Trouble as a Healer

Being a healer can be incredibly frustrating. Besides the tendency to be blamed, there is also a lot expected of you.

I get about 2-3 requests to heal something everytime I log in. And I have a lot of trouble saying no, but sometimes, I’m only popping in for a little bit or I already promised to do something with someone else and people don’t understand that.

I’m not your personal healer. Stop expecting me to be. Stop guilt tripping me if I say I can’t right now.

I don’t have interest in what you’re doing. If I do accept, it is because I am helping you out. The least you can do is not take advantage of it and expect me to drop everything immediately. Seriously.

In a happier note, I found someone who could make the Resolve Hilt 26 for me! Would be about 350K-500K if I supply everything. Not bad. Too bad it’d cost me an extra 500K to buy 6 Molecular Stabilizers and 2 Matrix thingys from my guild which is where the problem with cost comes in :/

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