Secret Agent Girl~

Slowly going through Cellina’s story. I really do like it a lot. It seems all your choices become apparent right away with how things shape out while with others, it’s either one thing that doesn’t get touched upon again or one thing much later.

Sanju is pretty cool. The date scene was adorable. All holding hands and stuff T~T if only my screenshots didn’t hate working in instances. It makes me sad he didn’t go with your character–even if he was just kind of on the ship doing nothing like all those people on the Consular’s ship. I really hope you get to see him again.

I was also excited to hear more about Gray Star. I was very surprised when I did see him as I expected him to look different. Also was sad not much was said about it. Nor any kind of cameo from Zenith at some point 🙁 However, with Zenith’s conversations, I do wonder if the “Gray Star” he spoke about was the actual one or actually Sanju.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll get to do more story soon…but I’ll probably have to do the Balmorra Bonus series first. Just…not enough experience to do only class quests, unfortunately. ._.

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