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So, with completing my final pet goal (until the Cartel Market is officially out… I wouldn’t be surprised if it was like the first week of November to be honest), it’s a matter of what to do next… Looking through one of my older lists, I decided to go purchase those Consular’s Exalted Gloves and Boots already! So yes, that is FINALLY done.

That leaves two things on the Priority list. Saving up for speeders where I need to aim for like 3.5 million and the Czerka Crate-o-Matic which involves farming Corellia Commendations.

I’m not sure which will be more painful to earn, but I suppose I should get started. The more goals I can finish before Free to Play, the better.

Why, you ask? Because, the next update brings a lot:
1. HK-51 (who, besides getting, I need to get to 10K ASAP so lots of Companion Gifts needed X_x)
2. A whole new area of dailies.
3. Cartel Market – Need to get lots of pets and mounts, not to mention update the pet guides and getting a complete list is going to suck and I’m stressing just thinking about it, plus other stuff I may like.
4. Possibly setting up new Quick Bars and thus, updating my UI.

And who knows what else. Not to mention we know they are planning an Anniversary Event (and apparently a Life Day event too) so there’s just a lot upcoming and the less I have at once, the better.

Thankfully, Prongs said he’d help me out with HK-51 and then just need to get 3 people to try out the new dailies which will probably be Prongs, Anlorn, and my boyfriend but they don’t know it yet and hopefully that part will be good. Just…so much to do.

…I stress too much 🙁 I know.

7 thoughts on “What to do next~

      • You don’t have to look into it, just buy the rank 2 from the vendor and spam them for maybe 5 minutes and you’ll have 6k 😛

        Not many people realize that you can do that, especially with companions that “love” something.


  1. Well, consider me knowing I’m going to be dragged along then… 😛

    I do agree with what Vriff said, Grade 1 is cheaper but do them up to around 3k affection and then start with the Grade 2…


    • Unfortunately not. Similar issue here :/ It may actually be easier to farm the fleet commendations


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