Speeder Progress continues

So, because of Telanis and Prongs, I now have all speeders under 100K which just leaves the following:
Korrealis Prince – From Imperial PVP Vendor on Fleet. Technically, a friend got me one stupid bound-ness. *hopes for a bound remover in the Cartel Shop*
Ubrikkian War-rider – 1,000 Ranked Warzone Commendations and Rank 2200 in Ranked Warzones
Tank Mount – NM EC
Shark Mount – NM EC Timed Run

All mounts that can be bought gotten! Yay!

5 thoughts on “Speeder Progress continues

  1. I dont know if it is still true, but some time ago I tried this same thing, and found that 51 (and no I have no idea why 51) was the maximum number of speeders I could “learn”. You might want to prioritize the cool ones if you’re near that number.


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