In which I give Aurojiin a huge round of applause.

So, due to my frustrations and worries about if the useless set bonus was truly more beneficial than 11 Willpower, I went ahead and asked on the forum. After one person responded saying how it mostly depended in if you tend to run out of force a lot, I explained how it tends to really do with the battle. The thing is, if I run out of force, unless I have like 20,000 Force that I would never have to worry about replenishing it, I will always run out of force no matter the amount. 50 extra Force adds barely any that is added back (especially as I will never do more than 1-2. Wanna know how many heals I can do with 4-8 force? 0!). It makes it from 48 to 52. While that technically gives an extra Deliverance (which costs 51 force), if I am at a position where I am that low there is a:
1. 99% chance my health is really low due to being hit too much when I shouldn’t have been.
2. I will die before the cast is even done.

So, I pretty much explained that and then this beautiful post by Aurojin was posted:

This is basically why I call the four-piece bonus optional in the guide. Having a slightly larger force pool doesn’t make a significant difference per se; either you’re casting in a sustainable manner or you’re not (at least where PVE is concerned).

The advantage it does offer is that every Noble Sacrifice returns an extra 4 force points. It’s not major, but it’s there. However, if someone tells you to have to have it for specific content, feel free to laugh at their expense.

It’s just…if you know what you’re doing, 50 extra force makes no difference. I’d rather be doing better heals than having a useless extra amount of Force Power. I mean, seriously. :/ And apparently, I’m finally not the only person who thinks that way.

So, to celebrate I made a silly dance video until I can figure how to do GIFs since the usual way I do has decided to no longer work.

Disclaimer: I still can’t afford to switch to my Elegant attire (and would most likely not be allowed to go on the HM even if I could if I did switch back -despite what I’ve said several times), but due to the reasoning of dance, it felt most appropriate to switch back like so.

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