How to get Taunlet

Some people did share when they figured it out 😀 So big thank you to everyone on the forums. I wish I could’ve helped more, but now I don’t feel like such a failure considering I couldn’t get the hand on the jerky to test around with that @-@

But, the coordinates are: X:834, Y:759. You need to have the buff you get from the Ice Scrabbler Jerky applied which lasts an hour AND the NVSCSS Gun. Specific Details:

Use the Jerky before you enter the little crack. Once you enter, red text saying “A WILD TAUNTAUN APPEARED” will show up (POKEMON BATTLE TIME). Use your NVSCSS to capture the Frightened Taunlet before it goes away to get your new Tauntaun pet.

Honestly, this is adorable and amazing and omgsoexciting. My only issue is that the way to get the jerky is a pain in the butt. I mean, even if you’re Biochem, it’s not like you get it either. I just wish level 37-40-ish mobs could drop it. I think that was part of why it took so long to figure out.

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