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SWTOR E3 2012

If you missed it, check it out here.


So, quick overview of what they said:
New Space Mission: Space Station Assault–definitely looks like a lot more moving around.
New Operation: Terror from Beyond (At least I’ve finished EC on normal?…but god this looks creepy)
New Companion: HK-51 Assassin Droid (Which has been known for a while)
New Level Cap and Combat Abilities. – I wish they stated what the new level cap will be @-@ Thankfully, it won’t really be grinding with the other new stuff.
New Warzone: Ancient Hypergates
New Planet: Makeb (BRONTO-SHIP)
New Race: Cathar
Harder version of Nightmare/Difficulty modes.

So excited for more story!

And this is apparently coming in July?! Dear god x___x oh phew, just the Level 15 thing. Rest will just be sometime this year.

Some interesting tidbits:
While only Cathar and HK-51 were confirmed specifically, they did say races and companions. Same goes with Ancient Hypergates as Warzones also was plural.

Also going to bring up this from Dulfy.

And from the little chat:
1:28 Dr. Ray Muzyka, Co-Founder of BioWare, is now on stage to talk about Star Wars: The Old Republic.
1:28 โ€Our goal is to provide a living service thatโ€™s always on.โ€
1:29 The Old Republic will be adding new PvP warzones to the game, along with more challenging group and high-level content, including a new version of Nightmare difficulty mode.
1:30 Group finder, ranked PvP, and character transfers are now available, and level caps have been increased for every class.
1:30 A new planet, Makeb, will introduce new storylines and more. There are also new companion characters and playable species coming soon.
1:31 Looks like one of the new companions is an Assassin Droid! Lots of sneak peeks in this trailer.

Things I’d like to get done before this happens:
1. Get Amidaia to level 50. (Preferably, I’d like to get Aurorra, Cellina, Miisha, and Zoara to level 50 as well, but I won’t have time for that if the date is correct and I don’t think I’ll have the 3 million for Miisha and Zoara anyway)
2. Get all of Amidaia’s companions to 10,000 affection. (Would include others too if I was getting them to level 50, but yeah)
3. Get the pets I still need (M0-GUL Thrall Droid, Midnight Rakling, Taunling, and Wondrous Egg/Orochick).
4. Get the Legacy Ship Unlocks I want T___T
5. Have a good amount of money saved up (and maybe rocket boots too)

I’d love to be more geared as well in preparation for the new Operation, but due to feelings mentioned in the last entry, I don’t know if I’m ready to go for EC some more (and Lost Island and I don’t get along too well either).

Ugh, I’m so excited but now I’m stressing T___T Too much to do!

However, I’ve noticed some people are either annoyed or saying how SWTOR has failed due to the “free to play until level 15” …except it’s been this way for months with the friend trials and free play weekends. And it’s not a bad thing! That lets people try the game and see if they like it. There’s many pay to play games I did not try because I didn’t want to pay to try them. And then when they would finally do a free trial, part of my dislike for the game would be I’d feel too far behind to catch up as I’m a collector. The fact that they are doing this early and giving people a chance to play the first two planets, see their story, and even do their first flashpoint is a great idea and it’s stupid to think that’s “ruining the game”–even if it’s going to be more opened.


yeeeeees, I finally have mine! So exciting! I took out my old +33 one for a few reasons:
1. Sentimental–It was really a lot of fun getting it so I wanted to save it.
2. Some of the ingredients to make it = pain.
3. I can give it to an alt or companion

I do expect pretty much all my characters to have a pink lightsaber/pink bullets so they all will have one eventually, but I wouldn’t mind some companions getting them either. I’ve essentially thought out most of them:

Qyzen – Green. I don’t even know if this would effect his weapon though. ๐Ÿ™
Tharan – Cyan. He already has his ๐Ÿ˜›
Zenith – Purple.
Iresso – Red.
Nadia – White. Unfortunately, this won’t happen for a while :/

And while I don’t know enough about my other companions yet, I figured out to some extent regardless (of course, these are subject to change):
Khem Val – Red
Andronikus – Orange or Purple
Ashara – Pink and Purple/Black-Purple
Talos – Yellow or Green
Xalek – Red or Purple

Corso – Orange or Blue
Bowdarr – Green
Risha – Yellow
Akaavi – Red or Purple
Guss – Yellow, Green, or Cyan

Kaliyo – Purple
Vector – Orange
Doctor Lokin – White or Blue
Raina – Yellow
SCORPIO – Green or White

Mako – Purple
Gault – Red
Torian – Cyan
Blizz – Green
Skadge – Orange or Red

Aric – Orange or Red
Elara – White
M1-4X – Green or Orange
Tanno – Yellow
Yuun – Orange

and if I ever decide to suffer through a Jedi Knight or Sith Warrior:
T7-01 – Cyan or Green
Kira – Red
Doc – Purple
Sergeant Rusk – Blue
Lord Scourge – Red

Vette – Cyan or Green
Quinn – Purple
Jaesa – Green, Purple, or Red
Lieutenant Pierce – Orange
Broonmark – White, Blue, or Cyan

Time, Random Event Rambles, and Characters

If there’s one thing that the game manages to have me think a lot about, it’s time. If you play both the Imperial and Republic storylines, you will get to a few instances where the planet you end up visiting takes place before or after the other faction has been there.

