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So, Some questions were answered about the Cartel Shop so I figured I’d put some of the ones that caught my attention here.

Tatile: It’s been mentioned that Darth Nihilus’ mask dropped from one of the gambling boxes. Is everything in the boxes available outside of them or are some things exclusive? If so, which?

Blaine: A large portion of the items in the Cartel Packs are exclusive to the packs. The great news for anyone who does not want to purchase Cartel Packs is all items in the store can be traded (and thus gifted to friends!) and sold on the Galactic Trade Network. This means that you can get what you want via the GTN if you are patient and have the in-game credits to spend. Also important to note is this is just the start of the offerings you will see for sale in the Cartel Market. As we gather information and feedback on what players want to see, we will certainly make adjustments.

So, as expected, most of them will be exclusive to the boxes… which stinks :/ At least trading will be possible.

VarrusTheEthical: How often can we expect new content to appear on the Cartel Market?

Blaine: You’ll see regular adjustments to the Market that line up with game patches. We plan to make content additions as often as once a month (including new Cartel Packs!), but the major releases will be every 4-6 months.

….I really don’t want to see a new Cartel Pack every month. ._.

Dscount: If I purchase an “Account Wide” Cargo bay does it incrementally add one to each existing character and future characters I create? So my 50 with 3 bays would get a 4th, but my new character would get a complete 2nd bay and my other toon with 2 would get a 3rd bay.

Blaine: Yes, you have it exactly right if you are a Subscriber. The main difference for a Free-to-Play Player is that you must purchase the ability to access the Cargo Hold before you can purchase additional bays, so you could be in a position where you have purchased the access on a character basis, but not an account basis, then if you purchase account wide expansion bays, they would only apply to characters that had purchased the Cargo Hold access first. And last, but not least, remember that Preferred Status players automatically get Cargo Hold access. *whew*

Well, this is good for people who wanted more storage.

Darthbuckets: If I choose to purchase an account-wide unlock and use it, do new characters I create automatically get the items unlocked (or is it only applied to existing characters)?
Do the account-wide or Legacy unlocks apply to characters / Legacies on different servers?

Blaine: Thanks for asking this question, as it points out just how much value the purchase of Account-wide unlocks is for our players. Account wide will in fact apply to new characters and will span across servers, so when you see the relatively modest price increase for the account unlock, you start to see just how valuable this can be!

This is really nice.

…I hate Cartel Packs ._.

2 thoughts on “Cartel Shop Questions

  1. I wouldn’t worry about the Cartel Packs given that everything will be BoE. It’s a credit sink for sure but it means anything you really want should be easy to get on the GTN. It’s the best thing they could have done other than make the items non-random, IMO, but keeping them random will probably make them more money. Which means more game and more pets! 😛


  2. Yeah, I know. I just hate the boxes on principal, honestly. I really dislike them and from experience, even when you can trade and/or sell them, it is never as simple as you’d hope. 🙁


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