Unfortunately, I had no luck getting Lobelot from the crates. I ended up just buying it when I got close to 400 because not only could I afford it–but everything else I wanted too. I’m debating on the gun-bow-things, but I’d probably just give them to a companion.

But yes, the lovely Lobelot:

Moving on, 1.4 is scheduled for next month. I’m…kind of mixed–only because of all the EC HM drama and I feel kind of behind 🙁 Also a video of them showing off some stuff.

Bad luck

So, despite clicking way too many crates (I have 300 tokens right now), I have yet to find it. Enough people have confirmed that it does, indeed, drop from a crate. I’m not going to buy it until I get the full amount I want (371–already have 1 sitting in storage) because if I buy it first and then get one while I’m getting enough for the speeder, that will suck. Similarly, if I buy the speeder first and don’t have enough for the pet, I’ll panic as I’d rather buy the pet first.

In the meantime, lots of rumors about the “check back later” quests being up…but it doesn’t seem like it. Could be they are on individual timers…that would be kind of evil though.

Event begins! + Some Coverage

Looks like it started at midnight. Which means I’m 7 hours late. Well, I’m regretting going to bed early for once. In fact, it started 5 minutes after I finally managed to get to bed. I feel like an idiot. and really upset.

Anyway, my boyfriend told me to scope it out for now (I’ll probably just do it on Marilea–will do it with Amidaia with him) and call him at noon. I’m trying to concentrate on “EVENT”, but I just feel stupid for not at least waiting until midnight. I was just so tired (I didn’t sleep the night before…got some, though not much, sleep last night).

Anyway, I’ll update this with various event stuff. Trying to be excited, but so stressed 🙁

Edit 1: Reasons why I don’t like to start events late: So much info to sift through to try and figure out what the heck you’re supposed to do.

Edit 2: LOBELOT. Called it. That also leaves one Lobel and one Akk Dog left (hmm…curious). Lobel costs 250 Tokens of Enrichment X__x Most expensive item. There is also a Speeder, the Hyrotii Scrapper, which costs 120 Tokens of Enrichment…and Red Sparkle Power for 1 Token of Enrichment. Of course, there’s other stuff too, but this is all I care about.

Looks like I’m saving up at least 372 Tokens. (the extra one is to keep)

Edit 3: If there’s one thing I noticed, Republic guides are near non-existent which is kind of frustrating, so I decided to make some quick notes for when I show my boyfriend around:


Fossilized Krayt Dragon Pearl:
Red Light Sector. Head to the left at the first fork and you’ll see a giant crate. Head right at the next fork and then just continue along to the terminals. Once you have all 3 buffs, head back to the thingy and click the second to last one.

Vandrayk’s Tuning Apparatus:
Boxes. So many boxes. I find the best places to be the Nikto Sector and the Atrium’s with the Imperial warehouse and whanot.

Rakata Utensils:
1644,2976 – Network Security District. This crate thing. Can’t miss it. Then follow around (based off cutscenes) and click green thingys. Then kick his butt.

Anyway, heading to Coruscant now :3 Will continue to update.

Edit 4: You should’ve noticed you had a mail by now with an item. Use the item to get a quest that sends you to a Cantina you may remember some quests in. There will be a little holo terminal on a table for you to use.

It does guide you along so you are good to go.

One frustrating thing with Coruscant is only one group can go at a time for all of these quests.

Perserved Colicoid Queen Egg:
Heading down from the Cantina, you want to head towards X:2578, Y:1430 where there is a Broken Smuggler Crate. Clicking it will spawn waves of enemies. Once you kill the final guy, he will drop the egg.

Collected Writings of Tiethiagg:
You’ll be heading to the Black Sun Territory towards the apartment to get to the Silent Sun Cantina. You will see a dead guy with some lights behind him and a glowly datapad. Click the datapad to start the quest. If the datapad says your escort is waiting, someone else is doing the quest right now. If you successfully click it, you will be told to solve the Cantina puzzle. To your right are 5 terminals. You need to match them to the template–so the inner circle (smallest) is yellow, middle (medium) is pink, and outer (largest) is green. Make all the terminals for each circle those specific colors (So you start with the small–thus you want all the terminals to be yellow) to move on to the next round. Very simple. When finished, the Secure Crate unlocks and you can grab the Writings from it.

