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Feeling Wanted + Updates

It’s been a lot of fun with our new guild. Mar-gon got to completely do Explosive Conflict this week and I got to help with the final boss last night. I got my Rakata hat and he received his Rakata mainhand.

I also have been brought along on a few Hard Modes to try and get my vehicle achievements done. Coming from where it had always been the same group or very self-focused, it’s nice to see this and be offered slots in PVP queues and asked if I want to fill in and it’s just so different. They also don’t mind trying to call someone else in for a raid that isn’t in the guild. They prefer it over canceling because it’s not fair to the others. And all the gear is shared and they don’t care who needs it as long as they can use it and it’s just so nice.

We even got to do Karagga’s Palace (still no pet though πŸ™ ) and Esseles HM today!

It makes me all excited~ And we’re even making a guild on the Imperial side now too πŸ˜€

Also, we now have a screenshot showing on the sidebar πŸ™‚ It will eventually be the most recent screencap I took and you can click the name to see all screencaps on a Tumblr blog. Will also help make sure images show up over here too eventually <3

Various going-on’s for the day~

Firstly, Newly Infected = worst quest. That is horrible T__T *CREEPED OUT FOREVER* Unfortunately, it gives both the chest and belt so if you want both…you have to do it again 😐

Anyway, we’re getting our dailies done a bit late tonight. I had gotten home from work late and while we had planned to start after dinner, I was then brought along to a 16-man Explosive Conflict. This was only my second 16-man and my first time going to Explosive Conflict. We got the first boss down and Denova is just absolutely beautiful. So many waterfalls T~T

But yeah, we may try again later/tomorrow so that could be fun. (And we got another guild invite @-@ Though, as I said, we’re just kind of going solo right now due to depressing feelings)

I was hoping to get Taunlet today–found people who may be able to make it…but my computer crashed while talking to the one person (He made one…but then ate it by mistake πŸ™ Luckily, I had extra stuff but…bleh) and when I got back on, he was gone ._. The other person I just couldn’t catch. I do hope I get it soon.

But yes, that’s mostly what was done today. Not too much. Anyway, I shall hopefully get screenshots up for my character’s page eventually… just need to stop forgetting.


As most people know by now, we are currently not in a guild. We have, at the time of writing this, received a total of 7 Republic Guild invites and 2 Imperial Guild invites. We have an idea of who we will end up joining, but the reason we’re not in a guild right now is a very simple reason:

We do not want to bring anyone down.

What happened on Thursday, despite the 1.2 awesomeness, really hit us hard and put a very bitter taste in our mouths towards the game. And it’s very hard to try and just shrug it off. And even a simple reminder of it reminds us why we haven’t joined a new guild yet.

However, it’s a catch-22 because right now, a lot of the stuff there is to do kind of needs a guild (seriously) as finding a pick-up group is a pain. The only other thing for us to do is PVP (Which neither of us care for much. Just trying to get our valor up every so often plus the codexes we need for Novare Coast…I think the interruption one is glitched though), dailies (so cruel–but need to start doing them again for the Black Hole Relic plus speeders…and money. I really want the ship stuff .___. Nearly everything can be two-manned except that heroic in a heroic with the Eshkah on Belsavis), and alts (which I have a lot of trouble being in the mood to play).

So it’s like, with so few things to do, it makes it even harder and more depressing about the old guild drama. At the same time, everything we really want to do needs a guild–and I know there won’t be room for us to raid to begin with as we’ll be the new group. We might be able to fill in…but that’s about it. And that’s kind of depressing.

And it’s like, we don’t want to bring people down. Or be unable to help and just taking space because our attitudes are a bit dampened.

and of course, this just makes pets being random drops even more frustrating as well as everywhere they drop also involves needing to be able to get a group together.

And when it comes down to it, I’m just not very good at it. But we don’t want to bother a guild either with stuff unless they would be all for helping and whatever.

Stupid catch-22’s.
Stupid random drops.
Stupid drama.
Stupid ship stuff being 7.5 million credits.



I don’t know why you people are here reading this. It confuses me so. (I’m not even sure how you found it?)

Regardless, this update won’t really be much of an update at all. It won’t be finding new things or being excited. Because unfortunately, as exciting as 1.2 was and as happy as I’ve been to get some mysteries solved, today has actually not been very good.

Drama sucks. Especially when the reason it happens is because the other person makes something up and nobody else has the guts to say anything.

And then when you try to fix it, you just make things worse.

So, I’m definitely trying to figure out more with the pets and all the new 1.2 stuff (We ended up not getting further than Voss because of what happened so we never even checked out the new flashpoint or anything)…but my heart isn’t into it because I just feel sad and frustrated due to the stupidity of someone else.

Considering this kind of drama is what ruined the last game I really enjoyed, I really don’t want this to happen again.

