queues and asked if I want to fill in and it’s just so different. They also don’t mind trying to call someone else in for a raid that isn’t in the guild. They prefer it over canceling because it’s not fair to the others. And all the gear is shared and they don’t care who needs it as long as they can use it and it’s just so nice.

We even got to do Karagga’s Palace (still no pet though 🙁 ) and Esseles HM today!

It makes me all excited~ And we’re even making a guild on the Imperial side now too 😀

Also, we now have a screenshot showing on the sidebar 🙂 It will eventually be the most recent screencap I took and you can click the name to see all screencaps on a Tumblr blog. Will also help make sure images show up over here too eventually <3


I decided to upload some of the screenshots I took in Denova–some from the first time when we were going through and some from the second time when someone let me go in and see after they finished (So I was able to turn my graphics up and kill my UI for fancyness). I had a lot of fun~

[combogallery id=’1′]

Also, character page has been updated with pictures. I’m desperately looking for a nice top for Amidaia that fits the following:
1. Is mostly red or pink (To match this skirt)
2. Is an actual shirt–no tube tops or bikini tops.
3. Does not have an ugly big collar thing.
4. Has no hood.
5. An orange item as I’d be looking to keep it forever.

I really liked the Neophyte Robe (Sith Inquisitor Starting top), but there’s no orange version that I can find 🙁 and I accidentally sold mine anyway so… (plus, starting top so it would’ve been bad to wear something with such low stats).

If you know of anything that could fit, please let me know! Thank you <3

Random Screencap

Just a randomly generated screencap I’ve taken from the game 🙂 Refresh to see a different one! (though, while there is a lot, there will always be a chance to see the same too :P)