So much ugh.

So, if last week’s run was bad, this week has managed to top it. About half of each raid group was missing so we ended up doing some mixing and matching and it just…wasn’t very good. Our other tank didn’t seem to know what they were doing a few times (and thus, at the tanks as they got out of my sight, it was totally my fault for not healing enough 😐 STILL CAN’T SEE THROUGH LOGS/TREES).

And after we got the tanks down (took us 2 hours to get to that point), when one of our DPS had to go, it was used as an excuse to stop…even though we had another DPS on who could come. So we just went to the chest for commendations and stopped since nobody else wanted to continue. And I just hate that attitude. Seriously.

As it is, most of my credits are now gone too thanks to repairs. It was just horrible.

Moving on, besides not feeling like an officer whatsoever (It seems it’s mostly the GM, the co-GM and then a officer who was supposed to be temporary who end up doing all the talking about junk), there is a “selective” HM EC group happening on Thursday.

I…hate that. I really don’t like Elitism at all. So, I already figured my boyfriend and I are not going. Eventually, as we may be heading down to VA on Thursday (most likely Friday, but maybe Thursday) and I was asked if I wanted to do a HM run by someone else due to us doing story mode today, I decided to ask.

The response? For my boyfriend, no. For me, I was one of the “unconfirmed” slots. Aka a maybe. And since they never asked me, that means:
1. Either they need to talk and see if anyone would mind (And I’m sure I can guess some of the people in the group and thus, who would mind)
2. They have better healers in mind and are waiting to hear back.

Even if I do get picked, just because I can tell I’m not really a definite choice and the fact that they kicked my boyfriend to the curb, I will probably decline it. I just…don’t like that. At all.

So maybe I’ll do HM with a different group on Thursday. If I do it at all. However, if I do, I just hope I don’t disappoint them.

Besides that, as expected with the news (see last entry), some people are just being obnoxious jerks. Including friends. Some are excited to play, others are kind of okay and are looking forward to playing just not with you and others are being complete buttheads. And that’s really what’s upsetting me.

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