I won’t go into more detail–saying this much has made me feel sad enough so… but yes, I think I will log off for the night and hope I feel better and more energized tomorrow morning.

Getting things done…or well, trying to.

Despite my stressing and wanting to just curl into a ball, I am trying to get things done. Unfortunately, it’s not going well. And part of that reason happens to be guilds.

Guilds have a lot of great features. You can make new friends, find people to work with, and when a game doesn’t have a friend chat, it is the next best thing.

The problem comes in that most people will always go to a guild if they need people for flashpoints or raids. There is no looking for a group and people would rather work with those they know then work with the gamble of a Pick-up group.

So, if your guild is no longer bothering to get on and you have nobody to ask, you are stuck looking to find people to join. And because you are finally looking, you will most likely not find anyone. Either people who ask are too low a level/are not eligible, everyone is busy, or nobody is really on out of people who would do a Pick-up group in the first place.

But while flash points are a bit more common to maybe find people asking, operations are definitely not and more “guild only”. An Operation pick-up group is incredibly rare. Maybe to replace a member or two of a guild–but definitely not a full pick-up group.

And the main issue with SWTOR is once you do hit 50 (despite some FPs not even being available until then), you unlock “hard mode” flashpoints which is all most people will care about. “Oh, what did you mean you wanted to do a normal version to complete the quest as part of a story? TOO BAD.” It’s not exactly easy to find a flashpoint and if you’re asking for a normal version that isn’t farming Esseles for social points, the chances of you finding one are slim to none unless you get lucky and come upon some new level 50’s who still need to do it and aren’t alts of those already high levels.

Despite the lowness of this happening, I have tried to find a Battle of Ilum (normal) group and/or Karagga’s Palace (normal/Hard mode), but have had no luck. Afterall, nobody wants to do Battle of Illum on normal and operations are really a guild thing so bleh.

PVP I’d rather not spend more time than I need to in order to get it done, but I’m about 10% away from Legacy 25…not that I’ll be able to afford the only thing that needs that Legacy level.

And I think, because we couldn’t have enough stress and frustration, we might be switching guilds soon. Blah.

Besides that, apparently Ranked Warzones are being delayed. I don’t care too much as I’m not a big PVP person, but I know a lot of people were looking forward to them. At least they are listening to feedback and making sure it’s ready to go first. …I still wish the Patch wasn’t being released yet though. πŸ™

A Hardcore girl in a not so hardcore world

Now, before I start, I will say I love my guild. Pretty much everyone is really nice and I’ve made some awesome friends and I enjoy playing with them! This is really nothing against them and is just more about me, if anything.

I’m a very determined person. I’ve stayed up all night before working on things and leveling. I do not like quitting before something is done (so, more often than not, if we don’t finish an operation, I get more than a bit upset–but it’s not anyone’s fault. People DO have to sleep. I really only get annoyed if people are just giving up.) and I’m more than a bit stubborn when it comes down to it.

I like getting things done ASAP. And then when they are done, I like preparing in advance for the next thing. I’m not a procrastinator and in fact the more something is put off, the more I stress and the more it bothers me.

Some people do say like “why didn’t you join a hardcore raiding guild then?” and it’s actually a very easy question to answer.

1. I’ve actually never raided before. I’m very picky with MMOs and most that I stuck with (so many I tried and did not care for) did not have this kind of big endgame thing–or if they did, people just did Pick-up groups. Guilds were essentially just a big thing for friends.

2. While I may be a bit overly determined and can do some hardcore leveling and training and flashpoints and etc., my life is very unpredictable. I have made plans months in advance before only to suddenly have to cancel them about a week to a few days before due to something I suddenly have to do or a crazy family incident or just various other things. I can’t control what happens with my family and when it comes to an actual hard-leveling-raiding-whatever guild, that wouldn’t be acceptable.

So, after a long time of consideration and seeing various guilds, we stumbled across Serenity (Chaos is their Imperial side version) while looking for people to do the Athiss flashpoint. I was dancing on top of the machine to use up some time and noticed the guild name “Serenity”. We then started debating on why it was called that–he was saying because of a Science Fiction Show–and I was saying it probably wasn’t. In the end, I ended up asking the person we noticed who also ended up being the GM and the rest was pretty much history.

And honestly? While I may get upset that we haven’t finished operations and things, I really enjoy everyone’s company and it’s so much fun when we do get to go and I wouldn’t trade that. Not to mention, it’s a group of people who understand when life suddenly decides lemons are too normal and decides to throw a grapefruit your way instead. So, I definitely wouldn’t trade it away at all.

So, thank you Allidel for letting us join πŸ™‚ It really means a lot and I hope 1.2 is amazing and everyone stays because I’ll miss you guys so much otherwise (even if I can continue bothering you all in Ventrilo) πŸ˜›

(And yay for trying Soa Hard Mode again tonight!)

It seems I was mistaken. How depressing.