Taunlet is found! …Just not revealed yet :/

…Just not shared yet, however. 🙁 If you’ve been checking the Tauntaun topic on the forums, you’ll know it was recently found 😀 However, it hadn’t originally been shared. As for why, it’s because they “do not want to ruin it for those who still want to figure it out”.

I have never understood that excuse. Especially on a forum with spoiler tags no less. If someone doesn’t want to know yet, they do not have to read it. Nobody is forcing them to. It always seemed like a cheap way to try and avoid having to go and tell people.

While another user figured it out as well…apparently the person they tried to find it for did not want them to share the coordinates either right now (though, supposedly a video link will be up in a day). I guess, I just, don’t really understand that? You know people have been trying for ages, I don’t know why someone wouldn’t want to celebrate and let everyone know and be happy the mystery is solved? But maybe that’s just me? Regardless, it makes me feel a little sad…ignoring the sadness that you do need to jerky which I have yet to find anyone on Corellian Run who can make it (or is willing to).

But yes, hopefully full information will be out soon (I’ll update when this happens).

If you can make Ice Scrabbler Jerky and are on Corellian Run, please let me know. Or if you have the schematic, I can give money, jerky, and ice ferns for it. It’d mean SO much to me T~T

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