The Collecting Aspect

A lot of people don’t really understand why I’d be so upset about certain pet things or feel maybe I’m overreacting to it. To this, I say, you do not know me very well.

While gameplay is important in some senses (if I hate the gameplay or find it boring, chances are I won’t play), a lot of it has to do with customizing the character itself. If I hate how my character looks, you will not see me wanting to play very often. Simple as that. But even then, the thing I really enjoy is collecting and exploring. I love to clear maps and collect items and look adorable. That is my thing.

SWTOR has the bonus of an engaging story that doesn’t make me hate my character. I think, even if I stopped playing, I’d probably pop on to at least see that…although, I’m sure eventually no longer being able to see the Operation story parts will eventually make me no longer look forward to that. I’ve made enough rants on how I feel about operations so I won’t be going into that here.

However, the thing that makes me play and excited to get on is collecting. Datacrons, some of the upcoming stuff in patch 2.0, and pets. I love pets and I love seeing them follow me around and it makes me super excited. When it comes down to it, if I get too behind or can’t collect, I just lose the will to play which, if you noticed my barely getting on, has been what’s happening.

The reputation and achievements system have really discouraged me along with a lot of pet things and with how it seems these 5 newest ones are… it’s hard to keep my hopes up.

On a different note, I am currently streaming using XSplit into of ProCaster to see how it looks. I’ll be on my agent soon while my boyfriend plays his Bounty Hunter, but until then, I’m just being on Ilum feeling all blah. Let me know if the quality is better than usual.

Sad news regarding EA cross-game pets

Quoting Eric Musco:

I have the answer to these two questions which I think is what most people are looking for (especially B)

A. In order to get the pet you will have to have received the email mentioning the pet promotion. Then you would need to create a new SWTOR account with that email address. That account will then, at a later date, receive the pet.

B. At this moment subscribers cannot get the items, no. This was intended as a cross-promotion to other EA free-2-play games. However, I can tell you that subscribers will have access to these items in the future. We are still working out both the when and the how. I will share any details as I get them.

Hope that answers your questions!


So, who knows when we will be able to get them…

…I think I officially just want to give up ._.

New pets for playing other EA Games

While they may just be recolors of the various battle droid pets, if you are here because you collect pets, that really doesn’t matter.

Anyway, there are 5 pets:
Battlefield Heroes
Lord of Ultima
Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances
Battlefield Play4Free
Need for Speed World

You must register and play each one (I am not sure for how long).

I will be adding them up to the pet lists shortly.

At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was for Origin, itself.

Please keep in mind you only have until April 1st, though.

Cartel Pack Sum-up

Because apparently I hate myself and love to torture myself :/ (especially considering I’ll have to go buy cartel coin cards anyway unless I give up altogether…)

Pack #1:
Genteel Dress Shoes
Relaxed Jumpsuit Gloves

Pack #2:
Mood: Furious
Relaxed Jumpsuit Boots

Pack #3:
Sublime Blurrg
Darth Malak’s Chestguard

Pack #4:
Sublime Blurrg
Organa Stateman’s Lower Body Armor

Pack #5:
Mood: Furious
Darth Malaks Wristguards

Pack #6:
Over-Tuned Conqueror’s Lightsaber
Over-Tuned Conqueror’s Saberstaff

Pack #7:
Rascal’s Toothpick
Over-Tuned Conqueror’s Saberstaff

Pack #8:
Sublime Blurrg
Relaxed Jumpsuit Boots

Pack #9:
Tarisian Head Hunter Aurek
Organa Loyalist Auxillary Body Armor

Pack #10:
Over-Tuned Conqueror’s Lightsaber
Mantellian Peacemaker Aurek

Pack #11:
Aratech Nethian
Relaxed Jumpsuit Gloves

Pack #12:
Tarisian Head Hunter Aurek
Emote: Boo-Hoo

Pack #13:
Balmorran Hand Cannon Aurek
Relaxed Jumpsuit Gloves

Pack #14:
Mood: Furious
Recovered Hero Boots

Pack #15:
Mood: Furious
Corellian Bunker Buster Aurek

Pack #16:
Jawagram: “Good Job”
Recovered Hero Gauntlets

Pack #17:
Credit Boom (44K)
Genteel Dress Sash

Pack #18:
Genteel Dress Shoes
Relaxed Jumpsuit Jacket

Pack #19:
Emote: Xantha
Jawagram: “Party On!”

