Mari’s plans for Tuesday

0. Wake up by 8AM
1. Keep launcher open to patch immediately.
2. Keep game opened on desktop to see when servers are back up
3. Stalk the SWTOR twitter.
4. When the game is up, queue for warzones and check Cartel Market.
5. Pick up new quests and open boxes (if there are any).
6. Stop by Tionese vendor to trade in crystals for boxes (IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR Ancient Artifact Boxes, I will HAPPILY take them T~T)
7. While opening boxes (if there are any), head to ship and pick up space missions.
8. Somehow complete everything while praying for the ship stuff I still need. Yay.
9. PVP until both Elite War Hero relics can be gotten.
—Edit: Looks like it’s 2,500 Ranked and 1,100 Normal…may try and get them tonight. And apparently, I already have enough XD

…first, I need to get unstuck though 🙁

Edit: Fleet pass worked. YAY FOR FREEDOM.

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