For example, you end up seeing Balmorra much earlier in the Imperial Storyline while you see Taris much later. It is reversed in the Republic Storyline. The effects of those earlier story lines end up being part of the later ones and the connection is very neat.

We had just finished Balmorra on the Imperial side so it was interesting to see the differences. Cessik, in particular, made me feel really bad about the Colicoids. I can’t help but wonder what happened to him.

But I remember watching my boyfriend go through the Jedi Knight Storyline during when he gets his last companion, the timing was very vague. It wasn’t stated just how long he was there–it could’ve been weeks, maybe months, and that is another aspect of just how time is.

There’s also instances where you may see companions of other classes featured while doing stuff with your companions on your character, for example in Qyzen’s story, there is actually a scene with him and Mako. I do wonder if you get Mako up, if you can find out why she owed Qyzen by any chance, as it’s not really detailed how she owed him a favor.

Similarly, for Jedi Knight’s, Doc ends up having Kaliyo in his storyline. Does Kaliyo ever vanish in the Imperial Agent Story line? Just all kinds of interesting questions.

Though, one that made me sad is that Vette never interacts with Risha. If you have seen Vette’s storyline, you will understand why this is pretty depressing.

I guess I’d love to get an idea on how the timing goes. I mean, when you’re doing the consular’s storyline and if all classes end up on Ilum at the same time, where are you while the Knight is being brainwashed? It’s just a lot to think about. Especially if you’re playing with each of the classes on your journey. For example, I totally ended up finishing off the Emperor when I was helping my boyfriend in his story. It’s not ever mentioned because technically there is no consular in the story–I was an unseen presence mixed in who totally replaced Kira.

I don’t expect them to make it recognizable–that’d be far too much work, but I think seeing some mixed things would be neat. I know there were occasional mentions of Player-Player romance and remember thinking that it’d be neat if each player had a few choices to pick from in those environments to kind of show what happened rather than just going into a family tree and setting spouse or something.

Speaking of family trees, I ended up remaking my Imperial Agent and Bounty Hunter. I had yet to do anything on either of them (besides pick up my mail) and had wanted to remake them for a while. I’ll hopefully remake my Smuggler soon, but that’ll cost 1.5 million and I do not have that… (Similarly, my Trooper which I do not have yet will be 1.5 million as well)…and let’s be honest, if I had 1.5 million, it’d be going to ship stuff.

…I really want the ship stuff ๐Ÿ™ Why must dailies be the only way to get a nice amount of money T__T

Going back to the topic of family trees, I did end up making my Bounty Hunter and Imperial Agent sisters. I’m not really a big RPer, but it’s sometimes fun to think of character’s backstories. (Similarly, my Sorcerer and Sage are cousins, as will my Smuggler and Trooper be). Especially intertwined with the class stories.

And heading back to the original subject of time, that brings up a good idea of the event. Just how long does it last? Was the crash really that Sunday (ignoring that the area showed up earlier than that) or did they just finally get out Sunday? If the latter, why wasn’t it inspected earlier? How long exactly was the Shaman looking for a cure? It sounded like a long time, but it didn’t happen that long ago. Was there another incident? Just how does a day in RL translate to the time going in the game? Or does the time depend on just how much you do in the game? (and yes, I know I’m probably overthinking it)

Regardless, there is a new daily today, following the format. I expect the top to be out tomorrow unless they do end up giving everything (bracers, belt, weapon, etc.), but something tells me they won’t. Also, for those who also did not get their title, you’ll be happy to know it’s “fixed” now. In order to get your title, you must re-defeat the Infected Bantha in Outlaw’s Den. While I am happy it’s fixed, I really wish it could’ve been ANY of the infected bosses and not the hardest one considering that needs the biggest group and for crying out loud, it’s the one in the PVP area ๐Ÿ™

Finally, to end this off, after talking to someone with the gold minimech today *ENVY*, it hit me the other big reason why I wanted to get it before 1.2. As with any big patch of new content…that’s what everyone wants to see. Thus why so many people on Tatooine (I hadn’t seen multiple instances of it in a very long time) and on the fleet trying to do the new flashpoint and operation. Ignoring who they will probably do the new content with….the old content is, well, old, and if you didn’t finish it before, it’s going to be even harder to find a group now ๐Ÿ™

Ship Droids can now get affection!

I actually almost forgot about that ๐Ÿ™‚ Thankfully, I saved a few items to give him.

