Pets get Complicated

Remember that old F.A.Q. Question? Well, it’s back up.

In addition to the Cartel Coins, each of our retail partners offer an exclusive mini-pet that will be added to your account when you redeem your Cartel Coins Card here on this website.
The currently available pets are:

BestBuy: Arctic Manka Lynx – Renowned for its speed and grace, this Arctic Manka Lynx will loyally follow you on your adventures across the galaxy.
GameStop: Lobelode – The Lobelode is hardy and persistent, at home in even the most dangerous and exotic environments you could visit.
EU Retailers: Forest Nekarr Cat – Known for its agility and viciousness, the Forest Nekarr Cat will loyally explore the galaxy with you.

The one in bold is the newest edition–the pet that has only started popping up recently. The question now is if they are still from space pirate packs or if this is really where they were from all along. 🙁

Also, the Gree Event is returning tomorrow so for those who were good and don’t suck like me, you should be able to get more stuff!

8 thoughts on “Pets get Complicated

  1. I wonder if Gamestop in EU is also offering that pet or the Forest Nekarr Cat.
    I hate such exclusive crap.


  2. I asked Gamestop in EU via email which pet is included and they told me “The Makrin Seedling Mini-Pet”.
    Now I’m confused as that pet is a preorder pet for the addon.


  3. A guildmate got a Gamestop (Europe) card today. The cat seems to be identical to the one I bought out of the AH a few days ago which must have dropped from a Space Pirat Pack. Same name, same look.
    We European customers get the recycled stuff, it seems…


    • These have apparently been in stores since earlier this month so there is a chance it could’ve been put up from the card.


  4. For you all on other servers (none Jedi Covenant/Prophecy) are there any Ambassador’s hoverchairs on the GTN?


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