Various going-on’s for the day~

Firstly, Newly Infected = worst quest. That is horrible T__T *CREEPED OUT FOREVER* Unfortunately, it gives both the chest and belt so if you want both…you have to do it again 😐

Anyway, we’re getting our dailies done a bit late tonight. I had gotten home from work late and while we had planned to start after dinner, I was then brought along to a 16-man Explosive Conflict. This was only my second 16-man and my first time going to Explosive Conflict. We got the first boss down and Denova is just absolutely beautiful. So many waterfalls T~T

But yeah, we may try again later/tomorrow so that could be fun. (And we got another guild invite @-@ Though, as I said, we’re just kind of going solo right now due to depressing feelings)

I was hoping to get Taunlet today–found people who may be able to make it…but my computer crashed while talking to the one person (He made one…but then ate it by mistake 🙁 Luckily, I had extra stuff but…bleh) and when I got back on, he was gone ._. The other person I just couldn’t catch. I do hope I get it soon.

But yes, that’s mostly what was done today. Not too much. Anyway, I shall hopefully get screenshots up for my character’s page eventually… just need to stop forgetting.

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