Pack #20:
The Last Handmaiden’s Boots
Jawagram: Awesome!

Pack #21:
Emote: Kloo
Mantellian Peacemaker Aurek

Pack #22:
Relaxed Jumpsuit Gloves
Organa Statesman’s Lower Body Armor

Pack #23:
Corellian Bunker Buster Aurek
Mood: Furious

Pack #24:
Emote: Kloo
Relaxed Jumpsuit Jacket

Pack #25:
Emote: Boohoo
Relaxed Jumpsuit Gloves

so out of 50 items, I got 3 items I actually wanted, 10 items I’ll probably keep/use, and 3 items my boyfriend will be taking for a total of 16/50… aka only 32% of it were items I’m not going to just try and sell. Lovely -_- (I also reached friend rank –)

edit: and for the record, things I failed to get that I wanted from this pack:
The Last Handmaiden Chest
The Last Handmaiden Legs
Genteel Dress Top
Genteel Dress Bottom
Genteel Dress Bracers
Genteel Dress Gloves
Cartel Luxury Skiff
Cartel Recreation Skiff
Orlean Fortune Hunter
GS-1 Sentry Droid
Model X-70 Phantom
SP-RO Power Droid
Venomcrest Lylek

Emote: Boogie
Emote: Swing
Emote: Point and Laugh
Title: Enforcer
Title: Contraband Collector
Title: Regulator
Jawagram: Nice Try
Jawagram: May the Force be With you

Pets get Complicated

Remember that old F.A.Q. Question? Well, it’s back up.

In addition to the Cartel Coins, each of our retail partners offer an exclusive mini-pet that will be added to your account when you redeem your Cartel Coins Card here on this website.
The currently available pets are:

BestBuy: Arctic Manka Lynx – Renowned for its speed and grace, this Arctic Manka Lynx will loyally follow you on your adventures across the galaxy.
GameStop: Lobelode – The Lobelode is hardy and persistent, at home in even the most dangerous and exotic environments you could visit.
EU Retailers: Forest Nekarr Cat – Known for its agility and viciousness, the Forest Nekarr Cat will loyally explore the galaxy with you.

The one in bold is the newest edition–the pet that has only started popping up recently. The question now is if they are still from space pirate packs or if this is really where they were from all along. 🙁

Also, the Gree Event is returning tomorrow so for those who were good and don’t suck like me, you should be able to get more stuff!

Forest Nekarr Cat

Yes, it does exist. No, there are currently no confirmations on how to get it (although, again, it does exist–proof of that has been given).

My idea is it was forgotten from the Space Pirate’s Cartel Pack (as that is where it was originally rumored to be in) and is a late addition.

This, of course, opens up the idea that there could be other late additions. If you see someone selling the Forest Nekarr Cat, please contact the seller and see where they got it. Edit: Confirmed to be from the Space Pirate Cartel Pack.

and if anyone gets on on the Shadowlands, please send me it …no seriously, please. (and dwedtoof)

Edit: And to add, from the 2.0 patch notes:
“Dread Master Styrak now has a chance to drop a Kell Dragon vanity pet.”

…*sigh* at least it doesn’t sound like it is hard mode only :/

On Reputation and Achievements

In short: I just wish they were a from now on thing instead of so much back-track. And that you can buy stuff even if you can’t use them yet :/

I don’t really feel like going into detail, but right now, it’s just some of the reasons I feel really really mixed.

anyway, back to feeling like a failure now v-v

Event Clean-up

So, it’s the last day… and thus, we are rushing through. Everything is officially done except killing Xenoanalyst II on Story and HM. Netto and Devil said they’d help with Xeno on HM this evening–so let’s just hope we can find a SM group now x-x

Depending on how things go, maybe we’ll do some alt stuff later… but I’m still a bit down when it comes to the game right now.

Edit: Story mode done! Now to just beat Xyno on HM later…

A game of catch-up

So, I will most likely be spending the weekend to try and get newcomer….but, I honestly feel miserable so I guess I just need to hope I feel up to it…

Blah, I’m not even home yet. ._.