Patheticness in PVP

So, I was dragged off to do some PVP today. I really do need to work on getting it done so as much as I hate it, I know I have to do it and appreciate the dragging. Someone else who needs dragging is my boyfriend who has to work on his relics already 😛

However, besides some people having disconnect people, there was one match where someone quit because one of the nodes had been taken. Of course, while I got it back very quickly, the person had quit the match (after cursing everyone out) leaving the node they were guarding free to take and that is why we lost because nobody could get over there quick enough.

So, I would like to say that if you quit because a match isn’t going well…just wow. The #1 reason I heard for people quitting a match is because people on their team sucked. But you know what? At least they continued to do the match. At least they tried. I have seen comebacks. I’ve seen people succeed. And if you’re so great, go ahead and turn a match around…but leaving says just the opposite.

And there are SO MANY complaints about people who’s first time it is in PVP at level 50.

…we’re on a PVE server. NOT EVERYONE is going to do PVP. I only do PVP for collection-y issues. I try ridiculously hard even though I hate it with a passion and want to cry everytime someone kills me, but I still try. And there is NOTHING worse than being told off because “omg why didn’t you practice at a lower level”

The only PVP I did at a lower level was the single lower level quest and I NEVER did PVP again after that…at least until level 50 when I was put into the position of codexes (which I kept putting off) and a speeder that would be removed.

And a lot of people have NO interest at doing PVP before 50 because they want all their skills. And no, not everyone will take recruit armor because expertise is stupid if they don’t plan on PVPing all the time, it isn’t as important to them. They’d rather use the money for other things instead.

And guess what? Everyone has to learn at some point. Nobody went in their first time and automatically knew everything. Stop being such a jerk.

Besides, if PVE is so stupid and PVP is so much better, what are you doing rolling on a PVE server in the first place?

I’m sure I’m a bit edgy today. Still feeling sad. Probably going to just go lay down with my face in a pillow now.

2 thoughts on “Patheticness in PVP

  1. My Campaign gear is better than my BM gear for offense, so I use it now because that’s my job, I’m a Sentinel, and I do better. Once I get a couple WH pieces the additional Expertise bonus will change that, but for now people just don’t seem to understand, even when I show them the numbers.

    So many people turn PvP into a religious argument. My only advice is to ignore them :/


    • I do about 2K-3K more healing in my normal gear, but die in like 2-3 hits then…and sometimes still do, but it just ends up dying way too fast X__x

      Just kind of sucks–especially ranked which you know I have to do 😐


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