So, Bad Motivator Units invited me to go on a Karagga’s normal run today 🙂 While neither the pet or car dropped, I’m just happy I got to go and finish the normal version! I got the last two normal codexes I needed and even finished Hutt Hospitality.

It was a lot of fun and I said Thank you a bazillion times and I’m just so happy I could go. Totally made my day T~T

I also got a schematic, some Tionese gloves, a Columni belt (both went to Nadia), and the Perpetual Healing Device which I am using! 😀 It’s so awesome. They said it’s the second best one for me ^_^ …I wonder what the first is. (I’m guessing the Relic of Residual Mending with an augment slot though).

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