Prices, revisited!

Prices, are of course, still unstable right now and subject to change (well, most anyway), but I decided to take some time and update the prices since my last post–not just to keep track of things, but also update on where I am (hint: not far).

Currently, I need roughly 2,220,000 to get all the Speeders before their prices rise. Considering 1.5 million of that is the Exchange Bandit, That leaves just 720K for all the other speeders.

Besides that, the only thing left is for me to get two more Sorveigns from friends (though, a friend of mine thinks I should get a bunch to sell or something–I’d feel bad though) and save up money to actually be used in 1.2. I mean, obviously, there is still the 2.5 million for the white light saber crystal and the 250K for the purple crystal…but I don’t think that will happen. And considering the white would go to Nadia and the purple to Zenith, they’re not as high priority-wise. I also still need that bank slot.

So, before 1.2 totals:
2,220,000 – Speeders
2,500,000 – White Lightsaber Crystal
250,000 – Purple Lightsaber Crystal
+ 400,000 – Bank Slot

So about 5.4 million. And of course, I still want the 200K to make sure I get Taunta (and maybe 100K for repairs and just to have) so that brings it up to about 5.7 million because even though Taunta is technically 1.2…it’s too big of a priority to wait 😛

But yes, if I had to narrow it down… it’d be the 300K (Taunta + Safety), plus the 2,220,000 for speeders and then the bank slot for priority. After that, probably either saving up for 1.2 stuff (specifically the ship upgrades) or trying to get those lightsaber crystals.

Going into upcoming 1.2 stuff (minus Taunta):
1,000,000 – Ship Repair Droid
500,000 – Ship Mail Box
1,000,000 – Both Training Dummies (500K each)
5,000,000 – Neutral Trade Terminal
600,000 – All 3 Emergency Fleet Pass Cooldown time Reducers
600,000 – All 3 Quick Travel Cooldown time Reducers
2,000,000 – Rocket Boost
2,500,000 – Both Rocket Boost Cooldown time Reducers
310,000 – All 4 Social Emotes Free!
+ 250,000 – Alignment Ability Free!
13,260,000 12,800,000

Yep… Expensive. I don’t know the price on the valor rank stuff that lets you attack without a weapon (I believe in PVP only), but I don’t really care either. I’ll probably get them eventually though, just to have.

So, priority order:
1. All ship stuff
2. Social Emotes
3. Rocket Boost Unlock

Then probably a tie between the Cooldown Reducers (Probably Quick Travel + Rocket Boost first followed by the Emergency Fleet Pass) and the Alignment Ability.

Regardless, I don’t think I’ll have 13,260,000 (or the roughly 20 million total with both added) before 1.2. Unfortunately.

If I had to pick, I’d probably like at least the 7.5 million for all the ship stuff…and maybe the Social emotes too.

But yes, so if we go with just priority:
2,220,000 – Speeders
400,000 – Bank Slot
1,000,000 – Ship Repair Droid
500,000 – Ship Mail Box
1,000,000 – Both Training Dummies (500K each)
5,000,000 – Neutral Trade Terminal
310,000 – All 4 Social Emotes Free!
+ 300,000 – Taunta + Emergency 100K
10,730,000 10,420,000

…Yeah, I don’t think that’s going to happen 🙁
(And if I really had to narrow it down, I’d probably remove the bank slot, as much as I need it, 3 of the Social emotes (so just the dance one left which is 10K), and the Training Dummies (probably the one I’d want to remove the least, actually) which would only drop it to 9,030,000 🙁 (And if I kept the Dummies, just to 10,030,000)

…Blah T___T Being poor sucks. And these don’t even count the price of races! (Which is still like 3 million last I heard so that’d be about 23 million here)

Progress/Amounts Achieved:
300K – Taunta + Emergency 100K – Achieved!

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