Speederisk is born

So, after some conversation with a friend of mine, I decided to begin work on Speederisk. Who is Speederisk, you ask? He is my temporary Jedi Knight to get through the story and all his companions to 10K. He hopefully won’t be around for long.

I’m…pretty bad at melee, to be honest. Although, the jumping is kind of fun, I wouldn’t say it is enjoyable to me. I made him a sentinel so I can kill things faster. But yes, we’re just going to try and get Speederisk to about level 35 (so he can do Quesh without dying every 5 steps) and then rush him through the story and then get all his companions up to 10K and he shall be done and I can delete him and make Speederisk II (II may or may not actually be included), my Sith Warrior and do the same.

I was going to do him last, but it gave me something to do while allergies kick both my mine and my boyfriend’s butts (which is leading to us, unfortunately, not being up at the same time as much) and thus, can not play together as much 🙁

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