Shard of Harterra:
Head to Justicar Territory and go to X:844, Y: 4607. There is a Smuggler Crate and a turret gun. Click the crate, mobs are spawning and get on the gun and relive memories of Kaon and Colicoid War Games. When you kill everything and the crate becomes blue and shiny again–click it for the shard.

Now, heading to the Senate Tower to finish up the original quest mentioned (Dubious Motives). Anyway, there are markers so… When you get over there, click the Glowing Phone Booth in the distance, then plant the listening device where the 3 were. Then, head to talk to the SIS agent….or well, another secure holoterminal. He will send you back to Nar Shaddaa…of course, some people did Coruscant first.

Like before with this quest, it does direct you where to go. This causes a battle to start and I strongly recommend paying attention as it can take a lot of damage. You should definitely do this with someone (and if neither of are healers…have at least a healing companion out). Also around this time, you should’ve received another mail which will lead you back to Coruscant for the Akar Kesh Meditation Mask. We’ll get to that.

Anyway, head to the Casino. Once the step changes, go up the ramp to your right and around to where the quest marker is. You will see a switch. Click it and then jump on the grate and position yourself EXACTLY in the green circle. Then watch and enjoy the scene out of Sonic the Hedgehog. Be sure to click the Secure Access Panel to finish the quest and then hit the hatch to get back down 🙂

Edit 4: Now, I said we’d get back to the mask, didn’t I? Unfortunately, at this point, you should have another mail sending you to the Lower Promenade about the Black-and-Orange Sphere and since we’re still on Nar Shaddaa, we will do that first!

Head over to where you saw the Droid talking to the Hutt. He had a quest marker long before, but now you can actually do the quest…but he still tells you to check back later. There is a high chance you can’t do this until tomorrow.

At around this time, you should’ve received another mail telling you to go to Shadow Town because of the Plasma-Sealed Jar. Anyway, like with the Hutt, you will be told the Droid is busy and not finished so to check back later.

So, let’s go to Coruscant now for the Mask as previously mentioned (though, I’m guessing this will also be a come back later thing)… Time to head to the Works. The cruel cruel Works 🙁 Anyway, as expected, you are told to come back later.

And for now, that is all you can do. I’m going to go stalk for crates again on Nar Shaddaa now (at least until I get too tired to stay awake–not feeling well to begin with and the fire alarm at the hotel went off :/). I’m guessing they will either be able to be done tomorrow (or maybe even just one tomorrow to spread them out) or done this evening/at midnight.

I don’t see how any of these quests can be repeatable though so I’m not sure how earning so many tokens will work (especially as you need quite a lot more this event). Unless they need more of them I guess? But some of these *coughcrateonecough* are pretty annoying. And I don’t even know how there’d be multiples of some of these items. Not to mention the whole thing with the Bounty Hunter guy you have to kill. I do think it makes more sense if they’re not repeatable though–so maybe just the quests related to the SIS Agent (or whoever with the Imperial one) will give quite a large amount? Or something. I just don’t think making the item getting quests repeatable makes a whole lot of sense with a Scavenger Hunt like this.

Anyway, I haven’t decided yet who I will give the items to (and part of me thinks maybe it will be repeatable so you can get both titles…but it may just be a lightside/darkside thing) so I guess I’ll just have to see. Or maybe the titles won’t even be there…or at the very least, the titles aren’t considered event codexes. I wonder what the codexes are.

oh, and Dulfy has an Imperial Guide up so… (and apparently a Republic one now too). Not that this was really meant to be a guide anyway–just for me to keep track of it all…like everything else in this blog. 😛

oh, and if you’re on Corellian Run and don’t want your Tokens of Enrichment, think of me? >>

Event waiting

So, it doesn’t look like the Event was tonight. Not too surprising once I realized they’d probably want it at a time that is good for all timezones. I’m guessing either tomorrow (though I hope not) or sometime this weekend…

…I’m so paranoid though.

Anyway, Heishi popped in and I spoke to him and stuff! 🙂 Was super fun. And we made some friends too! Daraxas was really nice and we spoke about pets and other stuff. Always nice to meet more people….though, it seems I meet more Imperials than Republic people!