I decided to upload some of the screenshots I took in Denova–some from the first time when we were going through and some from the second time when someone let me go in and see after they finished (So I was able to turn my graphics up and kill my UI for fancyness). I had a lot of fun~

[combogallery id=’1′]

Also, character page has been updated with pictures. I’m desperately looking for a nice top for Amidaia that fits the following:
1. Is mostly red or pink (To match this skirt)
2. Is an actual shirt–no tube tops or bikini tops.
3. Does not have an ugly big collar thing.
4. Has no hood.
5. An orange item as I’d be looking to keep it forever.

I really liked the Neophyte Robe (Sith Inquisitor Starting top), but there’s no orange version that I can find 🙁 and I accidentally sold mine anyway so… (plus, starting top so it would’ve been bad to wear something with such low stats).

If you know of anything that could fit, please let me know! Thank you <3

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