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Quick Opinions on Agent Storyline thus far

So, I’ve gotten Cellina to level 12 now and I’ve enjoyed it thus far. I really liked getting the [single] disguise on Hutta and in Kaas City, things are already quite interesting. I liked getting to talk to a bunch of people as a bonus and the fact that one person you talk to even name drops you is really awesome.

However, what really got me (besides the name-dropping) is the fact that it seems to be really attentive to what you do. I had gotten a mail about how they think I may have not necessarily killed Karrels to begin with, but when I got to Kaas City, it was mentioned how I had done quite a bit on Hutta (I did all the side quests) along with the fact that I took “unnecessary methods” to keep things passive and that I was soft. The fact that it seems so costumed to what you do already (There are parts in other class stories that do like if you save or kill Vivicar in the Consular storyline or at the end of the Jedi Knight storyline depending on who you don’t kill) makes me really excited to see the continued options later down the road.