So far, C2-N2 (Republic Ship Droid) seems to like:
Republic Memorabilia – Liked the least (not counting stuff that gave 0)
Cultural Artifacts – Likes the most out of everything I tried
Technology – Liked the second most
Luxury – Tied with Republic Memorabilia

He does not like:
Underworld Goods
Imperial Memorabilia
Military Gear

Shall update as I test them out ๐Ÿ™‚ All checked <3 I would guess the Imperial side would be similar, but with Imperial Memorabilia instead of Republic.

Ship Droid Minigame

I hate April Fool’s Day. A lot. Regardless, they put a lot of effort into their “joke”, but I have to say. I do think some things would be interesting.

I’d like if I could pick the greeting, for example, from the robot or if I could have him interact with my companions. While I don’t think I have any I could romance him with (Only one that comes to mind is Holiday and then maybe Tharan would be romanceable instead of the stupid one night stand (more info below) people currently get?), I still think C2-N2 making friendships would be cool.

The robot becoming the master thing was just creepy though and straight out of Directive 7.

I don’t know, I just think it’d be neat to see stuff from companion point of views in some cases. Like when you do some class missions, they run off by themselves. Wouldn’t it be neat to momentarily get to try their class and actually go as them? On the otherhand, I like most of the companions personalities and I wouldn’t want to change them with my choices.

The Jedi Consular does get some interesting companions though.

First, there’s Qyzen. He’s a bit kill-happy, but that’s part of his culture. I think for me, if there’s one thing I regret with him, is maybe during his companion quest where you have the option to make peace or kill the Wookie. I tried to make peace and would’ve liked to arrest the guy, but anything other than kill made Qyzen lose 160 points. Despite being my first companion, he was one of the last I got up to 10,000. This Herald is a bit too peaceful, I suppose. His story is pretty interesting as you get to learn more about his culture and kind of get him to less be solo-loner man which is neat. Lots of character development for him.

After him, you receive Tharan who is a flirty-ladie’s man and also a genius. Who may or may not be dating a hologram named Holiday. His story also has some neat character development among other things and the end even shows he may not be as selfish as you’d expect, and despite how he is, he’ll be there for a friend. Despite his flirting though, he is not actually romanceable. If you do try and go that route, there is a point where he pretty much says you’re his muse/inspiration and you can sleep with him. If you choose yes, you are told the next day things have to end as Holiday is shocking his bed. If you choose no, however, he actually gets quite sad and says how he thought the two of you had something special. After that, Holiday shocks his bed regardless (not sure if that’s a glitch or not), but yeah. Sadly, that’s about all you can do with Tharan.

The third companion you get is Zenith, who is also a bit kill-happy. He’s essentially been full-blown assassin due to what the Imperials did to his home. His story involves politics after being screwed over by the guy you help get elected (Essentially, he promised Zenith a spot and then said no. I do understand why–Zenith is more than a bit overly scarred from the incident and bias due to it as well). It’s very black and white with him talking about people he worked with and then finding out some darker secrets of it. It’s not horrible, but it’s a bit saddening and kind of just drops off. But I will say he arrests people who could’ve been followers and I believe he successfully becomes a political man…somehow. But yes, due to what he had to deal with, he’s ruthless and just loves killing everything.

Your fourth companion is Lieutenant Iresso. Who is also probably my least favorite. He is the romanceable companion for the consular and 2 conversations after you get him on your ship, he hits on you quite hard. If you tell if you’re uncomfortable with his ship analogies, he says how he’ll just have to watch from afar. So he’ll be stalking you for the rest of your travels. Have fun. His story is also pretty sucky. You find out he has this imperial data cube in his head and doesn’t remember a week of his life, his friend went insane, and it’s why he won’t get promoted and is constantly moved around. You learn this, you learn who did it…and that’s it. You don’t try to get him a promotion, you don’t try to see if you can remove it, you do pretty much nothing. And his military-ness also makes him very “kill kill kill”.

Your final companion, despite meeting her at the beginning of your second story, is Nadia. She’s a girl who managed to have force powers and becomes your Padawan. Her conversations do not have much of a story (possibly due to her involvement up to you actually getting her as a companion). Her mourning is barely there and most of it is just her training her powers. Just casual conversation rather than much of anything.

But yes, I think it’d be interesting to do more. Though, preferably, I wish you could meet all the companions (of other classes and stuff too) and actually decide who you want. I miss having my ship full with everyone during my story. That was cool ๐Ÿ™

But yes, my favorite companions:
Qyzen (Jedi Consular)
Tharan (Jedi Consular)
Nadia (Jedi Consular)
M1 4X (Trooper)
Bowdaar (Smuggler)
T7-01 (Jedi Knight)
Mako (Bounty Hunter)
Torian Cadera (Bounty Hunter)
Blizz (Bounty Hunter)
Vette (Sith Warrior)
Ashara Zavros (Sith Inquisitor)

I also heard good things about Elara (Trooper) and Risha (Smuggler), but I’d have to get a better idea of them besides clips on Youtube.