Getting things done…or well, trying to.

Despite my stressing and wanting to just curl into a ball, I am trying to get things done. Unfortunately, it’s not going well. And part of that reason happens to be guilds.

Guilds have a lot of great features. You can make new friends, find people to work with, and when a game doesn’t have a friend chat, it is the next best thing.

The problem comes in that most people will always go to a guild if they need people for flashpoints or raids. There is no looking for a group and people would rather work with those they know then work with the gamble of a Pick-up group.

So, if your guild is no longer bothering to get on and you have nobody to ask, you are stuck looking to find people to join. And because you are finally looking, you will most likely not find anyone. Either people who ask are too low a level/are not eligible, everyone is busy, or nobody is really on out of people who would do a Pick-up group in the first place.

But while flash points are a bit more common to maybe find people asking, operations are definitely not and more “guild only”. An Operation pick-up group is incredibly rare. Maybe to replace a member or two of a guild–but definitely not a full pick-up group.

And the main issue with SWTOR is once you do hit 50 (despite some FPs not even being available until then), you unlock “hard mode” flashpoints which is all most people will care about. “Oh, what did you mean you wanted to do a normal version to complete the quest as part of a story? TOO BAD.” It’s not exactly easy to find a flashpoint and if you’re asking for a normal version that isn’t farming Esseles for social points, the chances of you finding one are slim to none unless you get lucky and come upon some new level 50’s who still need to do it and aren’t alts of those already high levels.

Despite the lowness of this happening, I have tried to find a Battle of Ilum (normal) group and/or Karagga’s Palace (normal/Hard mode), but have had no luck. Afterall, nobody wants to do Battle of Illum on normal and operations are really a guild thing so bleh.

PVP I’d rather not spend more time than I need to in order to get it done, but I’m about 10% away from Legacy 25…not that I’ll be able to afford the only thing that needs that Legacy level.

And I think, because we couldn’t have enough stress and frustration, we might be switching guilds soon. Blah.

Besides that, apparently Ranked Warzones are being delayed. I don’t care too much as I’m not a big PVP person, but I know a lot of people were looking forward to them. At least they are listening to feedback and making sure it’s ready to go first. …I still wish the Patch wasn’t being released yet though. 🙁

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